Creating communities on Lemmur

Can anyone tell me if its possible to create communities on Lemmur? I can’t find such an option…

Just a little appreciation to the lemmur devs

The things are changing constantly: …

A question about the lemmur UI

On home screen, when a post is clicked, the floating action button moves to the right side of the screen and becomes a message button. How did you achieve that effect on flutter? Is it the hero widget? I have been trying to achieve the same effect on a flutter project without success. I appreciate i…

Update Lemmur

After lemmy updated to 0.11 , lemmur stop working …

Update Lemmur

New features

Spoiler tags don't work in lemmur

That was a new one for me. Post looks perfectly fine on a browser, but its formatting in general looks way off when seeing through lemmur…

Account switcher behavior

I have two Lemmy accounts, both configured into Lemmur (running on LineageOS 17.1). I don’t understand the account switcher behavior…

I can't edit posts.

Lemmur doesn’t have the ability edit posts or comments. It would really improve the experience to add it in, thank you for reading…

The ability to manually type the community while posting something is sorely needed.

When I want to post something not being able to just type the name of the community is an issue. All I get is a list of all Lemmy communities, which is massive. I’d really appreciate if you add this in…

How to follow a community from another instance?

My main instance is sopuli.xyz, but I often explore lemmy.ml for communities to follow since most of them are there. The problem with this is that in the app there’s no option to subscribe to a community from another instance, or I haven’t found it, at least. …

Sadly, this release will log you out of all accounts once again. We are aware it is annoying and hope to reduce the amount of times it happens. On the bright side, this release includes support for password managers when logging in so it should be easier to restore all accounts. …

This addresses an issue where the wrong data was sometimes loaded due to an incorrect user ID. …


[Help] I can't install newly released apk

I can’t install new apk on android 5 device…

As you may have noticed, v0.3.0 no longer works with some instances, this is because Lemmy released a new API. This release of lemmur moves to the new API. As with the v1 -> v2 API transition, I encourage you to nudge admins of your favorite instances to upgrade to support the newest API. …



Feature Request.
  1. Add search bar for community list in create post page
  2. Edit comments…

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