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This is such good news !

Where did you get to in Celeste ? Did you finish the main game ? If not, for reason ? Gameplay ? Story ?

Still grinding hard for Celeste Goldens berries, 3 remaining. Also playing Nier Replicant but I am a little bit disappointed by it.

An answer to both what I plan and current announcement : Stormgate by Frost Giant. I am afano of StarCraft II, and even more of Warcraft III. But waiting almost 3 years will be painfull !

I also have to try Tunic which seems cool, and Elden Ring, since apparently everyone agrees it is a masterpiece. But never played any from software game before, so that may be why I am not so hyped.

Oui oui j’ai vu pas de problème c’est juste un conseil pour la prochaine fois ce serait trop cool !

Exactly. To me, a fines is just an explicit “price of the law”. As long as they are not at least calculated as a fraction of your annual revenue (not salary of course…), they cannot be just.

Très cool mais ce serait top d’avoir l’adresse, ou au moins la ville concernée si ce n’est dans le titre, au moins dans le post ! Pour un événement IRL ça me semble pas mal !

With an exception for luxury vehicle (less than 1000 model produced) that will not be submitted to this ban… Next time they could be even more honest and directly say than the law won’t apply to rich people.

I once again I mostly agree with your critics here. Those are valid critics if such a question. But I would not go as far as you do. You talk about “burden”, but nobody is forced to engage in a discussion they don’t see as useful. And all the details needed to be able to even start a discussions about the subject launch can be the focus of the discussion if anyone would like it to be.

Even this discussion we are having about what is a valid way to ask about something is something interesting, and I’m sure OP is OK with people getting so far off.

This situation is different from someone “hijacking” a specific conversation, if this conversation was started by people that wanted to tackle a specific issue.

Anyway, this question is, I agree, impossible to answer here in a few word. I would need a whole book or even a career to study it. I am both unable and unwilling to give an6 relevant answer on it, that is OK. But if someone want to shower OP with pertinent sources, or interesting critisicm, I am perfectly OK with it !

I agree : the question, if it is one seeking an actual answer, is a bad one. But I guess we can be more charitable and view this question purely as a conversation starter around an issue. Maybe OP wants to have the view of a wide number of people around this subject one general, and purposefully makes questions as imprecise as possible. If I am not mistaken, I saw other questions of the same type by OP before.

I am by no means an expert, but for the few people I use them with, they sometimes serve different purpose. I use more XMPP for everyday 1 to 1 messenging, and Matrix for group conversation of richer interactions.

Fighting against “network effects” (I don’t know if this is the right term on English, sorry) for social tools is the hardest fight. The price to pay for the early adopters is just too high to be expected by anyone. I only managed to convince very few people around me.

This is not an individual problem but a collective, political one. Law has to make common standard mandatory. It has done it in the past, but modern capitalism/liberalism fail harder and harder, especially in new technology that emerged under it’s recent development.

Everybody takes for granted that your house power plugs are standardized and work with any electrical device sold in your country. But we could imagine a world with proprietary plugs for a “secure and coherent ecosystem for your home”. This would be bullshit and people understand. But for many modern digital standards, a major cultural fight has been lost…

It is a great project indeed, but I was deeply disappointed when I learned they accepted a parternship with Google. I am kind of a libre software purist, maybe too much. But Google isn’t a random capitalist enterprise. They are the caricature of modern capitalism. I would have love money to come from public structures only, or at least less evil corporations…

Hey do you have steam installed ? Or do you install free software only. No judgment here, I respect both choices ; )

Cheers ! I’m on my way to get all the collectables, but the few last remaining are rather difficult… I don’t want to spoil anythingisince I don’t know precisely where you are, but I have only 4 collectibles remaining, and I am pretty proud of it !

Good luck for your late game, this game is hard ! <3

Tryharding Celeste for now. And Madeline definitively is one of my favorites characters ever. Video games or not. I also play enjoy unrailed, a cool coop game, with my friends.

I also agree with you. As we often encounter when you fight against any dominant model, the balance between acceibility for as many people as possible and the intellectual integretry or even coherence is so difficult. I am in absolute term against ANY proprietary hardware or software. But I try to get people to improve their digital behavior and being stubborn is heavily counterproductive. I do not pretend to have a solution to this dilemma…

I 100% agree. I’m a free software advocate to everyone around me, but still add the non-free repos to also the laptops/desktop I install, mainly for bluetooth/WiFi… To me, firmware looks like one of the biggest issues of free software…

Search in comments ?
Is there any way to do so ? If not, do you think it could be a good feature ? Would it be difficult to implement ? I think it could be great to avoid bringing up something that was already discussed, and if so, help to find and participate in the discussion around that aspect of the topic !

Just wanted share my pride !
I recently set up my (hopefully) definitive setup, and pretty proud as someone without much prior knowledge ! I am so grateful to the great people who build YUNOHOST, it's a great piece of software and a great first step <3 !!!

Noob questions for a start !
Hi, just discovered beaker here and the protocol that it uses. I have a simple question : if I browse to a page I like, and want to support it by "seeding" to help with the availability of the page, is there a simple way to do so with for example a simple and lightweight client that could run on a server (or a simple self-hosted server on a single board computer) ? Can I do it for a specific page ? For a complete hyperdrive ? Is there a simple way for an author to be identified as the creator of an hyperdrive, and if so, can I download and help seeding for all the work of a single author across multiple drives ? Sorry if there are any stupid questions, I'm just a curious noob ! Don't be afraid to point it out if any questions are not that relevant !