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We are aware of this annoyance (see here). I even started working on it, but have since put it aside after more pressing matters have come to the foreground. Sorry for that.

Sadly we have no control over that, usually it takes 3-7 days

This is for Lemmy only right?

Do you mean lemmur only? If so then yes, these translations are for lemmur.

while Lemmur is missing many stuff.

Do you mean anything specific? As far as I can see all lemmur strings are synced up with Lemmy ones (of course we are using only a subset of Lemmy strings, so perhaps this is what you are refering to)

It was released yesterday, so within a week it should be on fdroid as well :)

Like said, let me know which version you are using.

Hmm, I added it successfully without any issues. Was it working on 0.7.0 for you?

This release includes support for lemmy v0.15.0 and lemmur is finally translation-ready! Lemmy devs are kindly hosting lemmur translation strings on their [Weblate instance]( Feel free to contribute strings there, we regularly sync string changes with Weblate. We wanted to make sure that all the efforts that went into translating Lemmy do not go to waste and thus we ported to our Weblate as many translations as we could (~130 strings). We use flutter's native file format for translations: ARB, which itself uses the ICU message syntax. In most cases you will be able to deduce the syntax based on the source string. Here are 3 important examples: #### 1. Placeholders `Hello there {name}!` - placeholders are put in a pair of braces, it will be later replaced with an appropriate value. #### 2. Plurals `You have {amount} new {amount, plural, =0{messages} =1{message} =2{messages} few{messages} many{messages} other{message}}` - plurals are checked against their quantifier and provide 6 possible forms to choose from. In English this example does not make much sense, since we could just provide the `=1{message}` and `other{messages}` case. `other` case always has to be specified, it acts as a fallback. #### 3. Selects `I will take a {distance_name, select, close{bus} far{train} veryFar{plane}}.` - selects allow for arbitrary matching against some predefined cases. All cases should be the same as in the source string.

New lemmy version had breaking changes, we will release today a new version supporting it

Sounds like a good feature, will be easier to implement once we have “linkable comments”, meaning we are able to link to/scroll to a specific comment on a post. Materialized it into a feature request:

We definitely want the instances experience to be as seamless as possible, so this sounds like a good idea

This is a good place to request features :) We have it planned, and it is within the NLnet scope:

Update: flutter released a new version with a fix, so our next release should get rid of this bug

If possible open an issue on GitHub with details. If not, could you send me the details in a message/here? Version/instance/logs would be very helpful. (You can find logs in settings > about lemmur > logs)

We have not changed anything bandwidth related in 0.7.0, did you experience the same problem with 0.6.0?

As to it being slow, could you give some concrete examples? It would help us in fixing them.

Absolutely amazing! Thank you,, and all contributors for this incredible technical feat! This is very promising and I hope to see Lemmy rise to the top :D I’m honored to be involved in this project

This feature will be part of the ‘live updates’ feature listed in the NLnet milestones, so will definitely get to it

Please check my comment above. It’s not that lemmur can’t handle it, we just don’t alter your password. Sorry for exposing your old password length :P

Please check this thread:

This is a bug in lemmy where it will trim your password to 60chars without telling you. We don’t do any trimming hence it rejects your credentials.

So if any of you have a password longer than 60 chars, FYI your actual password is only the first 60 chars

Let me know if this still occurs in v0.7.0

In this release we have done quite a bit of internal refactoring which will hopefully result in a more stable and consistent experience as well as help us implement new features faster. Notable new features include blocking and reporting. Also logging was adding, which will help us debug problems on users' end. Note: all logs are kept in memory and are not persisted nor sent anywhere. Full changelog: ### Added - Blocking of users and communities (from post and from comment) - Reporting posts and comments - Android theme-aware splash screen (thanks to [@mimi89999]( - Logging: local logs about some actions/errors. Can be accessed from **settings > about lemmur > logs** ### Fixed - Fixed a bug where post would go out of sync with full version of the post - Fixed a bug where making a comment selectable would not always result in making the comment selectable - Full post will now open no matter where you press on the post card - Fixed overflows in various places ### Changed - User banner photo now fits better on user profile

Please log out and log back in on instances using Lemmy 0.13.0
Lemmy 0.13.0 invalidated all authentication tokens meaning your current account will cause infinite spinners in lemmur. This has showed us that we should improve invalid auth handling, hence I have created a report for that:

Whiteboard recommendations? (or alternatives)
When solving problems (math/computer science) I often scribble on some random sheets of paper to visualize my ideas or to save progress of some temporary solutions. I hate it, it's a mess and a waste of paper. I've been thinking of getting something like a whiteboard for a while and I want to finally commit. Does anybody have any recommendations for a whiteboard or a whiteboard-like (for example an interactive board) product? From experience I know that whiteboards get dirty quickly and require to be cleaned with alcohol regularly. Alternatives I have considered and subsequently disregarded: - blackboard (chalk dust in my room, no thanks) - graphical tablet for my laptop (I want something that would always be on display, not hidden away in a file) - tablet with a stylus (same as above)

Good cubing apps?
Here is my modest list of cubing apps I use, I would love to hear your suggestions! (I can update this post with new suggestions, turning it into a curated list) Web: - Shared online timer: [[source]]( - Alg trainer: [[source]]( - Algs + trainer: - Roux algs + tutorials: Android: - Timer + OLL/PLL trainer: [[source]]( Desktop: - Timer: [[source]](

