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(Hi fellow victim of french autocorrect !)

I’m not sure about container shipping, but I’heard the same, that even if of course one ship pollute much than one truck, the quantity they move around is so huge that efficiency is incredibly better. So sea mileage VS land mileage aren’t one the same level at all.

I agree with water consumption though, that is a huge problem from what I understand.

Love the overall tone of your post, thanks for bringing an atmosphere of cooperative work instead of religious wars.

I think there is a balance between being friendly, open-minded, and pragmatic on one hand, while still being able to keep high expectations to keep pushing the projects we love and support in the right direction.

A simple example of what I mean is my position is of course Signal. I have many reasons to heavily criticize it, the first one for me being their obsession with centralization, refusing any federated model. To my eyes, this is a massive concern. But still, when I am asked advises on which messaging app to use for a group of friend, that are a little mindful about their privacy, while not being tech savvy at all, I talk about Signal (alongside Matrix or XMPP). Does that mean I am absolutely sold to it ? No ! Does it mean I will recommend matrix forever no matter what ? Of course not !

The context matters. If the whole world was on Signal, I would actively fight against it. But the thing is : the whole world is one Facebook. And I see little reason not to wish they were on Signal instead !

My point is : between people that care and are passionate about this sort of things, let’s have constructive debate and criticize the different alternatives, each other, and ourselves. But let’s keep in mind that we are in this together with people that won’t want (and legitimately so) to spend that much energy on those debates, and that being elitists assholes won’t help.

P.S. : Privacy is mostly a collective issue. I’m an anti-Facebook purist asshole, with no account. But there are pictures of me, anyway, comments about me and my life probably all around. If you want to be an efficient solo purist, you’d better stop talking to anyone, and doing anything social.

Lemmy.ml as an instance, yes, but not too much.

Lemmy as a federation, yes yes yes, as much as possible. I don’t think there is something I would consider “too big”. But maybe I would prefer it not to grow too fast in order for it to have time to react and adapt to a diversification of culture and even usages.

I think what he meant was more about letting the user choose instead of imposing arbitrary proprietary standards that don’t have the user benefits in mind but the companies interests.

Any link to the reddit post ? For academic purposes.

I don’t think he is. I think he is admitting that what is considered child pornography varies from a community/culture to another. Does that mean that any of those position aren’t inherently dangerous and should not be actively fought against ? Of course not !

The question about the moral interactions between culturally distant communities is at the heart of this debate, and I don’t think there is a simple answer. And on that, I think I deeply agree with you when you argue that communities choosing who to federate (or not federate) with is a very good approach that mimics real life.

Let’s just keep in mind that this method does not implies that anything that lies outside of a community moral standards should be blocked without a debate. But there are things that should clearly not be up to debate, I do not argue that.

I’m not sure “playing devil’s advocate” is a bad thing in and of itself if it is not in a public debate but when you’re having a friendly discussion trying to understand someone else viewpoint. I regularly play this role in a sincere effort to understand another viewpoint.

That being said, I agree with you if we are talking about a public debate where the goal isn’t to understand and think together, but to convince third party people watching a politician showdown.

(Is there different words for “real debate” and “rethorical/confrontationnal debate” in English ?)

De have the same issue in French. Here people that want to have a clear difference says “etats-uniens”, which could translate to “united statians”. It feels weird but maybe using it will get things better ?

I’m not talking about something would realistically be made by Hasbro, it’s more an idea of a game design. It was just to point out that while the idea seems absurd, I think games can be a great tool to learn about the tragedy of the common, and the fundamental flaws of liberalism.

I feel like the series is slowly changing its tone. I like it, and I can’t wait for each new episode to cone out to see where it’s going ! Thanks for posting it here !

There could be a good idea behind this. Monopoly was designed to prove that getting money from rent is no good as it creates monopolistic owners systematically.

Instead of just being just a theme variation on monopoly, I think a clever game designer could make significant changes to the gameplay by introducing limited resources like fossil fuels, and environmental impact like CO2 concentration that would impact everyone regardless of who emitted them.

This could be a neat way to convey ideas like tragedy of the commons, and that without regulation, the free market and individual interest lead to common misery and environmental disaster.

Going even further, the game could propose “good” endings that would require everyone to agree on not chasing their individual interest to get richer than the other. Explaining the basis of why politic is useful, and that cooperating with people around you, while it could seem like a costly move in the present, could lead to your own interest in the future.

Still cannot acess the web interface concerning my specific machine. the general web interface for my account is fine.

I didn’t check yet, looking for it now, but since it went down during the night, I suspect this is no coincidence… Thx for the support, I’m a noob in system administration and still learning, this is a hard lesson but one I had to live I guess…

Oh shit I didn’t backup my server for ages and cannot access it at the moment… I think I will soon hate myself when I discover I lost everything…

They do not complain about lemmy only denouncing, but putting filter to prevent certain words, which they see as free speech denial. At least I guest, i’m not in their head. To be clear I’m referencing this citation (that I found in another comment on this post) :

And developed by people who hate the fact that you’re alive !

The strong political stance seems to really put them off…

I admire her so much ! I do not agree on every stance with her obviously, but on the point she makes about research, she is spot on. I work in the academic world for a very short time, and it was enough to get how important is this fight and how efficient is Sci-Hub. And I still had the chance to work in a quite wealthy university that could pay for articles. I cannot imagine how it would be in less lucky environment without SciHub !

Love and respect all the way to Alexandra Elbakyan !

I feel like exclusives are the only exiting part, and these are completely artificial reason since the is no technical reason anymore. So not really I guess ?

a white admin would probably think twice before getting involved in internal matters over there.

Yes, at least a sensible one ! But the term you used is great : “thinking twice”. I really do think that the admins though twice before choosing this filter. This is a human choice, just made with automated tools. As in your example, the moderation will be questioned in either case, and that’s great ! I’m here for it. And i promote a way of organizing the critique against moderation around the question “what are the concrete consequences of either choices”, kind of an utilitarian point of view I have to admit. I think that initializing this new platform with a quite strong political stance on these issue will help this place have a positive impact. It is “hardcoded” yes, but in an open source project. If the platform grows, forks will appear for sure, especially if strong opinion arises on this kind of “hardcoded” issues. So I think about it more as a launch measure than a definitive stance.

lack of context and empathy

  1. That does not make the errors worse, that makes them more probable. The same error made by an automated system isn’t worse than a human one.
  2. No perfect system, not perfect context or empathy. You go to a physical event, the are rules, laws that are arbitrary to some extend. you’ve got physical moderation that will make mistakes. You go online, manual moderation job is harder because you lack more of the context/empathy, but I think you are still relevant. You go system wise, automated moderation is even harder and will make more errors for sure, but it is not a definitive reason against it. Is online moderation worse than physical meeting ? Yes. Should we prevent it and organize physical court for every moderation case online ? No, even if the decision would be better for sure. Because moderation would be less efficient as a whole, and that is what matter. In the same way, is automated moderation worse than manual ? Yes. Should we prevent it and only accept manual one ? The “better decision” argument is not enough to defend the “no”.

Are you by any chance too young (…) ?

I’m too young yes, just missed it ! (I’m born in 1994). (I am very social AFK, but never used Facebook/Twitter/… so I’m not as used to online interaction, that I think have specific codes.) But things go back and forth, let’s hope projects like Lemmy are the sign of a new era of progress !

Noob questions for a start !

Hi, just discovered beaker here and the protocol that it uses. I have a simple question : if I browse to a page I like, and want to support it by “seeding” to help with the availability of the page, is there a simple way to do so with for example a simple and lightweight client that could run on a s…