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For sure, Pan was adorable, and it ended up being a Piccolo movie more than a Gohan one. Lovely to see, and love the character interactions between everyone.

I don’t like reggaeton either but why are people so adamant on hating it? It’s just Latin American music to dance and have fun to

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Discussion Thread (Spoilers)
Now that the movie has released theatrically in the United States, feel free to discuss any thoughts or opinions on the film!

That’s a lovely cassette player! Where did you get it?

Btw, where would be the best place to know more about getting into cassette players?

I saw comments on Hacker News that the founder wasn’t doing much outside of the patent troll case that Mycroft were fighting against, so this news isn’t as bad as it would seem at first glance.

The Future of Open Source | datagubbe.se
Hacker News discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=31155794

I don’t care about Occam’s Razor.

Google has massive control over the web thanks to its money but also its social clout. There were points where if you went to https://google.com, it would recommend installing Google Chrome. Google already had a name for itself, so people would take that kind of recommendation seriously. This only went a step further with Android. With the Google sync, anyone could have their tabs and bookmarks across devices using the Google account they already have. Firefox has a feature that’s just as competent, but why would anyone want to make a Firefox account? So now there’s the incentive to just use Chrome everywhere.

With that huge market on lock, Chrome can introduce changes willy-nilly and influence the web spec, and other browsers have to tag along if they want to stay relevant, including Firefox. Opera went bust. Internet Explorer went bust. Firefox is barely stringing along, thanks in part to Google funding, but it’ll never be enough to keep up with Google. Especially with their incompetent leadership and their tendency to remove features sometimes. Those two things are ultimately not the main problem, though.

Google Chrome has the benefit of being backed by a behemoth of an ad company, plus being preinstalled on Android devices worldwide. Firefox is losing because of these two things more than anything else.

I’m against animal torture and all. But…

Dendrite would probably run well on a Raspberry Pi, and Conduit definitely would, so the same is true for Matrix.

Do you interact with people on Twitter or are you merely there as a lurker?

Elon Musk owns 9.2% of Twitter shares, the largest of any other individual Twitter shareholder
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Go through this list and see what interests you.


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Related: https://lemmy.ml/post/203494

Whoever you want to moderate has to make a comment somewhere in the community, then you press the three dots on their comment and it should give you an option to make them a moderator.

Wow this is incredibly beautiful. Seriously, fantastic work!

You gotta find a Mastodon instance that you’d like to join then go to their main page then sign up there. Keep in mind some instances have closed registrations or registrations where you send an application that can be accepted or rejected.

https://fosstodon.org is an instance for FOSS enthusiasts and could be a good starting point. I’m assuming you’re a FOSS enthusiast because you managed to make your way to Lemmy 😋

Could you give me an example of something that isn’t too political in your eyes?

Misogyny is not a product of capitalism and existed much before capitalism did in other economic systems, but capitalism heightens misogyny. Misogyny and sexism ended up being tools used to capture the reproductive labour of women. Silvia Federici discusses it in the context of feudal -> capitalist Europe in Caliban and the Witch.

The English writer Wells went to the Soviet Union a few years ago and visited Maxim Gorky, a great writer who is gone today. He proposed the creation of a literary club from which politics would be excluded, for, to his mind, literature is literature and politics is politics. Gorky and his friends, it seems, began to laugh and Wells was annoyed. The fact is Wells saw the writer as being outside of society, while Gorky and his friends knew full well that it just is not so in life, where, in truth, all things are linked together—whether we like it or not.

Abuse toward women has deep ties to the accumulation of capital, yes.