Sadly, this release will log you out of all accounts once again. We are aware it is annoying and hope to reduce the amount of times it happens. On the bright side, this release includes support for password managers when logging in so it should be easier to restore all accounts. …

This addresses an issue where the wrong data was sometimes loaded due to an incorrect user ID. …


As you may have noticed, v0.3.0 no longer works with some instances, this is because Lemmy released a new API. This release of lemmur moves to the new API. As with the v1 -> v2 API transition, I encourage you to nudge admins of your favorite instances to upgrade to support the newest API. …


[Help] I can't install newly released apk

I can’t install new apk on android 5 device…


Feature Request.
  1. Add search bar for community list in create post page
  2. Edit comments…

Ability to remove lemmy.ml

A simple feature request. My main instance already federates with lemmy.ml so I’d like to not have it cluttering up the lists…

ETA on clickable links?

i understand the app is a work in progress but this would be a nice feature to have working. also, to whom should i complain / report bugs / make suggestions in the future? …

Can the app be a bit more Colourblind friendly?

I can’t tell if the button is upvoted or not, it’s incredibly similar to the original button colour (at least for me). …


It is possible to translate lemmur? How?..


WARNING: due to some internal changes your local settings will be reset (logged out of accounts, removed instances, theme back to default) …

APKs are now signed and have changed their appId. This means it will install on your phone as if it were a different app thus you will lose all local data (mainly added / logged in instances). This change was necessary to prepare for Play Store release…

New APKs are now available for download. For more info about the API migration check the previous post

As some of you may have noticed lemmur stopped working with some instances, notably lemmy.ml. This is because API v1 was completely removed and replaced by version 2. We have ported lemmur to API v2 and will soon release apks for it. …

Community dedicated to discussions around a mobile lemmy client

Code repository: github.com/krawieck/lemmur

Download for your device:

Before asking for help with a problem make sure you’ve read the FAQ

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