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Working on lemmur with @krawieck@lemmy.ml

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congrats! Out of curiosity, what changed from the technical standpoint of your websocket implementation that improved performance?

Oh cool, I will have a look at it then. Thanks

Push over websocket is not really doable. Keeping a websocket connection the background at all times would noticably affect the battery. I’m not sure if android/ios even allows for that

Did you perhaps build lemmur from source in the past?

Ok I understand now. The Android notifications you are referring to are called “push notifications”, and in-Lemmy are called “in-app notifications”.

going to take longer to be implemented

Currently push notifications are impossible to implement (would require Lemmy servers to cooperate)

On the other hand in-app notifications are possible but are not in lemmur yet

Our dart client already supports all of the endpoints

JS<->Dart interoperability

There is but it is rather unidirectional (Dart->JS), and quite awkward and not very type safe

You don’t have to wait, as far as I know downloading it from github should not conflict with the f-droid/play store version

I already started working on both translations and websocket connections for notifications

In Lemmy notifications are not going to be present, right?

I’m not sure what you mean?

Also, if I update through GitHub now will it bring problems when the next update comes to F-Droid?

It should not cause any problems, both apks are seen as the same.

Communities that a user follows will no longer appear on a user’s profile in most scenarios

This is due to changes in Lemmy, it is no longer exposed by the API due to privacy reasons

WARNING: due to some internal changes your local settings will be reset (logged out of accounts, removed instances, theme back to default) …

Probably the wrong place to ask this, but why was that decided? For instance, google play also supports multiple architectures but just exposes the apk for the current architecture to reduce the apk size

We are working on it right now, it will be soon on on the test appstore channel

links won’t open at all

Android 11 issue, fixed already.

something is up with the time zones

UTC parsing issue, fixed already.

then the comment gets sent twice

Are you sure?

if you wouldn’t mind you could make an issue on github or post on !lemmur with this list :)

yeah we are aware the AMOLED mode has many contrast issues, we implemented it the most lazy way possible just so it exists but we plan to improve it

We have started the works on ‘live’ updating. So hopefully in the future the reverse will be possible in lemmur

why GPL 2 over 3?

this probably deserves a separate post. Long story short I know very little about licenses so I just went with what sounded better after some research. So we are more than happy to change if someone convinces us

APKs are now signed and have changed their appId. This means it will install on your phone as if it were a different app thus you will lose all local data (mainly added / logged in instances). This change was necessary to prepare for Play Store release…

New APKs are now available for download. For more info about the API migration check the previous post

As some of you may have noticed lemmur stopped working with some instances, notably lemmy.ml. This is because API v1 was completely removed and replaced by version 2. We have ported lemmur to API v2 and will soon release apks for it. …