Matrix is an open source project that publishes the Matrix open standard for secure, decentralised, real-time communication. You can self-host and federate, or join existing servers, to enable instant messaging, text chat in chatrooms, voice and video chat, file transfer, and even bridging between m…

My Video Overview of the IRC Real-Time Chat Network

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a real-time text chat social network that was created in 1988 in Finland, and is still in active use today. …


This seems the perfect place to ask this question. …

Decentralized e-commerce


Surf the internet like a chad with rss.

RSS feed's kinda poggers

Jami - a decentralized messenger

Yes, the headline has decentralized and messenger in the same sentence. Sounds good, doesn’t it? …

We are all in love with decentralized social topology, aren’t we. But to make society reasonably decentralized, we need to remodel more than one level of it. I would like to bounce around some thoughts that may help establish a multilayer model of decentralized society. …


Ruqqus, Aether, etc

Hi. I posted a similar, lengthier post on on this very topic. I’ve been a reddit user for a while, and I’m not leaving reddit, I love the site. I decided to journey onto other alternatives, just to see what’s out there. Ooh boy! …

This open source and privacy focussed social network offers a lot more functionality than most other social networks especially in the P2P space. In this video I explain how to get connected to other peers, I give an overview of all the functions it can perform, and end off touring around the interf…

Decentralized and federating document editing and annotation

This seems super cool, and the in browser editor is certainly neat, but I am having a bit of a hard time understanding how the ActivityPub part of this works. It seems like you can somehow use your own ActivityPub compatible server and this is acting as a client only? …

Blockchain isn’t just about cryptocurrency - it’s applications include a variety of industries including fintech, healthcare, tourism, agriculture, and education. Let’s explore what is blockchain technology and how does it work…

Big social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc hold their users captive through the high cost for users to migrate elsewhere ie. all they have to give up by leaving friends and family behind, finding a new alternative platform, losing follower counts, often losing sponsorships, etc. This…

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