Privacy is a human right, thank you Edward Snowden. I dont use any social media other than:yewtu.be/newpipe Lemmy and Minds. I post my opinions on subjects wether people agree or not, if you want to disscuss than do so respectfully and ill do the same. Check out my sublemmy 10_0s basement.

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true and real, if I wanted bad energy I would use twitter 😅

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anyone remember the USB audio players for music like the iPod but cheap and tiny, mine finally died USB A in and 3.35mm out RIP my old friend

no, I don’t think it’s strong enough for stains, I use a dishwasher

to10_0s BasementHappy New Year
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fried egg sandwich, and then I had a sausage sandwich an hour later

Happy new year from Egland everyone here's my celebratory egg sandwich! 😁😁😁😁

Google Pay, that used to be Android pay that’s what I meant

Best alternatives to Google Pay
This seems like a long shot but any suggestions are wanted.

I went to Gong cha because I wanted to try some of the Bubble Tea that’s very popular. I saw the shop when I was in the City Center to get my hair cut, so I returned to try the place out. After stepping into the store front I went over to the touch screen panel to see what they had to offer, I had a look at all the types of tea but I didn’t fancy a lot of them (mainly because they didn’t have pictures) so I went with a Iced Caramel Coffee. The panel also showed me that you could alter the ice and sugar contents from 0% to 100% for the same price, so I decided that I wanted “30% ice and 30% sugar Iced Caramel Coffee”. I went up to the counter and sent my order (you could do it from the panel but I was too anxious to try it (and look like an idiot if I failed) ) I got a loyalty card without asking (+rep to the cashier for that), took a seat and waited. The store front was apart of the Shopping Center so was very nice, clean, and small. There was two full tables and some empty ones; the Bubble Tea started in east Asia, Japan or Korea and was carried by its’ popularity here. I have to point out that I was the only guy in the shop except for one guy who was “dragged” in by his girlfriend to try the Bubble Tea out. I got my Coffee and tried it out (picture from before I finished it). The sweetness was just enough, I had thought to make it lower because it’s coffee but I decided not to, and ended up with a very smooth, cold, and drinkable coffee, without the Bubbles, which was a shame but it tasted too good to get caught up on. Needless to say I took a long walk back to the bus station sipping on my coffee not feeling as depressed. Overall review best £5 spent on coffee, +loyalty card, +can change ice and sugar to taste 10/10 By Me

what would you like to see?

once a week, its all political stuff and not much that’s interesting tbh

One day off from healthy eating won't set me behind much. Cheap Coco Pops knock-off there was only one bowl left so I used the bag instead. As you can see I used the Signature Builders Bag Technique to keep the bag open. Finish your own cerial off in 2 easy steps: - Open Bag (with cerial inside) - Open Milk (with milk inside) - Pour Milk into Bag - - Consume to preference Try not to fall asleep after eating

Best Music Streaming Alternatives to Spotify
It should be an app like Spotify Not including combinations like: Newpipe + VLC because I want recommendations on what I should try within the app, and offline downloading. I like the idea of using a front-end for the other service if no Foss option exists. Any opinions?

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Carry water with you everywhere, so you can drink water throughout the day

Who would’ve guessed, Apple is tracking people

Blank Banshee (Vaporwave)

This is a reclassification to fit what it is, this is like complaining that Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf-planet and not a planet. (Insert mandatory hate for capitalism even when not relating to economics)

-The salmon was reduced and had bones in them, so the way I ate it was to eat small sections so I don't damage my mouth. And luckily there was only bones on the spine. -The peas were frozen nothing special just needed some green on the plate. And probably contains some good nutrience I need and don't know of. And when their cooked well they taste very good. -The rice is Brown Basmati Rice that I found in my cupboard as the carbohydrates instead of bread, I had it plain because I hadn't had it before, I used 1 3rd of a (literal) cup and the same amount of water to boil it on the hob. -And the drink is instant decaffeinated coffee, black with no sugar. Overall a balanced meal would eat again and I hope to find more reduced fish to eat because I can keep on eating healthily and lose weight and have better muscles aswell, the cooking time was around 20 minutes and everything was boiled so there's no added fats. (Also a nice and compact dish, I like that)

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Don’t get high off your own supply

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Where am I supposed to get free books now?

