A new freenet project? I don’t know anything about it, just discovered the repo…


[0.5.4] - 2022-04-04


Anyone know if Aether P2P is still active?

I only see posts dating up to Sep '21 and nothing more. I’ve cleared my profile, reinstalled a new profile, etc, but still Sep '21. …

Do you know and use manyverse? Care to invite me?

Hey, I just discovered manyverse. It looks interesting but I kind of understand why I had not heard of it even though it seems to have been around for a while now…It looks like it’s a little bit complicated to discover and follow people, I know it’s a common issue for decentr…


web0 manifesto
  • web3 = decentralisation + blockchain + NFTs + metaverse
  • web0 = web3 - blockchain - NFTs - metaverse…

The Power of Decentralization — essay

This is an essay I wrote. It explains and demonstrates on a socio-philosophical level how and why decentralization is the solution to the most pressing issues of today’s Information Technology, social media in particular…

Taranis, a major release of Jami

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The upcoming fully private and decentralized cross-chain exchange for cryptocurrencies aspiring to set new standards…

Friendica is a decentralized open-source social network which federates with many other social networks including diaspora*, Hubzilla, and the Fediverse of social networks. It can mirror too with Twitter and IFTTT, or export posts to Discourse, libertree, Tumblr, Wordpress and e-mail. …

Matrix is an open source project that publishes the Matrix open standard for secure, decentralised, real-time communication. You can self-host and federate, or join existing servers, to enable instant messaging, text chat in chatrooms, voice and video chat, file transfer, and even bridging between m…

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