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Especially 5, it’s a really good point that I overlooked.

Well, here I go changing all my passwords again…


Wow, never heard of this one before

They’re working on that right now IIRC. Idk when it’ll be ready though, it’ll probably take a while

Sapphire Assistant is also an interesting one for Android, completely offline. Very early in development though iirc

Ok but it’s still worse because it isn’t FOSS. The argument you always repeat about “FOSS doesn’t mean it’s private!” does not change the fact that FOSS makes it more trustworthy. That’s a fact you can’t change.

No one is claiming FOSS automatically makes something more private. FOSS means you can read the source code and verify it. That’s literally all there is to it. And it’s not some kind of secret or anything, it’s just the definition of FOSS.

The privacy and TOS of each software is governed by the legislation of the countries of origin, so it is always advisable to read them carefully.

I’d still rather use the software that’s FOSS. I’m not even using any of the features which may give Mozilla any data like Sync.

If Vivaldi is so great and private because it’s an European product, the more reason to make it FOSS. The point of FOSS is to be able to verify what the program is doing. If Vivaldi is so private then why isn’t it FOSS so I can check? You have no argument against that apart from “FOSS isn’t always good” which isn’t really an argument against FOSS.

It is not because of the forks, which surely have nothing to do with Google,

But you are claiming Firefox forks are related to Mozilla. That’s what I’m basing my response on.

in the case of FF and forks, if they use Mozilla servers, that if it is related to Google.

What if they don’t use Mozilla servers? Privacy browsers like LibreWolf have all that stuff stripped away.

This is the difference. It does not have to do if it is Blink, Gecko or even WebKit,

If that was your point you should have stated that before. Your previous comment only says:

So far I reject those with the Gecko engine, since they are all forks with Mozilla,

which makes no sense because forks don’t have to contact Mozilla if they want to.

Just wait until you find out about the rest of the tildeverse. It’s amazing

If you can’t use Gecko because Mozilla is financed by Google, and also can’t use Blink because it’s developed by Google, with what browser engine does that leave you?

Also aren’t you the person who recommends Vivaldi a lot? Vivaldi is a Blink/Chromium, which is developed by Google. I’d rather use the engine Google has less control over

Can’t even install it because the dot binary conflicts with a Gimp dependency :/

He said, that Signal server did not get a source code update since 2020. He was wrong. It did, this year February.

IIRC no, it was only updated recently. Git commits are shown chronologically according to their commit date, not their push date. So they could have committed back in February but only pushed recently.

Nah, that’s just what the YouTube site responds with when sending a preview request (or something like that). IIRC YouTube isn’t compliant with that standard so specific logic has to be implemented to request thumbnails and descriptions from it, unlike most other sites.

I use caps:escape_shifted_capslock as an xkeyboard (setxkbmap) option.

Make Caps Lock an additional Esc, but Shift + Caps Lock is the regular Caps Lock

That way I can use it as Escape for Vim/Kakoune but still keep the caps lock functionality in reach


Not a good first impression when the name is the same as the well known open source voip program


Mumble is open source tho?

Edit: nvm this isn’t the Mumble

You can also change this setting temporarily at the top of the front page

Found it by looking at the user’s post history. Unfortunately not much attention on there

I mean it’s on you if you expect anything amazing from a “beta” announcement lol

I don’t think that’s it. If you follow their channels you notice they were working a lot last weeks to get the MSC merged. The Freenode stuff just happened to happen at the same time.

And even if it was on purpose, I don’t see anything wrong with it. I mean why not promote your alternative when you have the opportunity?

No, they’re using “they” instead of “s/he”. Usage of “the user” is the same