Is the City of BLAME!–the vast architectural mess the size of the solar system–the urban blight that stretches to the Oort Cloud, mostly devoid of humans, the end point of the Anthropocene, the final extinction event of our geological era that creates a new geologic age fit to totally obliterate…

Ghosts of Mark Fisher: Hauntology, Lost Futures, and Depression

After writing one of the most relevant books in the 21st century, Capitalist Realism, Mark Fisher began to look at the immediate subjective, cultural implications. Implications around a state of melancholy, new nostalgia, cultural depression, lost futures, and a new inlook into hauntology. His seco…

Newcomers, please note how “Things must get bad before they get better” which can be translated as “turn right to go left”, is at the top of the iceberg; meaning that’s basically bullshit…



Accelerationism is not a good political philosophy

Making things worse in the short term in the hope of bringing about a utopian society in the long term through social tension and misery… that sounds like a pretty evil philosophy to me. Ordinary people (non-communists) don’t care about some theoretical utopia, they want improvements to their qual…

Left wing accelerationism room for theory discussion, right wing accelerationism discussion is alowed but not endorsed. Any type of leftist people are welcome, nazis, neoliberals, neoreactionaries and the like get out.

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