What browser do you use?

Hi Lemmy! I’m curious which browser everyone uses? I’m currently on Librewolf, but I try out a variety of different browsers. What browser(s) do you prefer? Do you think blockchain or web3 browsers are the future of browsers?..

New gecko based browsers are rare nowadays but this one is especially unique to me because it is more than just “firefox with tweaks” like a lot of the ones I’ve come across. The UI is different, it’s working on custom settings, a new more powerful sidebar, a new theming system, and potentially IPFS…

Browsers like Brave?

Hi. I’m curious if there are any other browsers out there doing what Brave is doing, with the whole cryptorewards, and privacy enhancements? …

Firefox 87 on Android - its rad!

Just wanted to share my recent experience with Firefox on mobile. …

Nyxt is a keyboard-oriented, infinitely extensible web browser designed for power users

It’s pretty cool. It can use either blink or WebKit and has it’s own lower level extension system that somewhat reminds me of firefox’s XUL addons. …

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