What are the best youtube categories and channels?
Post only [youtube categories](https://techpostplus.com/youtube-video-categories-list-faqs-and-solutions/#YouTube_video_category_name_and_id_list) as first level answers and channels as second level answers on their respective category.

Do you use Mastodon?
Options: - Yes - No

When robots are better soldiers than humans will we have clone wars?
By clone wars in this case I mean war between robots not between robots and human clones. Options: - Yes - No

Follow the structure on the github page. You may add options that don't appear there.

What distro and desktop environment would you recommend for a Raspberry Pi server?
I want to hear what other people would choose to use Raspberry Pi as a server for fediverse platforms.

Where do people ask python questions?
Write an option per comment to see which is the most popular answer. If there are many sites you can post them as second level comments to have a reference: * Discord - Channel 1 - Channel 2 - ...

What gender do you identify as?
Short and simple (or maybe not so simple for some). I'm curious about the gender ratio on Lemmy. Feel free to specify further under any of the top-level options.

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