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Working on lemmur with @krawieck@lemmy.ml

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As others have said, tokens were invalidated, please see https://lemmy.ml/post/83983

Please log out and log back in on instances using Lemmy 0.13.0

Lemmy 0.13.0 invalidated all authentication tokens meaning your current account will cause infinite spinners in lemmur. This has showed us that we should improve invalid auth handling, hence I have created a report for that: https://github.com/krawieck/lemmur/issues/265

Mod features are further down the list but yes we are aware. We want to first finish more user focused features

Push is definitely not happening, we decided that notifications will be implemented as periodical checks

Could you tell us the main areas lemmur could improve (other than our recent few months break :<)? Feedback is always helpful and welcome.

Not intentional, sorry for that. We will upload v0.6.0 asap

it’s incredibly high battery usage.

Could you elaborate? How did you observe that? I did not notice any such problems myself

That massive list is a total disaster that I coded up because it was the laziest and fastest way to get it done. We 100% plan to get rid of it.

Lemmur adds lemmy.ml by default if you don’t have any instances added (otherwise it would just be completely empty). If you go to settings > accounts you can remove any instance by long pressing it.

You cannot react to posts if you are not logged in (otherwise your vote couldn’t be synced with lemmy servers). To log in you can visit the same page where instances are. Lemmur “pretends” that you have an account to enable you to browse content without the need of being logged in (anonymous account), of course not everything is possible without being logged in hence some things are inaccessible.

Hope that clears it up and let me know if you need more help

Thanks! We will see how it goes with Material You, for now we will keep an eye on it

Thank you all for your answers! I will look into them

Well, ideally I would like a physical non electronical object. Like a whiteboard. I asked because maybe someone knows a specific whiteboard brand that produces high quality whiteboards

Could be, we will wait for blocking to make it’s way into lemmy (afaik it is close) and if that won’t suffice we will consider filtering out content client side

Would blocking solve this problem? I know blocking users/communities is coming to lemmy

Whiteboard recommendations? (or alternatives)

When solving problems (math/computer science) I often scribble on some random sheets of paper to visualize my ideas or to save progress of some temporary solutions. I hate it, it’s a mess and a waste of paper. I’ve been thinking of getting something like a whiteboard for a while and I want to finall…

I don’t like how that option also shows the total MB downloaded. While having the percentage reflect the total progress is awesome, showing the total MB progress is useless in my opinion and I’d much rather see the MB progress of the current downloaded package. Would be cool to be able to get the best of both worlds

const code = 'works?'

Actually, we invite people to use github discussions for dev questions: https://github.com/krawieck/lemmur/discussions

The FAB has a hero widget attached to it automatically thanks to Scaffold, so if both of your pages have a scaffold and use Scaffold.floatingActionButton and Scaffold.floatingActionButtonLocation everything should just magically work

I’m following the project closely and have been learning a lot from it

I am happy to hear! I am flattered, but don’t take everything we do as the way it should be done, I mean the state management to be exact. At the beginning we opted to use hooks for everything but now we see that flutter_hooks are not as flexible as react hooks so we are planning to move to some more maintainable state management lib.

Feel free to ask any other questions :)

Good cubing apps?

Here is my modest list of cubing apps I use, I would love to hear your suggestions! (I can update this post with new suggestions, turning it into a curated list) …


shilangyu (lemmur)tolemmurUpdate Lemmur

I fixed it yesterday, once the changes are accepted by krawieck we will release an updated version.

Wow I just edited a post! …


New community: Cubing

Community revolving around cubing - the activity of solving Rubik’s-cube like puzzles on time or just for fun…

Inaugural post: introduce yourself
  • Are you a speedcuber? Casual solver? Puzzle creator?
  • What method do you use? Personal bests?..

Sadly, this release will log you out of all accounts once again. We are aware it is annoying and hope to reduce the amount of times it happens. On the bright side, this release includes support for password managers when logging in so it should be easier to restore all accounts. …

This addresses an issue where the wrong data was sometimes loaded due to an incorrect user ID. …


As you may have noticed, v0.3.0 no longer works with some instances, this is because Lemmy released a new API. This release of lemmur moves to the new API. As with the v1 -> v2 API transition, I encourage you to nudge admins of your favorite instances to upgrade to support the newest API. …


WARNING: due to some internal changes your local settings will be reset (logged out of accounts, removed instances, theme back to default) …

APKs are now signed and have changed their appId. This means it will install on your phone as if it were a different app thus you will lose all local data (mainly added / logged in instances). This change was necessary to prepare for Play Store release…

New APKs are now available for download. For more info about the API migration check the previous post

As some of you may have noticed lemmur stopped working with some instances, notably lemmy.ml. This is because API v1 was completely removed and replaced by version 2. We have ported lemmur to API v2 and will soon release apks for it. …