I’m making lemmur alongside @shilangyu

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i wish there was some kind of moderation feed where i could see all the posts from communities that i moderate, where i could mark them as seen. that way moderation would be much easier.

also ability to search in communities. or alternatively some kind of tag system for search, where i could specify search parameters, for example query like that “problem -c:lemmur” could search only in community !lemmur the phrase “problem”

but lacks a lot of QoL features

do you think you could elaborate on that? :) do you have any specific features in mind?

are you sure you downloaded the right one? theres another lemmy client that unfortunately for some reason has a name similar to ours. Our is Lemmur, and the other one is Remmel

for anyone interested: iOS version will be available within a day or 2 through test flight

I don’t think you or any other laymen have heard of term “being condoscending”

it kinda annoys me that there’s a lot of China/NK simps here. I mean it doesn’t bother me too much but it will definitely cripple the ability for this project to grow

Damn i didn’t think about this. I’m gonna read up on colorblindness and think what to do about it

I wanted to post this image in a post discussing privacy respecting chat apps. Facebook was crushing the resolution so I wanted to link to it directly, but there was a surprise waiting for me :'( …


just checkinon ta ;)))…


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