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Respecting the free will of fascists to spread fascist ideas isn’t good - Me, in a comment up above

I think you and I are on the same page

Yup, limiting the freedom of fascists is okay, lest they spread their fascist ideas.

Respecting the free will of fascists to spread fascist ideas isn’t good and should not be done.

And developed by people who hate the fact that you’re alive!

A comment about Lemmy I saw on Reddit. The slur filter really pulls its weight and keeps the bigots out, it was a great idea.

I’m an owner of both a Pebble Time and a Pebble Time Steel. I’ve also owned a Pebble 2 HR. Honestly for how cheap you can find Pebbles (got my Steel for $20) and their long battery life (my Steel lasts a week or more on a charge, maybe double that if it’s on airplane mode), they’re great! If you decide to use Rebble and pay the $3 a month, you can even use the dictation feature and respond to notifications with your voice! They also work perfectly with GadgetBridge.

I also used to think smartwatches were a gimmick, and tbh after owning a couple I know for sure they are, 10x so for mainstream watches like WearOS or the Apple Watch. Being able to catch your notifications on your arm and responding to them is pretty convenient, but the excitement goes away after a while. Or maybe I’ve just lost interest. I don’t even bother looking at my steps, sleep, or setting up my watch to be able to ping my phone anymore. But I’ve gotten so used to the darn thing that I’ll never stop loving it.

There was someone who participated in FOSDEM a couple of years ago and presented an open-source push notification server for Android that they were working on, but seems like the project has become stagnant. If I remember correctly, they wanted to combine it with MicroG somehow as an easy way to take push data from apps.

Here’s Drew Devault’s script and Meff’s scripts that mirror Hacker News to Gemini. Maybe it’s possible to use these as a base for creating a Lemmy mirroring service.

I always hear people praise Izzy’s repo, but I’ve always made do (due?) with F-Droid’s default repo + Fluffychat, NewPipe, and Bitwarden repos. Does anyone know of any really good apps specific to Izzy’s repo that would make it worth activating?

On the Lemmur app, you can go to the search tab and search for the community name and it looks like it should appear. For example, if you search “afrihili” in the search tab, the first result under “Communities” should be the Afrihili community from https://baraza.africa. You can push it then subscribe from there.

You only need the !community@instance.tld format when searching through the Lemmy website.

NewPipe is primarily an open-source Youtube client (and possibly the greatest Youtube client), but it also supports Soundcloud, PeerTube, and media.ccc.de

I’m fairly certain that Spaces DO have the ability to share users and privileges, they just don’t have to and can instead function as just a personal hierarchical list as shown in the demo. At first I thought Spaces would function exactly the same as Discord servers and rooms, but now I see that they’re way more powerful!

I saw that this was added, but does anyone know how exactly to use it in the app? I was on one instance and searched for a video on another but it didn’t pop up so I’m sorta confused

"from left to right, top to bottom:

Guest from the Future

not sure


Guest from the Future

Kin Dza Dza

probably The Witches Cave

Teens in the Universe

and I’m not sure about the last three"


It’s canon that Kermit has eaten pork so he’s not vegan 😞

Are you expecting a community about China to be dedicated to shit-talking China or something? This isn’t Reddit. People sent you some great links in the comments of that last post. I suggest you unlearn everything you think you know about China, read the links, and learn about China from a non-Western perspective.

China banned Winnie the Pooh nation-wide

Winnie the Pooh was never banned in China, it’s just another ridiculous lie drummed up by the West to rile up Westerners against China.

Mind pointing out some of the fan games you think are good?

The first, third, and fifth are the Predator, the Alien (or more specifically the Xenomorph), and the Thing from the movies of the same name, respectively.

The Soviet Union developed an operating system based on BSD called DEMOS

You can find an archive of it here - Archive link. Admittedly there’s not much info on this operating system, but it was an interesting piece of history, nonetheless…

Someone here on Lemmy linked to this instance and while I was browsing it I found this funny animation about copying. What are people’s thoughts when it comes to this topic?..

How to create a gemlog with gssg

Unrelated but I’m making this post on Lemmur just to test out if posting works on it. Fingers crossed 🤞…

A particularly interesting portion from this post:

  • Spaces…

In Pursuit of Intentionality

I found this person’s gemlog while browsing random Gemini sites and they had an interesting take on the whole digital minimalism movement. Essentially, their point is that you shouldn’t just be aiming to blindly reduce all your screen time, but instead make sure the things you use your screen time o…

What is something that you are incredibly proud of?

Something you have done, something a group you’re affiliated with has done, or just anything that you are proud of and would like to share…