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If I remember correctly, there’s already a karma system in place in the backend, but there’s either no frontend way of displaying it, or the admins of most Lemmy instances don’t bother turning it on.

I’m gonna assume free as in beer since !opensourcegames@lemmy.ml already exists.

https://sopuli.xyz allowing Zionism? What is this nonsense?

According to this article:

NetBSD and OpenBSD were not affected because they don’t support the reception of A-MSDUs (aggregate MAC service data units).

Ahh the old “can’t have Bluetooth vulnerabilities without a Bluetooth stack” trick.

For finals to end so I can catch at least a bit of a break before going home

Also the collapse of the US and capitalism-imperialism :P

Is there a specific way one should ask? It’s seems a bit awkward to do it out-of-the-blue.

The way I see this fight is that Frank had a false consciousness and was resisting putting on the sunglasses and learning about the truth because of that same false consciousness. John has already put the glasses on and seen the truth, so he’s developed true consciousness and is fighting with everything he’s got to bring Frank over.

So it’s like a communist vs. false conscious working class moment or an “allegory of the cave”-type situation.

The “commumism is only good on paper” argument is genuinely one of the most frustrating pieces of recent propaganda, especially when it’s followed by some vague capitulation to “human nature”. Anyone can state that and act as if they just made some poignant argument when in reality they haven’t said anything at all. It’s an argument made with no actual understanding of either communism or capitalism, tbh.

I don’t mean to rag on you in particular, it’s just frustrating hearing the same thing over and over again, especially things that Communists themselves have been addressing for a long time, like in the case of human nature.

Here’s a past comment of mine on the topic of human nature

We’ve just released the first public P2P Matrix demo using the experimental Pinecone protocol. There are builds available for Android right now and iOS is following shortly via Testflight as soon as it passes Apple’s beta review: …

Do not remiss! This is essentially just rebranded LineageOS with MicroG, which is available for your device.

On the Vegan Circlejerk Matrix room, there’s someone named Gordon that makes super amazing vegan cheeses. They’d probs be able to point you to some good recipes or give you tips.

If you have a Gemini client installed, Firefox should direct you to open the link in the client. As for opening it directly in Firefox, there’s the add-on that @ajz@lemmy.ml just linked.

Please, please don’t ruin Lemmy with this sort of nonsense.

Glad to see you made the community (: I’ve been cubing on and off for 3 or 4 years, but definitely stopped once I entered college. My fastest time is something like 21 seconds, and I only know CFOP, but people keep talking about the Roux method and it’s making me wanna give it a shot 👀 I was never good at using my pinky to spin the back of the cube, though )':

You can throw a ton of chia seeds in a water bottle and drink that throughout the day. You should stay hydrating, after all! You can also use chia seeds to make pudding.

Electronic waste, so things like computers, phones, tablets, etc.

This piece is made by TeenageStepdad on IG so go check them out for similar content.

I found this video today and it reminded me of the cartons of milk we’d get all throughout K-12 in the US. Oh the lies we were told about milk and how it was “healthy”, never mind the fact that lots of students, especially non-white students, are lactose intolerant. Fuck them, though, their options …

I was looking to change my xenodm theme since the original is not my style, and I came across these beautiful themes made by TuM’Fatig. I will probably implement the bottom one on my own laptop. Does anyone have their own themes, or have they found any they’d like to share?..