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How does Beaker compete with IPFS?

From an outside view, it seems like Beaker is very similar to IPFS, and somewhat redundant, so I was wondering if there’s something Beaker tries to do better. …

Noob questions for a start !

Hi, just discovered beaker here and the protocol that it uses. I have a simple question : if I browse to a page I like, and want to support it by “seeding” to help with the availability of the page, is there a simple way to do so with for example a simple and lightweight client that could run on a s…

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    Beaker is a free, open-source & decentralized web browser with peer-to-peer technology that allows users to self-publish websites and web apps directly from the browser, without the need to set up and administrate a separate web server or host their content on a third-party server.

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