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No problem man! I really didn’t wanted to argue because you did have a point there and I am glad to know about brave, & have uninstalled it on all my devices. I researched for a decentralized browser and seems like breaker browser is the best option. Do you know any other proper alternatives that are not a fork of Firefox while being open source as well as decentralized? Anyways, thanks for letting me know about brave:)

Hello man!

No problem, we all have questions, and yours is wonderfull! btw regarding your question, i would suggest you go through beginners guide for hyperdrives and etc on Beaker:)

https://docs.beakerbrowser.com/developers/introduction-to-hyperdrive/#:~:text=Each hyperdrive (or "drive",HTML%2FJS%2FCSS).

I agree, i will remove this community, I did not know about this, I will look for other alternatives ahh

Hello everyone! …


Hello everyone, …

Calling all Brave browser users!