Is Rish Dead?
When someone doesn't post for a year we must assume the worst. They probably have a life.

Do you get the black tea as leaves, or in regular tea paper-pouches? I’ll try the basic chain first and tryout all the different variety.
1 for subtle taste 2 for intense taste : )

I haven’t tried it, I’m gonna check my cupboard for some spices and see what I can do, what’s the basic ingredients needed for the chai?
Also you can grind or crush the Cardamom I’ve found that grinding most effective at getting out the taste.

The taste is so aromatic compared to just regular coffee. - 1-2 Cardamon pods Grind up fine, put in cup - 1-2 tsp of coffee To fill out the coffee - Hot water, and maybe milk If you really want to you can put the ground cardamon into a small siv (can't spell) and pour the water around it instead of having it in the bottom. My Syrian friend made this coffee for me and he said that you mix the coffee beans and the cardamon pods, so I tried just cardamon in hot water which was nice by itself, and now I've upgraded the experience of Syrian Coffee with both the cardamom and coffee.

Banana (good sugar), mixed nuts (good fats), unhealthy snack(saturated fats, and bad sugar)

Mixed nuts, unhealthy snack, and banana

I keep
I just do
Don’t ask

In my experience of using peertube I made an account and was able to subscribe to 2 channels before it started asking me to make accounts.
I did some research and I think that the token rewards are a legitimate incentive for creators who care about block-chain technology, and the viewer experience is comparable to YouTube.
However I would say that YouTube paying creators in Fiat is a bigger incentive than tokens. (Because of the exchange fees and gas fees not allowing people to withdraw small amounts in Fiat.)
I do know of lots of YouTubers who use Odysee as a “backup” or second platform.

Context: I didn't charge my PineTime for a month and when I charged it to full it was stuck on the InfiniTime loading screen for more than 5 minutes. I tried the Green, Blue, and Red boots with no difference in results, manually turning it off results in repeated loading screen, and it was bootlooping into the green pinecone rapidly just a moment ago. Info: Off for 1 month 0% battery, v1.0 HW, and software version 1.10 "Yellow Mango", Sealed Version, no damage. Any help would be nice, I wanted to get new straps for it because the plastic ones were making my wrists hurt. I'm gonna leave it 100% charged for a day to see any changes from the loading infinitime screen.

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Cats knock things off for no reason, and loss

Hot take here: peertube is too decentralized and offers nothing that YouTube or even paid platforms can’t do better. The technology behind it works, but with nothing marketable that creators or viewers care about its a hard sell. Most viewers don’t want to make 7 different accounts for 7 different instances, this is something Lemmy gets right by allowing cross-instance commenting from 1 account, while also not forcing creators to “just make their own instance”. Creators aren’t System admins that want to host their own server. (That be will ignored if you don’t spam the main instance with adverts)

I think she wanted to leave the role to be honest

The Conservative party elected her internally to replace Boris (she would take his job for the term he would’ve had)

Good no one voted for her in the public

Good no one voted for her in the public

Pools closed ¯_ (ツ) _/¯

Highly reccomend the Simple App Suite by Tibor Kaputa on F-droid, I use All of his suite except the keyboard daily for years now, nothings broken, no problems at all. I use Open Board for keyboard.

Plz add
Can you please add the image downloading feature please. I click the button but it doesn't do anything. Ty
Plz add

I fucking die and cannot leave the small island, enemies surround me as I hunker down in the middle of the snow, my small 2x1 getting blown up by 25+ people with me side it.

