I’m making lemmur alongside @shilangyu

I like coding and video editing

don’t take offense if i blocked u, im testing it rn

bg art

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Turns out I was taught to use a hate symbol in school 🤯

Ur not gonna tell me what to do 😡

I like this decision. I really hope this more repairable approach to making laptops will become more popular

not right now, but we could add an option to hide read posts (not on individual level but on the level of the whole list). since API provides that information i think it would be fairly easy to implement.

i’m not really a great source for this since i have yet to learn it, but i got hyped up when i saw this talk about elm, tho i should warn you that there is some sussy stuff going on with elm now. i read that the creator of elm removed the ability to call to JS for anyone but himself and removed ability for users to define custom operators. i personally, while still am interested in elm, will also take a look at PureScript which seems to be elm’s most popular competitor

i want to learn some kind of functional programming language, i’m thinking about haskel, elm, or some kind of lisp

the app is now available on the testflight. sorry for the trouble 😅

yes, it is available now :)

awesome! i really like that settings are now separate from profile. also blocking will def come in handy :P

thank you

is this the full book? i’m asking cuz it’s just 2 hours

i agree that blocking a community would be a very useful feature

There’s no option for now. But we will add it in the future

Thank you so much! In terms of material you I really hope they implement it. I think they could easily include a constructor for ThemeData that takes system theme info. But we’ll see, so far styling in flutter is a bit… Chaotic

✨ krawieck ✨toMemesWTF!!!!


i wish there was some kind of moderation feed where i could see all the posts from communities that i moderate, where i could mark them as seen. that way moderation would be much easier.

also ability to search in communities. or alternatively some kind of tag system for search, where i could specify search parameters, for example query like that “problem -c:lemmur” could search only in community !lemmur the phrase “problem”

I wanted to post this image in a post discussing privacy respecting chat apps. Facebook was crushing the resolution so I wanted to link to it directly, but there was a surprise waiting for me :'( …


just checkinon ta ;)))…