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How do I make a custom search?
I would like to make a search to look for answers for a programming language. So I would like to include the docs, stackoverflow, the subreddit corresponding to the programming language, and a couple other websites. Then I'd search the question like for example. `!py question` for python, or `!rs question` for rust. Has anyone else done something like this?

Maybe they make a distributed platform to run it, so that the computational cost is shared between all users.

How to integrate torrents in a file indexer for better file availability?
I'm making a file organizer and I was thinking of how to integrate torrents. The objective is to find which files are owned by more than one person but have low health and automatically generate a torrent containing those files, share it with all other users with a distributed database and seed it. But if someone indexes a game for example, that have many small files, there would be many torrents nobody would care about. If I generated torrents automatically when a user creates a collection, then there would be many different collections but I'd prefer to have only a collection for all related files like all books of a given author. I think the best thing is to allow people to vote on the collections through the distributed database and then whichever client owns more files from the collection creates the torrent and links it to the collection in the database. But even if the collections have votes, that doesn't group the collections. So I would have a ranking of best to worst collection but no way of knowing which is the most complete collection of books for an author. I could allow users to vote the files that belong in a public collection. And when they create a local collection if it has many similar files with a public collection I could assign a positive vote for each of those files for that user in the public collection. Then I find the user that has more files in a public collection, so that he creates the torrent and shares it. I would like to hear your ideas on this.

XD let me change the title then. You can see how much attention I’ve paid to Brave… But just now I’ve seen it has a tor option. And I would like to be able to have tor on some firefox tabs instead of having to use tor browser.

A break timer with short and long breaks?
Preferably one that is in the AUR or the official Arch Linux repository.

Distributed metadata database?
I was planning on doing a distributed metadata database. But it seems there isn't a simple way of doing this yet. There is OrbitDB for JavaScript but I haven't seen anything else. For now I've decided I can get started with the application by simply doing a client-server model. I'll follow this guide: [Building a Multithreaded Web Server](https://doc.rust-lang.org/book/ch20-01-single-threaded.html), and maybe I'll [place the server behind tor](https://libreddit.esmailelbob.xyz/r/TOR/comments/jgkjcw/how_can_i_use_tor_for_clientserver_programming_in/).

E0515: Returns a value referencing data owned by the current function
I'm getting a `returns a value referencing data owned by the current function` on line 17 on `.unwrap_or("/tmp/")`. This is the first time I try something on rust after finishing the book. I still don't know enough to debug this. ``` use clap::{Arg, Command}; fn main() { args = parse_args(); println!("The directory passed is: {}", args[0]); } fn parse_args() -> Vec<&str> { let matches = Command::new("Parse Torrent") .arg(Arg::new("dir") .short('f') .long("dir") .takes_value(true) .help("input directory of your computer, example /disk1/dir1/")) .get_matches(); matches.value_of(dir).unwrap_or("/tmp/") } ```

What are free alternatives to Github Copilot and OpenAI Codex?
This are the ones I've found: [GPT-NeoX 20B](https://neox.labml.ai/main), [EleutherAI GPT-J-6B](https://6b.eleuther.ai), [CodeGenX](https://www.deepgenx.com/) (for Python only), [codeon](https://libreddit.mutahar.rocks/r/Python/comments/phh7hx/open_ai_codexgithub_copilot_alternative_for_vs/) (for Python only). And freemium: [kite](https://www.kite.com/) and [tabnine](https://www.tabnine.com/).

I think I should use the upload date of a torrent to the tracker. Maybe I could use the magnet to scrape that.

I feel like this. If I have to trust that anonaddy is not going to give my ip to some page I may as well trust that same page from the start.

They’ve copied the TrackPoint from Lenovo. I don’t know if that’s new. I really like the keyboard of my thinkpad. Wouldn’t change it for anything. Well maybe for an open source alternative that’s very close to it in specs and design. But we are far from being there.

It’s as if they were doing it on purpose but what would be the point? On one side they ban abortion to increase birth rate and on the other they bio-engineer diseases to increase death rate. I don’t see the reason for it.

Do you know of a particular one where I could ask about this? Database schema for a file organizer.

No idea. I bought it second hand so maybe the person who had it before spilled some liquid on it and I didn’t notice. But it only had rust, no stains.

It looks like they want to break every record for the highest temperature on earth’s history.

I’ve tried with another graphics card and it works now. I’ve tried cleaning the broken one, but it has rust and it still doesn’t work after cleaning it.

I like to see a series only after they finish but by then they aren’t typically seeded. So I usually download every complete season for every series that I might want to see, just in case. But I only do that now that I can afford the terabytes so for older series I can only download the most popular ones that are still seeded.

I wish I could have a phone just like the one I have but with easy to replace pieces and open source. But it’s going to be quite a long time until that’s possible. If my phone breaks I’ll just have to buy the same.

The technical sense of how to make the nodes send messages to each other, and how do I get a total tally of votes from all those messages. I’m thinking this is way beyond my level.