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10_0toPokémonPMD in a nutshell
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But the real question is, is it really an isekai? Because its Pokémon on a island and not another world

10_0toPokémonPMD in a nutshell
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Me: “No way it says that!”
Goes to check copy
Me: Oh thank god it doesnt

Image didn’t load

586mill stolen, Bored Ape Stolen, Such Great Technology, Decentralization At Its Peak.

When the need rises I guess, having a smartphone is basicly required to function today for kids and young adults. Assuming that all your kids friends are local and they meet up regularly get them a phone when their 15 or older.
But for most kids 12yo and older need a phone to function outside at all, since most kids don’t make friends with the neighbors kid, especially in cities.

I would’ve never got this without this post ty

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Startpage is my goto and duckduckgo

I'm an arachniphobe. Sometimes when I dream just before I wake up (and before I go to sleep) I'll sometimes dream about spiders, a common one of mine is that I'll just start thinking of spiders when I close my eyes and try to go to sleep. Another instance of this was just before this post. (and what prompted me to write about this) So I dreamt about two small normal spiders that were living in the plug holes inside the earth (UK plug top plug) and the neutral (the left one). I walked into a shop of some kind and brushed my fingers across the plug holes because it wasn't working (the spiders were blocking the connection) and these two small, striped, brown and dull black spiders get pulled out, both of them attached to the inside via webbing so they just hang there against the plug and pull themselves back in. And I just observed the plugs thinking "I'm not touching that." for the rest of the dream. I went to sleep at a weird time outside my routine so this isn't too bad, I just don't get the overall spider obsession my subconscious has. It's not that farfetched to call this somewhere between a dream and a nightmare, but I didn't feel any fear, just don't go near it. (I tried to find the most inoffensive spider picture I could think of.)

I have 2 out of 3 of the Lego Botanical Collection. The first model I got was the Bonsai Tree and was a present for my birthday. It's very versatile when it comes to the different looks it can have, the style I have; green leaves and blooming flowers, is one that I made up because I thought it looked nice compared to the other two generic styles. ( All White with blooms or All Green and no blooms.) The two glass vase plants flanking to each side of the Bonsai I got when i finished my GCSEs last year. It's called the Flower Bouquet and comes with another 6 single stem plants, but I don't have anywhere to put the rest so I've only got these on display for now. I chose these plants because they look appealing, I used the rule of 3, and the colors to decide which ones. (And the ones that weren't top heavy.) The final one I want to get is the Orchid plant so I can finally fore-fill the rule of three with the plants themselves and finish the whole collection. While looking online apparently I have the whole 2nd collection and the Orchid is not apart of this collection, but i'm still gonna get it to complete the rule of three. (No i haven't read half the books on the book shelf it was just a good background for this post.)

Define “a stupid question”
If there are no stupid questions then how do we answer the questions that really matter if we say that all questions are equal?

-Two large tsps of instant coffee -Dissolve with hot water in the bottom of the cup -Stir, add milk -Put ice in glass, move coffee to your glass Cheaper than Starbucks I'm gonna try this with ground coffee and different types of milk. Overall the coffee sets the taste and intensity while the milk sets the texture of the coffee. (Make coffee in a cup then move it to a glass when milk is added to avoid breaking the glass)

Downloading OSU to beat up my friend and gonna I'm gonna draw more using krita. I got the One medium by Wacom and it's really good so far, it looks so clean, sleek glad I bought it. Leaked feet pics

