> Over the past decade, ibogaine’s popularity has incentivized poachers to target shrubs in Gabon, one of the few places Tabernanthe iboga, the plant ibogaine is most commonly derived from, naturally propagates. Consumed in small doses, iboga root bark acts as a stimulant, often brewed into palm wine or chewed to curb hunger and fatigue. In larger doses, iboga has powerful psychoactive effects, which have been harnessed for centuries by the Fang, Mitsogo and Punu people of the Congo Basin, as part of the Bwiti religion. The ongoing poaching is depleting natural reserves of iboga in Gabon’s forests and cutting Gabonese people out of an industry that would not exist without their Indigenous knowledge.

African oral narratives
African Oral Narratives is a free, open access digital library containing 6 collections of oral and life histories, folklore, and songs from Ethiopia, Ghana, and South Africa. These audio and video resources capture the voices and experiences of ordinary men and women. In more than a half dozen African languages, these materials can be used for conducting historical research and to learn about many African cultures and languages.

A space to discuss general stuff relating to Africa.

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A community mostly sharing content about Africa and its relations with the world. Karibu.

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