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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 | VIZ

New to the DBS manga? The Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc starts in Chapter 42, after the end of the Tournament of Power and a brief recap of Broly. To read previous chapters, download the Shonen Jump app. The three most recent chapters for the many simulpub manga are always available for free, as they…

New chapter for Super Dragon Ball Heroes dropped (Japanese) | Saikyō Jump

I’m not the biggest fan of any Heroes content, but this community shouldn’t be based around my interest so I decided to post the latest chapter! …

Kanzenshuu has added a historical article to their press archive! It shows an article in the magazine Internal Correspondence that discusses Dragon Ball’s debut in the US. A fun piece of history, I think…

New sketch of Cooler released from Toriyama's archives | Dragon Ball Official Site

They release a new sketch daily, and they’re only available for 24-hour periods. I won’t post them every day, so as to not spam this community and Lemmy as a whole, so definitely check the site out daily for new sketches!..

All things Dragon Ball 🐉

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