So I bought my Kindle around 3 years ago in 2019, and for the first couple of months I didn't use it all that much, but when I did the first book I bought, wasn't a book, but an audio book called Elemental, an over the top, engaging, story-driven science book that explains how to use chemistry to dispose of a dead body. --Aswell as other things-- - An Audio "Experience" But since i bought the book on the Kindle and it had no audio jack, a roadblock was reached... This is how I imagine what using an Iphone is like. It took me a week to get enough money for a cheap pair of Bluetooth headphones that sounded like shit, but worked --only-- with the Kindle and its outdated Bluetooth version. Needless to say the audio-book feature is dependent on the Bluetooth headphones you use and nothing else. - A True Reading Experience But the same no audio jack comparison cannot be made with the reading experience on the Kindle. It has a clear and compact screen, that's a good size for my large hands, while keeping a clarity comparable to an Iphone. The first book i bought on the Kindle was Reincarnated as a Sword, an Isekai series about the adventures of a Sentient Sword who saves a slave girl, and their adventures around the world doing Isekai stuffs. Reading is the stone cold strength of the Kindle and the screen is only as responsive as it needs to be, and beats having a real book hands-down for the quality of reading. - Cons and Updates However because this is an IOT device that is owned by Amazon, it isn't scared to collect personal information. I put my Kindle on airplane mode from the moment i got it, and only last year did i put the internet back on. And after a restart it received an overhaul of an update, that in all honesty is a direct upgrade from the older version of Kindle, the biggest upgrade for me is the collections you can make for books you're reading on the device. - In Conclusion After finishing The Time Machine using the Kindle it's been a great experience. Not to mention the great experience of reading 75% of my library on my Kindle; and the majority of it isn't from the Kindle store, and if you use the workarounds for avoiding Amazon data collection this is definitely the Ereader to have for a reasonable price between £120-£140.

So I get asked so many times "Why should I Workout?" And many of the people who ask me this have a real willingness to change themselves, to become a better version of themselves. So I just pat them on the back, take a deep breath in and beat the shit out of them until they're demoralized enough to not compete with me in the gym, That's Right I will always be the most fittest MAN in the gym when I punch the crap out of the competition like this Sunday night when title defending champion JOHN CENA DEFENDS HIS TITLE ON THE WWE WORLD STAGE THIS FRIDAY NIGHT AT 3AM IN THE MORNING.

The PineTime has dramatically improved over 6 months, everything from connectivity, to features has made this "Alternative Smart Watch" into the best smart watch on the market for not a lot of money. - Improvements over time The collective updates from the 6 months of community development have fixed every single problem I've had with it in the past. Before I would bang my head on the wall when I would lose connection for the 69th time, now I forget I have Bluetooth on at all. And if i raised my arm to check who's calling me, only for it to not light up, I just shake it. Combine this high quality of life with the smoothest navigating animations and anyone would switch. - The persistent cons For Gadget Bridge integration to work you need to have Bluetooth on 24/7, this is a problem because Bluetooth beacons are a thing used by large shops to collect customer data, and by Blackhats who do... well we don't know. Aside from this, a "medium sized" problem is the Heart Beat Sensor, it plain doesn't work, it lights up and shows a number, but i'm not lying on my couch with a BPM of 196. - In conclusion Worth a whole £25 + no "big tech" surveillance makes it an easy competitor for general use smart watches, and with the overwhelming support from its' community it makes the future of this watch worth waiting for. - Just one last point I tried to convince my friend to buy a PineTime for his first smart watch, but he didn't want the exact same color/model as me, so if Pine64 could make and sell some custom wrist straps (or even a round screen version) for the sealed version, it would help me protect my friend from trackers and the like.

I like to keep a light load when it comes to my pockets so I only carry the essentials with me, phone, wallet, keys, and PineTime. - I've used my PineTime for about 6 months now, and it's improved a lot during that time and some of my critisms of it are no longer valid. - The bulkier phone case is mainly for looks over function, but it does protect the screen from minor drop damage while being more appealing to look at. - The wallet is only for cash, coins and bus card; and the keys are nothing special. - If I'm going to the library or my course I'll bring my backpack which I'll do another post on in which I have a some more EDC things I'd like to share. But I am interested in what other peoples EDC is because I've fallen down this rabbithole for day and I'd like to know. EDC = Every Day Carry

So I finally finished my bowl and I think it came out as best it could have, I initially wanted to use ceramic paint, and gloss for the mat finish but it was too expensive for a single project like this, so in the end I used my moms nail enamel which at least doesn't shine like a lighthouse of missed opportunity. I've not been posting as much because the content hasn't been gaining much traction, but I'm gonna post once a month.

