just chillin. I probably don’t know what i’m talking about so please don’t get too mad.

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this isn’t the comm for that

Yeah I agree with @Sensei@lemmy.ml it’s really good. The owner has been running it and getting people to use it as their official peertube channel for a good bit now and its really paying off. They also have Pine64 using it as their main instance too.

Yeah I like anysoft a lot

I’ve never heard of the volla phone before but it looks really sleek, Thanks!

ReactOS is such a badass project, it’s amazing how far it’s gotten.

is this related to fedilab or is it it’s own thing?

There’s sepia search which is a search engine for a large portion of peertube instances videos, there’s also joinpeertube.org which you can input your interests and find an instance that way (though I will admit its not perfect). If I can promote a peertube instance I use a lot there’s TILVids which kind of fits your preference, It’s the official instance for a lot of creators and even pine64.

nazi’s hide under the excuse of “free speech” because it’s the only way for their dangerous ideas to have a chance of spreading.

yeah the element app is just as good if not better than hangouts (which is what we used before)

Yeah I love fedilab, even if pixelfed and peertube aren’t great I think its really cool that they are all integrated in to one experience instead of switching a bunch of apps all the time

yeah like me

I do plan to, its just there aren’t really any around me at the moment.

I don’t know any communists (none who are out about it at least) irl and I’m pretty extroverted so yeah I guess I have a lot of liberal friends. Honestly I do what I can to push my ideas when we end up talking politics but for the most part I just kind of don’t talk about it. It’s probably not good but I’d be in ruins without people around me to talk to and hang out with.

nah I think you got it, its one of the things that have helped the people around me, and me to an extent. I think that’s another reason that, while not all the way there yet, socdems can be further radicalized with some love and care. It’s frustrating for sure, but I feel like a lot of us were there at one point or another. I know that at least I was just this year. Just being exposed to anticapitalist ideas may slowly chip away at their misconceptions.

I like how you can even change the sort for each of the individual sites it’s aggregating from