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Edit: XC -> DX. Funny how nobody noticed :S

I wasted so many hours of my life on this and the soundtrack is to this day on my favorite playlist ;)

It’s an amazing game! I still play it from time to time to slowly get to 100% complete it. It still has it’s own active (though niche) community and racing events: CoNDOR.

Regarding the sequel, it never caught my attention. First because it was a Switch exclusive but also then I heard that it wasn’t as challenging as the original. The difficulty curve may be annoying to most, but to me it’s the reason I liked playing it so much.

I love the original, IMO it’s a timeless game. I intend to 100% complete it at some point and then maybe I’ll try to join the racing community if it’s still around.

  • Cave Story
  • Crypt of the NecroDancer
  • Celeste
  • Doukutsu Monogatari
  • Portal
  • NXEngine-evo

I know right! First I asked and their response was that they just filter unpopular domains under .ml for safety reasons, like avoiding malware pages and such. Recently I made a formal complaint to see if it gets anywhere but they have yet to get back to me.

It’s annoying because otherwise they’ve been the best internet service I’ve had :/

Tor, DNSCrypt and I2P routing.

I mainly use it for DNSCrypt because my ISP blocks some sites (like!) so with this app I can access them.

Alternative F-Droid client, active fork of Foxy Droid.

Takes over URL handling to redirect Nitter, Invidious, Scribe, etc.

Lite version only handles known redirect URLs, regular version handles all of them (which can feel slightly intrusive/annoying).

Oh, that’s called submechanophobia! I love the name :P

Here’s a video I saw one time of someone with it reacting to stuff under water:

So cool!

Kakoune but I’m considering switching back to Neovim


Also I tried different potential usernames with a website that let me see in how many mainstream sites it was taken/available. SeerLite was the first one to not be taken anywhere, so I used that.

So this is where all these cats come from!! Thank you, mystery solved.

What I imagine when I think of a scenario like OP is the companies actively scraping Fedi profiles and posts and then using machine learning(?) to map the data to known users. Trackers wouldn’t be necessary.

Of course, that’s a lot of work and I doubt it’s happening soon (if ever). Still interesting to think about.

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age—pronounced [aɡe̞], like the Italian “aghe”—is a simple, modern and secure file encryption tool, format, and Go library. …