Inaugural post: introduce yourself
  • Are you a speedcuber? Casual solver? Puzzle creator?
  • What method do you use? Personal bests?
  • Your mains?
  • Favorite category/events?
  • Anything else?

I used to cube a lot in middle school and high school, but haven’t touched my cube in yaers. It was all rather casual, never got below ~25 seconds. I used almost exclusively ZZ, later on I decided to try Roux, but never particularly liked, probably because the middle pieces were hard to move on my meh cube, but I intend to try it again if I get a better cube. I think I had a YJ GuanLong, but I’m not sure, as I haven’t touched it in years.

My main achievements are solving once underwater (lol) and being able to solve it blindfolded (most of the times i would end up with a few pieces incomplete, because I memorized the chain of corner/edge permutations incorrectly, for some reason I had a lot of trouble with it, but I had a couple successful attempts).

After stumbing upon this community, I’m thinking about getting back into the it 😉

shilangyu (lemmur)

I used to cube in high school, now I’m slowly getting back to it (hence the creation of this community). I used to use CFOP but recently I got interested in roux and consider it to be my main method (even though I’m still slower with it). My 3x3 main is a moyu GTS 2 (back from highschool, I will upgrade soon) and have a 33s Ao12. I also enjoy blindfolded. Currently I am learning CMLL (started just yesterday). I hope to comeback to this comment in the future and laugh at my Ao12.


What are the advantages of roux (over CFOP)?

shilangyu (lemmur)

No cube rotations during a solve, more freedom when creating blocks (similar phase to F2L in CFOP), you can use the M slice to your advantage during the whole solve, less algs and more intuitive in general.

On the other hand turns can be less fluid and the solve is less algorithmic which hinders the speed.

I’m not good enough at either of the methods to actually say which is better, but I would say it is easier to get fast with CFOP


I haven’t touched my cubes in a while and never was very good at it. I’ve tried to learn CFOP, but never took enough time to learn it well enough to be faster than solving with the normal method.

I think my PB was around 40 seconds, so I’m not at all a speedcuber and never went to any events.

I got several cubes: a 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, piraminx, skewb and some crazy thing I don’t know the name of (no idea if those are the correct names). However, I can only do the 4x4 and 5x5 with some luck and have never solved the skewb and that other thingy.

shilangyu (lemmur)

Mind sharing the crazy thing? I’m curious

Glad to see you made the community (: I’ve been cubing on and off for 3 or 4 years, but definitely stopped once I entered college. My fastest time is something like 21 seconds, and I only know CFOP, but people keep talking about the Roux method and it’s making me wanna give it a shot 👀 I was never good at using my pinky to spin the back of the cube, though )':


Yoooooo hell yeah we have a cubing community!

Personally haven’t been cubing a lot lately… I was mainly a speedcuber but only got to sub-25 (pb 12s). I “mained” the GTS2M (you can probably judge by that the time I stopped speedcubing) but when I’m casually solving (like lately) I like to use the GTS.

Despite being only sub-25, I know full CFOP (all OLL and PLL) though everytime I take big breaks in cubing I tend to forget some OLLs haha. Learning algs is one of my favorite things about cubing.

I can also do BLD but I’m terrible at it. I have something like 30% success rate and can’t get down from 5 minutes. I’ve been practicing it more now that I’m not as into speedcubing, but it’s not a constant practice either. Last time I even tried was probably more than 3 months ago.

So lately if I ever find myself bored I take get my GTS and do some casual solves. If I’m feeling really inspired I practice BLD. I might get more into again it if I see lots of posts from this community though haha :P

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