Please read this post as it explains some weirdnesses! Other than Lemmy v0.11.0 support this release added the long awaited post/comment editing and support for all lemmy settings. ##### Editing - To edit a comment press the three dots next to your comment and select edit - To edit a post press the three dots next to your post and select edit. Be aware that if you edit a post, you will be redirected to a new page with the updated post, so going back will still show the old data. This is in part because of our design mistakes which can be fixed only if we rewrite bigger parts of our code (which is planned) ##### Settings We can split settings into 2 categories: - Frontend settings (handled by the client) - Backend settings (handled by the server) We decided to **not** implement frontend settings on an account basis. This means lemmur will not respect some settings set on your account, rather it will store them locally and will be active for all your accounts. So for example, if you want to turn off 'show avatars' then it will be off for all your accounts, you won't be able to turn it on for one account and then have it off on another one. This is because we decided it would be confusing for users and would result in not-always up to date settings in lemmur. Here is a complete list of frontend settings: - Default sort type - Default listing type - Language - Show avatars - Show scores However, you can always import all of those settings from a specific account into lemmur by long pressing the target account in the accounts settings. As always you can support the development: - []( - []( Enjoy! ### Full changelog #### Added - Editing posts - Editing comments - Show avatars setting toggle - Show scores setting toggle - Default sort type setting - Default listing type setting - Import Lemmy settings: long press an account in account settings then choose the import option - Support lemmy v0.11.0 #### Fixed - Added deduplication in infinite scrolls - Fixed bug where creating post would crash after uploading a picture

Wow I just edited a post!

New community: Cubing
Community revolving around cubing - the activity of solving Rubik’s-cube like puzzles on time or just for fun

Inaugural post: introduce yourself
- Are you a speedcuber? Casual solver? Puzzle creator? - What method do you use? Personal bests? - Your mains? - Favorite category/events? - Anything else?

Sadly, this release will log you out of all accounts once again. We are aware it is annoying and hope to reduce the amount of times it happens. On the bright side, this release includes support for password managers when logging in so it should be easier to restore all accounts. In other news the keyboard experience throughout the app was improved (for example, before when writing a comment your keyboard would not capitalize letters in sentences) like showing correct keyboard types and providing native hints for your OS. You can also select text in places where you'd expect it to be possible. _also, this time this release actually fixes the thing we supposedly fixed in v0.4.1, sorry for that_ Full changelog: ### Changed - Enhanced keyboard experience - appropriate keyboard types are opened - correct capitalization - added text input hints for things like password managers - Account actions in settings are more obvious to access: long press an account/instance to see possible actions such as setting as default or removal - Disable commenting on locked posts ### Added - When writing a comment, the parent text is now selectable - Text of a post is now selectable - Tapping outside of a text input hides the keyboard ### Fixed - Actually fixed the thing that v0.4.1 supposedly fixed

This addresses an issue where the wrong data was sometimes loaded due to an incorrect user ID.

As you may have noticed, v0.3.0 no longer works with some instances, this is because Lemmy released a new API. This release of lemmur moves to the new API. As with the v1 -> v2 API transition, I encourage you to nudge admins of your favorite instances to upgrade to support the newest API. Full changelog: ### Added - Share buttons on windows/linux now copy the data to the clipboard - Initial translations have been incorporated into lemmur. It is not yet possible to contribute translation strings ### Changed - Transitioned to Lemmy API v3 ### Fixed - Quote blocks in posts and comments are now much prettier - Code blocks now have monospace font. As they should - Switching accounts in the profile tab now correctly reacts to the change - You can no longer add the same instance twice just by changing capitalization (thanks to [ryg-git](

**WARNING**: due to some internal changes your local settings will be reset (logged out of accounts, removed instances, theme back to default) In this release we focused on implementing missing core features: inbox, saved posts, messages, modlog. We also had our second external contribution which is exciting. For the next release we have planned making lemmur translation-friendly. ## Full changelog ### Added - Added inbox page, that can be accessed by tapping bell in the home tab - Added page with saved posts/comments. It can be accessed from the profile tab under the bookmark icon - Added ability to send private messages - Added modlog page. Can be visited in the context of an instance or community from the about tab - You can now create posts from the community page (by [wolf4ood]( ### Changed - Titles on some pages, have an appear effect when scrolling down - Long pressing comments now has a ripple effect - Nerd stuff now contains more nerd stuff - Communities that a user follows will no longer appear on a user's profile in most scenarios ### Fixed - Time of posts is now displayed properly. Unless you live in UTC zone, then you won't notice a difference - Fixed a bug where links would not work on Android 11

You can now grab lemmur from [f-droid]( and the [Play store]( If you want to follow lemmur releases/news checkout the [repo]( and/or follow the [!]( community. You can always support the development on [Patreon]( or [BuyMeACoffee]( PS. We do not flavor our releases: github release tab, fdroid, and play store apks are built from the same source code. Feel free to download lemmur from any place you like.

APKs are now signed and have changed their `appId`. This means it will install on your phone as if it were a different app thus you will lose all local data (mainly added / logged in instances). This change was necessary to prepare for Play Store release.

New APKs are now available for download. For more info about the API migration check [the previous post](

As some of you may have noticed lemmur stopped working with some instances, notably This is because API v1 was completely removed and replaced by version 2. We have ported lemmur to API v2 and will soon release apks for it. #### What does this mean for lemmur? It will now only work with instances that run API v2. v0.1.1 of lemmur is the first and last release to support API v1. We did consider supporting both versions at once, but the maintenance burden would be huge for such a feature, hence API v1 is dropped completely. #### How can I help? Lemmy devs have made it clear that API v1 should not be used anymore and all instances are encouraged to upgrade ASAP. If you wish your favorite instance to work with lemmur, we recommend you to nudge the instance creators to upgrade lemmy. Thanks!