Inspired by post, I’ve decided to start a new series of threads devoted to different important topics around cryptocurrencies where we can accumulate and share community knowledge, experience and recommendations. Something similar to awesome lists on github.

I see it like this:

  1. Each month I will post a thread devoted to a single specific topic for example: wallets, dev tools, media, education sources etc. This post also will be linked in the community’s sidebar.
  2. Any community member will be able to share his/her recommendation in comments.
  3. After a month it all will be repeated with a new topic.

I propose to start with wallets. Hope we as a community will come up with a list of valuable products without spam and self promotion.

So, feel free to share the valuable recommendations in comments with a link to a wallet, short description and your reasoning why it deserves to be here.



I recommend using Metamask with a trezor. If you need multisig capabilities on Ethereum, then use gnosis-safe. Rainbow has the nicest ascetics if you are a mobile user.


Electrum, it has lighting support built in and works with Trezor if you have one.

Bitcoin Cash

Does anyone still use Bitcoin cash?.. Fees are cheap and quite a few merchants accept it. Anyways Electron Cash works for me.


Monero GUI Wallet, also works with Trezor.


Hardware wallets

1. Bitcoin only:

2. Multicoins support:

  • - 1000+ coins and tokens support, opensource software, affordable, begginers friendly.

great idea, the exchange rates of Metamask are sooo high, the minimum is $15 and half of that goes to some exchange, so you only end up getting $6 worth of Eth, not worth it in my opinion


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