Visualization of browser dominance
Just interesting and a nostalgic watch.

Anyone use Pale Moon? Thoughts?
Very lightweight browser for Windows and Linux (also a fork called 'White Star' for Mac). I find it to be really decent besides for watching videos and loading some websites. Just looking to see if anyone else has a different opinion on it

cross-posted from: > From my testing, Tor browser is the ONLY one that's actually sufficiently not unique from all the other instances

> In early 2019, Raymond Hill, developer of the popular uBlock Origin content blocking extension, took note of the planned API change and warned that Manifest V3, as Google described it, would break uBlock Origin..

What js the best way to use Bromite and other privacy protecting browser on my phone and desk, and sync bookmarks, tabs, and history?
Im tired of hopping on web browser, I like the chromium based, but I wanna keep a sync of my bookmarks and history without depending on creating accounts on the browsers cloud service. Also I like bromite on android, I would lien something similar for the desk. Any recomendation?

What browser do you use?
Hi Lemmy! I'm curious which browser everyone uses? I'm currently on Librewolf, but I try out a variety of different browsers. What browser(s) do you prefer? Do you think blockchain or web3 browsers are the future of browsers?

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