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However, the statement that is - always was encrypted - is incorrect

Well, I did say “ever since I first signed up”, and I did sign up last year and started using it more this year, so I might have missed that :P

But yeah, I see, it’s newer than I thought it was. I’m still not sure what you mean with it being flawed/breaking features though. At most what I’ve heard is that some bots break because they have to be updated to support E2E too, but that’s it

I personally dislike Matrix - right-now - because encryption is not enabled by default, and enabling it breaks useful features.

What? Since when is encryption not the default? It’s been the default ever since I first signed up IIRC. I’m pretty sure I didn’t have to enable it myself at any point in any room. Also what features break with encryption?.

You mean E2E, right?

Was just looking something like this the other day! Amazing :)

Lists should be homogeneous while tuples can be heterogeneous.

Could you explain this bit, please? I’ve always understood that both can have both kinds of elements.

Do you mean that in the usual contexts they’re used? Like: lists usually hold a variable number of things of the same type while tuples are sometimes expected to hold values of different kinds in a specific order. Something like that?

Running everything sandboxed even if the software that’s being run is FOSS and comes from trusted sources doesn’t sound too bad though. Just another layer of defense. What are the potential security issues this could cause?

Haven’t tried it yet myself, but I’ve heard that Organic Maps is much smoother and faster alternative to OsmAnd~.

Don’t you need access via adb and have debugging options enabled to even see the logcat?

On Firefox I use Sidebery which is a modern and very customizable tree-style-tabs-like sidebar extension

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age—pronounced [aɡe̞], like the Italian “aghe”—is a simple, modern and secure file encryption tool, format, and Go library. …


TT-RSS is a web-app and it has different themes, including dark ones. I’ve been using a public instance and it’s worked great for me.

Why would you want to bother creating a room on closed, proprietary and non-federated Discord? Haven’t you heard of Matrix?

Huh, really? I had a 1:1 call via Element on Android the other day and could swear it was all just Jitsi. Maybe it was just the UI that looked really similar.

I agree, they’re annoying. They’re necessary to reach more people and gain popularity though

Is there a new VoIP implementation or are do you mean the existing one? If it’s the latter, it’s just a wrapper around a Jitsi meeting and it’s worked very well in my experience.

Especially 5, it’s a really good point that I overlooked.

Well, here I go changing all my passwords again…


Wow, never heard of this one before

They’re working on that right now IIRC. Idk when it’ll be ready though, it’ll probably take a while

Sapphire Assistant is also an interesting one for Android, completely offline. Very early in development though iirc

Ok but it’s still worse because it isn’t FOSS. The argument you always repeat about “FOSS doesn’t mean it’s private!” does not change the fact that FOSS makes it more trustworthy. That’s a fact you can’t change.

No one is claiming FOSS automatically makes something more private. FOSS means you can read the source code and verify it. That’s literally all there is to it. And it’s not some kind of secret or anything, it’s just the definition of FOSS.

The privacy and TOS of each software is governed by the legislation of the countries of origin, so it is always advisable to read them carefully.

I’d still rather use the software that’s FOSS. I’m not even using any of the features which may give Mozilla any data like Sync.

If Vivaldi is so great and private because it’s an European product, the more reason to make it FOSS. The point of FOSS is to be able to verify what the program is doing. If Vivaldi is so private then why isn’t it FOSS so I can check? You have no argument against that apart from “FOSS isn’t always good” which isn’t really an argument against FOSS.