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If I had to pick where my stolen data had to go (I still want exactly 0 of my data stolen), I would pick China over the US any time. The CPC will be getting that data once they nationalise the company and what are they gonna do with it? Offer me a B&R loan? lmao.

Those are my thoughts as well, tbh. I don’t want US companies or the US government to have my data because I don’t trust either of them in the slightest and they have the biggest effect on me since I live in the US. I don’t care as much if China has my data because like you say, wtf are they gonna do? See that I’m pro-China, a commie, and that I like so-so things that they can’t even sell me? Granted, I still avoid things like TikTok and would still avoid Douyin because I do not like the addictive nature of social media, something that TikTok/Douyin has seemingly mastered.

The Chinese embassy sent me the 3 volumes of Governance of China for free after I asked nicely so, idk what else they can steal

Ahh, you’re so lucky. I emailed them months ago and they never got back to me )': I would’ve loved to have received Governance of China from them.

The new app bundles format is a worrying trend! If it’s truly exclusive to the Play Store and can’t be brought to Aurora Store or the Android package installer somehow and APKs start to fizzle out, users of degoogled Android ROMs are going to suffer. If some big name apps are only available as AABs then tough luck.

I never understood the obsession with specifically calling out Chinese apps in the whole data-stealing fiasco that is proprietary software. Like, no shit? If it’s a proprietary app, it’s almost certainly stealing your data. Whether it’s a Chinese app or not is unimportant, and calling out specifically Chinese apps is just a larger part of the sinophobia and racism rampant right now in the new Cold War against China. It’s like @CriticalResist8@lemmygrad.ml says, it’s just part of the “China scary” narrative that serves to dehumanize both the people and government of China even when pretty much every country in the world is stealing people’s data, ESPECIALLY the US.

Just stay away from all proprietary software if you really care about your data, Chinese-made or not.

Ahh, I saw “Spaces” in the screenshot and wrongly assumed it supported them. Silly me.

Huh, this client seemingly came out of NOWHERE. It’s incredibly beautiful, too, and the Spaces support is a plus as well. I’ll have to keep an eye on this one.


Ahh, Electron. Well it’s definitely not for the minimalist FLOSS crowd, but if it can serve as a client that can help transition people from Discord easier then I’ll welcome it with open arms.

That’s their plan with Hydrogen and Dendrite, respectively.

Personally, though, I’m a bigger fan of “third-party” clients like Nheko or NeoChat.

Nah, it’s all forms of social media. You see the same thing on those weird Fediverse servers, but it’s got a big reputation with link aggregators thanks to Voat.

The bane of almost every open-source, decentralized link agreggator is their weird obsession with absolute freedom of speech that just attracts the most toxic, whatever-phobic people.

PipeWire handles both audio and video, including screen sharing. OBS Studio uses PipeWire when screensharing under Wayland, for example.

You kid, but there are probably “smart bathtubs” and “smart showers” out there that do run some old ass Linux kernel. The days of flushing a toilet while someone is showering are long gone. Now all you gotta do is hack into their showers and prank them from afar.

No problem, I appreciate all the insight you’ve given, since it’s all needed more than ever right now when the US is so anti-China. Have a goodnight!

Solene mentions that she had to use a shelll wrapper to get rid of the “-S session=…” parameter from curl. Does anyone have an idea of how that would look, so that I can test this out.

Another way of speeding up pkg_add is to use this project, obsdpkgup.

Neocities is one of the most interesting places on the internet. 90% of people’s sites that I visit there are heavily stylized and use some crazy cool CSS. There’s also many weird and abstract sites on it that border on art.

This is a great write-up, as all of your comments have been so far! I had never heard of any massacre in Muxidi during those time. Do you have a link to somewhere I can read about it without worrying about it being too distorted by the Western press? Thank you so much!

@SloppilyFlosstoMemesLemmy be like

Lemmy getting big enough for meta-humor? You love to see it! (:

Honestly, slowly but surely Lemmy has been gaining its own footing. Sure, it’s getting bigger in size, but I think it’s also finding its own little style of community, and so far it’s been a great one!

Is there a source for no Cuban protestors being killed? All over the news you hear “many protestors have been shot, disappeared, and killed by the police,” so I’d like something more official that would prove those news reports wrong if they’re really wrong.

2.2: Who is Tok for?

Anyone that wants to use it. Except Nazis, antisemites, transphobes, homophobes, islamophobes, biphobes, and all other kinds of bigots that want to use it. You’re allowed to use it, but please fuck off, read the KDE Code of Conduct, and become a not-asshole before coming into community areas. Thanks in advance. Tok is not for hardcore OSS puritans, as it uses a propietary chat service. They may have more fun with NeoChat, which connects to free and open source servers.

Oh man this is too cool haha.

The news of floods in China and the devastation caused by a extreme summer have showed us that both ideologies have flaws.

You’re gonna have to elaborate a lot more if you want this point to hold any ground. How exactly have the floods discredited communism? You’re making a huge leap here, and it needs explaining, especially if you want to convince people here that “communism has failed”, when we know too well its countless international successes, old and current.

Hmm no idea, then. I haven’t had any issues, personally. Whenever I do, though, a simple force stop usually fixes them.

Are you using NewPipe’s own F-Droid repo to get the latest NewPipe builds?

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