How to mine on old 32 bit machine?
I've got an old laptop running 32bit windows 10, and I want it to do something while it's idling, I've tried using it as a media server, but I don't need it anymore. Is there a 32bit CPU and/or GPU program for 32bit machines, the best video on YouTube told me to use the UnMineable program, but it only supports 64bit machines.

( https://yewtu.be/watch?v=2nOHxCSsv5g ) Lots of CONTROVERSIAL Moz news, 100% worth a watch this week.

I've got it flat enough to finally paint over, and I'm thinking that I've got two options: paint it black like the rest of it, or paint it another color. Im going to use Acrylic paint for finalizing it, and look into what kind of gloss I need to buy to finish it off. Sorry for not posting, just not been enjoying uploading, and there's been a draught of content on Lemmy recently, so I hope that blows over soon. Will be posting SR updates starting from today, aswell as other things I want to upload over time.

I got this Starbucks cup as a gift from my mom a while back, and I dropped it by mistake only a single day after, so I wanted to make it into a small bowl instead. I'm suck on how to do it though, there should be atleast two tools I need: sanding paper, and paint. Do I need to get sanding paper, and paint for ceramics inparticular? What should I paint on the side of the bowl? (She didn't mind, but was a bit mad.)

( https://yewtu.be/watch?v=YkfLm7qOtHs ) I watched this yesterday so I can't remember the stories this week.

( https://yewtu.be/watch?v=v3qZnysLpM8 ) Google ain't got nothing on DuckDuckGo's App Tracking Protection, even in beta.

( https://yewtu.be/watch?v=BqNvMBgQncA ) Was a good week this week.

Are there any TikTok Front-ends on Android?
I want to see what TikTok is about but also want to retain some privacy. If its on F-droid, playstore or as a APK I don't mind.

Watching YouTube videos is a good way to learn skills so you don't have to pay someone to fix a problem you might have. Buying only what you need, if you buy food you can bring some cheap snacks with you so you don't end up spending tons at coffee shops, or corner stores. Knowing what food you'd eat can prevent wasted food and save money. Keep track of spending by writing, and typing down money in and money out. Avoid **consuming** products such as reduced food (unless its pennies on the dollar), and x% off for a limited time. If free stuff is offered take it, while being aware of hidden fees, or terms and conditions.

Watching YouTube videos is a good way to learn skills so you don't have to pay someone to fix a problem you might have. Buying only what you need, if you buy food you can bring some cheap snacks with you so you don't end up spending tons at coffee shops, or corner stores. Knowing what food you'd eat can prevent wasted food and save money. Keep track of spending by writing, and typing down money in and money out. Avoid **consuming** products such as reduced food (unless its pennies on the dollar), and x% off for a limited time. If free stuff is offered take it, while being aware of hidden fees, or terms and conditions.

( https://yewtu.be/watch?v=2UYsPmjjlaw ) Take two shots boiisssssss! There are some pretty bad stories for privacy this week, but also some important info, RIP prepaid Sim users.

( https://yewtu.be/watch?v=7_uErCvk7uE ) Proton = Honeycomb!!!!!!!! that's why every FOSS YouTuber recommends it, and everyone with a basic understanding of encryption also recommends it. (Find this on Pixelfed @10_0@pixelfed.social)

