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Here I am trying as hard as I can to find a political take on this post, just to troll.

Let’s go with a meta one : attention is limited, trying to orient peoples attention towards meaningless memes actively participate in silencing more important topics.

Many many things, but the main one are probably :

  • Many French activists, from orgs like “framasoft”, “la quadrature du net”, or just from group of people like “les exégètes amateurs”
  • the Aaron Swartz “case”
  • the Alexandra Elbakyan “case”
  • Snowden, Wikileaks, etc.
  • Self hosting and how I think I information should be managed.

Bonus story : I dislike religions a lot, so I don’t talk about it often. But one day, I and a heated and interesting debate with a christian. First time in month where I talked so much about Jesus. The next hour or so, the first ad I get on YouTube (before I knew how to block them efficiently) was evangelist bullshit. First time I ever saw something even close to this. I didn’t even imagine such ads existed.

This post is a copypasta from a chatGPT generated description of the John Mastodon meme, that came from an error in a news article like some zone else pointed out.

Yes. They made a friendlier version to sell on mainstream shops. It as a “modern” interface, a tutorial. I found the tome to try it for a short jour tonight and it is suite good ! I Nevers manage to stick to the “old Scholl” full keyboard no help version.

Recently finished Inscryption, and currently stuck on the first boss of Tunic.

But Tunic will have to wait, since Dwarf Fortress came out yesterday ! I didn’t find the time to play for nos, but for sure I will !

Of course. Tbh, US imperialism made it more difficult to get rid of their surveillance than China’s one (at least in western countries). And Europe have a lot of trouble acting politically, and I think it is mostly because they are so liberal. Even more so than the US, that limit liberalism to the thing where it is an advantage to them, but are very protective and prostate control when it benefits their political objectives.

I have to admit that Europe is not 100% passive, and some regulations do try to limit US dominance on Europe, but it is very far from being enough, or even close to what could be done with a real political will.

Great news for them ! It’s a great start ! Now let’s do the same for US surveillance !

I’m a freshly recruited teacher, and discover the joy of marking ~150 papers ! Yeah sooooo cool /s

Depends on what you call a “thing”. If a “thing” can be any system, in all it’s complexity, then no. There are everyday system (man-made or not) that are just to complex to fit in a single mind !

I kind of agree with your 2 last sentences. But you don’t have to simulate the whole universe. You just have to compute an approximation that would be credible to a single subject. And that is a much much much lower bar. You can make gross approximation about the large majority of the universe without the subjetct being able to detect this !

This would be at the same time the saddest and funniest thing to ever happen here 🤣

Yes ! Plus “looking for alternative” can be surprisingly difficult for non-tech users. Let’s be kind to everyone trying their best <3.

Thanks, good perspective. Even if the history behind the two services are different.

OK, I see a lot of post/shitpost about that, but is it that real ? Do you think migration toward Mastodon will last ? Will it be enough to create a long lasting positive momentum ? Or will people slowly leave to other proprietary social networks, or even back to Twitter ?

I think it is voluntarily weighted more heavily towards time than upvote compared to other sites like reddit. The reasoning being (I think) that it allow more diversity and less “snowballing” where the most active user just arrive first, get the upvotes, and stays on top. Effectively killing the possibility of a late very pertinent comment to ever climb up.

I think this is a very difficult equilibrium to find, and it has serious implication on how discussions are built. But I really think Reddit has the opposite problem. Come to a post a few hours/days late, and you will never be heard. I create FOMO and pushes user to come back often. This is to me a business model for sure, but not the best way to organize online asynchronous discussions.

I think I agree with you. I would go as far as saying this is true for everything, not only for science. I think we need to have categories to be able to grasp complex problem. And almost all of the time, those categories are arbitrary and only useful at specific scales and in specific context. It is the only way to think about large scale problems, just because we cannot handle every individual information in too large quantities.

Those categories are always “wrong” in some sense, but can be “useful” to understand our world. And I agree with you, at individual level, in our society, for sure sex at an individual level is not only useless but harmful.

Sorry, I recognize my position was unclear and could be taken for quite essentialist. Hope this clarify my position.

I managed to beat it three times total and with 2 characters only for now. I have to admit I have a hard time choosing to reject a new card choice, wich is a very bad strategy…

In everyday life, not much to be honest. Gender is the useful information in society. Male and female are useful in biology, and therefore in medicine. They are useful broad category that should be use as such. Broad tendencies that have many exception and complex interactions. But are nonetheless pertinent to understand how our body works and how to treat some diseases.

But of course 99% of every uses fall outside of what is pertinent, and it should become a technical scientific term only.

Search in comments ?
Is there any way to do so ? If not, do you think it could be a good feature ? Would it be difficult to implement ? I think it could be great to avoid bringing up something that was already discussed, and if so, help to find and participate in the discussion around that aspect of the topic !

Just wanted share my pride !
I recently set up my (hopefully) definitive setup, and pretty proud as someone without much prior knowledge ! I am so grateful to the great people who build YUNOHOST, it's a great piece of software and a great first step <3 !!!

Noob questions for a start !
Hi, just discovered beaker here and the protocol that it uses. I have a simple question : if I browse to a page I like, and want to support it by "seeding" to help with the availability of the page, is there a simple way to do so with for example a simple and lightweight client that could run on a server (or a simple self-hosted server on a single board computer) ? Can I do it for a specific page ? For a complete hyperdrive ? Is there a simple way for an author to be identified as the creator of an hyperdrive, and if so, can I download and help seeding for all the work of a single author across multiple drives ? Sorry if there are any stupid questions, I'm just a curious noob ! Don't be afraid to point it out if any questions are not that relevant !