lemmur the mobile Lemmy client is now available on f-droid and the play store!

You can now grab lemmur from F-Droid and the Play Store. …

Plans for a hide button?

I was wondering if there are any plans for a hide feature so that I’m less likely to view the same content repeatedly. …


Hey, I do not have a lemmy account and I am quite annoyed that lemmur pretends somehow I have one. …


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Just installed Lemmur

I got a new android phone today, so I can finally check this out.
UI is great. Everything looks really impressive so far. …


iOS TestFlight beta is closed

I would love to test the iOS beta but it is closed. On github one of the devs recently said that it is available there. …


When will Lemmur get notifications?

When will Lemmur get notifications?..

Just started using Lemmur!

Just started using Lemmur and so far it is really good and user friendly. It being on fdroid with no need for more repos is cool as well. I am sending this from Lemmur…

Noticed that Lemmur is on AlternativeTo website (Lemmy as well, got a few positive reviews and 29 points!)…


Creating communities on Lemmur

Can anyone tell me if its possible to create communities on Lemmur? I can’t find such an option…

Just a little appreciation to the lemmur devs

The things are changing constantly: …

A question about the lemmur UI

On home screen, when a post is clicked, the floating action button moves to the right side of the screen and becomes a message button. How did you achieve that effect on flutter? Is it the hero widget? I have been trying to achieve the same effect on a flutter project without success. I appreciate i…

Update Lemmur

After lemmy updated to 0.11 , lemmur stop working …

Update Lemmur

New features

Spoiler tags don't work in lemmur

That was a new one for me. Post looks perfectly fine on a browser, but its formatting in general looks way off when seeing through lemmur…

Account switcher behavior

I have two Lemmy accounts, both configured into Lemmur (running on LineageOS 17.1). I don’t understand the account switcher behavior…

I can't edit posts.

Lemmur doesn’t have the ability edit posts or comments. It would really improve the experience to add it in, thank you for reading…

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Code repository: github.com/krawieck/lemmur

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