(Picture of sealed version) I've been using the PineTime for 2 months now, and I have a lot to say on it. So let's start with the good and end with the "meh". The first striking thing that stood out to me was that the packaging is simple, a cardboard box containing a manual, conductive charger, and the PineTime. I plugged it into the wall to charge it while setting up Gadget Bridge on my phone, all of the reviews said to update the firmware so I updated the firmware, and got it to update on the first try. It just works, no stuttering, no slowdown. The pedometer (step counter) is very accurate and it has tons of useful features; three watchfaces, and media controls. (And its all plastic if you get irritated skin.) But there is notable downsides, mainly focused on the Gadget Bridge integration, and privacy concerns. If for whatever reason you lose connection on the phone and/or watch, it simply won't reconnect; this means that you have to restart the PineTime if you lose connection and reconnect it... every... time. Need to switch your phone off, reconnect, need to turn Bluetooth off to save battery, reconnect, ect. Lastly, Bluetooth. Bluetooth beacons are a thing, used by governments, to blackhats, always needing Bluetooth on leaves you open to real-time tracking, a big concern of mine. Overall its hard not to recommend if you have the patients for technology. (And losing your stats when you lose connection. : (

As apart of my content consumption I listen to a lot of commentary on a variety of topics, the main ones being video game and open source communities. For video games I'm currently into AsmongoldTV at the moment, I've always valued his takes on MMO, general commentary, and on society; his ability to compose a well balanced take weekly never ceases to impress me. Open source commentary takes the form of weekly news round ups such as Techlore's Surveillance Report, The Linux Experiment, and TechLinked, for the quicker bits. If I run out of Foss news, or new takes from Asmongold, I'll catch up with SomeOrdinaryGamers (and other horror channels). (Picture related)

( https://yewtu.be/watch?v=fv6_46GjpaI ) Pretty big stories this week overall good stories this week.

( https://yewtu.be/watch?v=XJosnU_I5WI ) Just because their cheap doesn't mean you should buy one. If you need to use Chrome OS you should use Linux instead. If you use Google for everything then get a Chromebook, otherwise use Linux.

Despite having a stressful life, people learn skills and hobbies that could be an education in their own right. For example people can forage for edable plants and roots from memory, just by watching videos and reading books for fun. Or learn how to make and fly fpv drones, learning two skills with one hobby. If money wasn't a factor in getting an education, what would you learn? It could range from a new laungage to becoming a doctor, or how to make pottery and dying hair. I would like to learn how to write engaging stories, and make my own small farm in my back garden.

( https://yewtu.be/watch?v=G0aTxwXnpSI ) 🗿 is the worst emoji. It's horrendous and ugly. I hate it. The point of emojis is to show emotions, but what emotion does this show? Do you just wake up in the morning and think "wow, I really feel like a massive fucking stone today"? It's useless. I hate it. It just provokes a deep rooted anger within me whenever I see it. I want to drive on over to the fucking emoji headquarters and kill it. If this was the emoji movie I'd push it off a fucking cliff. People just comment 🗿 as if it's funny. It's not. 🗿 deserves to die. He deserves to have his smug little stone face smashed in with a hammer. Oh wow, it's a stone head, how fucking hilarious, I'll use it in every comment I post. NO. STOP IT. It deserves to burn in hell. Why is it so goddamn smug. You're a fucking stone, you have no life goals, you will never accomplish anything in life apart from pissing me off. When you die noone will mourn. I hope you die. (Unrelated copypasta, and picture)

I took this one a while ago, it's always just not sunny, always bluelight.

I keep up with the majority of the Team Fortress 2 leagues: RGL, RSL, UGC, and ETF2L. But mainly Etf2l. (because I played a single match in the league) I would watch sports airing live but I don't have time, and don't know the schedule for matches. So I mainly use YouTube to keep up with the matches so I can watch them on the weekends, or in the downtimes I have. (Because I live in the UK) I used to keep up with football, (aka soccer if you're from the land of supersize) but it became boring to watch on TV instead of in person; I mainly preferred playing and learning the sport instead. I think that keeping up with sports that you enjoy helps give you something to talk about with friends, it can also be good to watch more mainstream sports so you can share more in common with people who don't play or watch the sport, or can't afford a computer to play with you. (Picture: Etf2l logo, and map Sunshine)