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I almost downvoted. That’s a sign of good satire.

Maybe just not on Linux then.

Fair enough. I suppose it’s just hard to tell because I live in capitalism and they’ve done a really good job of wiping out any hope of alternative living.

I’m mainly concerned about whether they’ll keep improving to keep up with Chrome. Firefox already has a lot of performance and resource utilization issues, but unlike Chrome who hogs your entire computer, it’s the opposite for Firefox. At least on Linux, it only lets a tab use two CPU threads, whereas Chrome can use all of them, I found out when I had to a CPU rendering benchmark to stress test my new processor, and I couldn’t bothered to install something so I just looked up online ones in the browser. Also, as far as I know Firefox has no GPU acceleration support.

Unfortunately, with how much they’re dropping the ball, their browser won’t be good for long. I’ve just accepted that Chrome is about to be the only viable choice in a few more years, because of Mozilla’s shitty management.

Look up the developer-manager conflicts over there. Management decides something, every dev says it’s a terrible idea, management tells them to shut the fuck up and just do it like good little minions.

Sadly, this meme is not accurate. Firefox’s marketshare has been slipping off a cliff and Mozilla has been slowly giving up on it in favour of pocket and their VPN.

To be fair, explicitly fascist people like this tend to be shunned by most other furries. Most of the furry fandom is libtrash, but from my experience generally not this bad.

There are actually a somewhat large population of Marxist/ML furries. I’m one of them.

I’ve never understood this about fashfurs: You have no problems with a world filled with thousands of different species, subspecies, and intraspecies variation. Wolf, dog, fox, cat, opossoms, hybrid and imaginary species, all fine, neon coloured animals and regular coloured ones, great! All that diversity is fine in your imaginary world. But as soon as we go back to real life, now you suddenly care about skin colour and the shapes of people’s skulls?

I work from home, and now my house feels like my work.

The fact that it’s pooping red white and blue, you know, the colours the US has claimed as their own, is pretty symbolic.

Probably thought Zootopia was too woke (It’s not woke, but because they had the audacity to criticize the police at any point of the film, even though they still wrapped it up with “police good”, certain furries were rabid (ba dum tss) and saying that “corporate wokeism” is ruining the fandom.)

“We” didn’t even win a war with nukes. “We” were at the tail end of the war and then was like “damn, well we should at least try these out so they don’t go to waste!”

That’s more CRISPR though. Actyually, more retroviral gene therapy if you want to become a furry as opposed to make new furries.

If you’ve ever seen the Chinese furry space, it’s a lot better, yes, partly because the internet is regulated over there. A lot of the toxicity with this fandom is really only in the West, what a surprise.

I see myself as a furry, and this is why I hate furries.

You’ve heard of shampoo that’s tested on animals, not get ready for…

This I disagree with. I don’t think mental states should be punished with death. Child molesters, or people who actively fight for fascism or whatever, maybe, but merely thinking the wrong way should not be punishable by death, instead, re-education for fascists and monarchists or psychiatric treatment in the cases of mental disorders like pedophilia (which, again, is a distinct concept from acting on it and actually victimizing a child) are necessary.

Lemmygrad is depressing me with libfash content
Almost everything on Lemmygrad top lists are posts showing lib/fash/libfash content. Like, I get that they're mocking and calling out such content and absolutely not echoing those sentiments, but it's still super depressing. Not an exaggeration, I see more libfash stuff from Lemmygrad than I see on or explicitly lib instances. Posted ironically or not, it's super depressing and definitely doesn't help my mood or my enthusiasm for socialism, and it's not just limited to dedicated libfash mockery communities, but most major Lemmygrad communities are filled with libfash. I definitely don't want to antagonise anyone who posts that stuff, but IDK, I miss when Lemmygrad was almost all about sharing communist content, not sharing libfash, even in mockery.

Rant and request for recommendations: Know any Anime with people of colour that aren't flat out racist?
Anyone else notice this with Japanese anime? Less so with anime produced in collaboration with a Western media company or anime they know will be heavily viewed in the West like Pokemon, but full-on Japanese anime, produced solely *in* Japan, *for* Japan. Japanese characters are obviously depicted accurately, white characters are depicted fine too and more often than not are just interchangeable with Japanese characters. But any darker skinned characters... oh god. Between endless stereotypes and straight up weirdness when you have a person of colour on screen, from my experience, if there's a dark skinned character in an anime, more often than not it's unwatchable because you'll smash your TV if you watch it. Seriously, there are anime produced in the 2010s/20s that feel like Disney cartoons from the 30s! For fuck sake sometimes they even depict Chinese, Korean, or Southeast Asian characters horribly! For a culture that gets super offended if other people use stereotypes of them, they're horrible at reasonable depictions of other cultures. And for a genre that consistently deals with aliens and spirits and talking animals and magical creatures, those things seem to be depicted as more human than darker skinned actual humans. So that being said, are there any anime that break this trend? Anyone care to recommend any anime you like that has a major character who is a person of colour, that doesn't screw it up? Nothing sexual or suggestive either please, definitely not looking for *that* kind of anime.

Because the aquatic ecosystem can go fuck itself! Like, I get it's to raise money for the Paralympics, but they couldn't think of *any* less harmful way of doing that?


Yeah dude. Keep talking about how we need to have compassion for the people who killed a child for no reason than because they thought they could. Fuck you and fuck those two, they're not human and you're not much better.