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I actually want to see reddit kill 3rd party apps, this will provide a huge opportunity to Lemmy, and show how much power these Reddit Admins hold.

Welcome! I hope you have a good time here man, if you got any questions don’t hesitate to shoot em up :)

Here is my feedback for Lemmy’s developers as more people join us here.
Hello everyone! I recently [posted]( about asking third party devs switch APIs from reddit to lemmy on the open source community here. As we know, lemmy should obviously be seeing a lot of new users join, and I have some humble suggestions to the developers of Lemmy [](, []( and the other devs. Just like Mastodon did, can we redesign the homepage to appear more user friendly welcoming? Don't get me wrong, not that the current homepage is bad or so, but it appears to look tech nerdy for the average user, a constant feedback I've been getting on my recent posts promoting Lemmy at Reddit. **Here are some improvements in my mind:** - Change background in lemmy's website to be plain colour, and increase the explanations' font size as well as more explanations, like what a server is in the server page, add some lemmy style modern icons next to the explanations. (example: Lemmy is open source, so throw an icon that represents open source). Right now for the average user, the homepage might seem a little overwhelming due to lots of text going on, like Mastodon's new design, make the explanations appear bigger and give some space between them, even if it means more scrolling. - **Make and link an "API" page on the homepage**, like we have for "join, news, app, donate and etc" saying "welcoming third-party developers" and explaining how Lemmy is open source and how API will remain freely accessible forever. This page should also consist information and links to API, helping devs migrate from reddit to Lemmy or even start making their first third-party app from scratch. At the moment I even got some comments from my other posts regarding Lemmy on reddit, and people are asking where is Lemmy's API or they are unaware of an API, it's not as visible. So **we need an API page.** - Remove Remmel as iOS app and replace it since it's no longer developed, a common question on reddit as people don't realize it's abandoned. - Provide some explanation as to how web apps can be added on platforms like iOS (and android, etc), especially since we lack a stable iOS app right now. If you have anymore, please feel free to shoot a comment below guys! I will add em here :)

Big agree man, I use apollo on iOS but before that used to use RIF, I certainly don’t want to see the incredible third-party ecosystem die with reddit.

Oops, I actually did post there, just missed to mention RIF on the list here. I’ve updated it now, thanks!

No problem man! Glad to be helping, huge fan of what you’ve been doing here, I see this third-party API changes on reddit as a huge opportunity for Lemmy, even if not Apollo, even if any ONE developer of third party app makes the jump here, then others are more likely to consider. I certainly don’t want to see the fantastic third-party ecosystem die with reddit, instead move here where it’s open source and API would probably never go behind paywall as per my understanding.

And totally get you, especially at this stage I get that devs would want to focus on the development side, doing my best to get the word out! Love ya for your efforts!

Oh yes! The OG post is linked to my post on Apollo, the rest of my posts are linked on the description, let me add apollo on the description as well to make it clear.

Asking third-party reddit app devs to consider Lemmy after recent Reddit API changes.
I've also cross-posted this post on other third-party apps' subs: * [apollo]( * [Baconreader]( * [Relay]( * [Infinity]( * [boost]( * [sync]( * [RIF]( * [Joey]( * [Get Narwhal]( * [RedReader]( * [ReddPlanet]( EDIT: Forgot to write a bit of an introduction of myself, hello to everyone here, long time redditor and someone who also happens to mod a lot of subs on reddit such as r/electricvehicles, r/trulyunpopularopinion and etc! Though I love to moderate and contribute to this communities meaningfully, I never liked reddit, as a huge FOSS fan, and these recent API changes are freaking stupid as well, there wasn't a better reason for me to not consider moving to Lemmy. I will be speaking with a lot of other reddit mods in my own mod teams and some other friends, hopefully I can bring some subs/people here. Speaking of bringing people, please do consider checking out these posts I've linked above, and consider upvoting them if you agree, this situation with third-party apps are a great opportunity for Lemmy, hopefully it reaches to the devs, and even if not all apps make a move, even one would be a win. Thank you! EDIT 2: Hey guys! I missed some third party apps on the list above, just updated them, and the new added ones are RIF, Joey, Get Narwhal and RedReader. UPDATE: Added ReddPlanet. Please do consider visiting those that I just added and upvote them, so hopefully they can reach to respective developers!

Hello everyone! Just made a community for Xbox, please check it out if you are a fellow xbox gamer.

New community for Electric Vehicles
I'm the moderator of r/ElectricVehicles on reddit which has a huge number of people over 100k. I've been trying to make a move to lemmy for a while as well:). I'm a huge car nerd, but you don't have to be to know that we are under-going an EV revolution and it's happening today, from every automaker out there moving to EVs. Today i really wanted to make this move, because I'm sure many will be interested in EVs and of course, I'll be happy to help Lemmy grow in any way. You will be able to find our community through - !electricvehicles

No problem man! I really didn’t wanted to argue because you did have a point there and I am glad to know about brave, & have uninstalled it on all my devices. I researched for a decentralized browser and seems like breaker browser is the best option. Do you know any other proper alternatives that are not a fork of Firefox while being open source as well as decentralized? Anyways, thanks for letting me know about brave:)

Hello man!

No problem, we all have questions, and yours is wonderfull! btw regarding your question, i would suggest you go through beginners guide for hyperdrives and etc on Beaker:) hyperdrive (or "drive",HTML%2FJS%2FCSS).

New Community: Beaker Browser - p2p decentralized web
Hello everyone! I have started a new [community]( for beaker browser that is free, open source & decentralized with p2p technology. *_Thank You_*

I agree, i will remove this community, I did not know about this, I will look for other alternatives ahh

Hello everyone! I have been a long time user of brave and have been using it since day 1. I have created a new community for people willing to join and existing brave users. Join us in a mission to fix the web! [Brave Community](

Hello everyone, I recently moved to Lemmy completely from Reddit and I am happy to use this open source alternative, with a Wonderfull community. I have been using brave since it was launched and had been a long time enthusiast, I have created a new community for all brave users and people who are interested in brave & take part in fixing the web! [Brave Community](