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Remember when Game freak said they’d never add Pokémon through DLC’s?

Note: Definitely not saying that Biden has no flaws or undeserving of criticism of his beliefs or actions…

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Pre-evolutionary Adaptations

Fennekin’s third-stage evolution is a fire/psychic-type, the majestic Delphox. As such, Fennekin themselves have some psychic ability, though not enough to be classified as a psychic-type. Fennekin have psychic emitters in its eyes and a dedicated region in its brain, as is the case of many psychic-type Pokémon, and when properly trained, can use those emitters for telekinesis, future prediction, and even telepathy.

Other Facts

Fennekin, along with its evolutions, Braixen and Delphox, form skulks with complex social structure, habits, and culture. Different skulks frequently interact with each other, but individuals are intelligent and sociable enough that encounters are rarely violent. Females tend to take leadership positions within a skulk, but males occasionally take such positions too. Within a skulk, large decisions are usually deliberated by a number of individuals. It is this aptitude for social interaction, general non-aggressiveness toward trusted individuals and the intelligence of Fennekin and its evolutions that caused it to be selected as a starter in Kalos.

A common myth is that wild Fennekin populations are largely comprised of males with few females. This is only because males are much more likely to be selected to become starters than females, so most trainers obtain male Fennekin as opposed to females. Females can often be more temperamental and opinionated than males, which can make them more challenging to work with for trainers who have never owned a Pokémon. Females are also less likely to venture out of their territory deep in forests and mountains, to where they are likely to be captured by humans.