Two Sentence Horror
The Arecibo Message finally got its long-overdue response.
Scientists and linguists, working day and night for month after grueling month finally decoded it: "SHUT UP! THEY'RE LISTENING!"

"All it took in the end was a good wrench."
The head popped off right afterward.

"Give me a hand, would you?"
I looked over my collection and gave him the left hand of my mother.

How about a scary story in one sentence?
The last man on Earth hears a knock on the door. (Not mine, but I remember hearing it somewhere)

"Why can't you understand simple science?!"
I cried as the priest lit the tinder piled around me.

"Hey relax, forgetting to charge your phone isn't life or death!"
I agreed with my coworker, right up until I came home to my elderly mother, body pinned under the bookshelf and phone still in hand.

I always liked looking into infinity mirrors.
Until I saw something moving toward me from the distance.

"I wish to live for a thousand years!"
As my limbs began turning to wood, I realized that I should have been more specific.

Two Sentence Horror

    Write a scary story in two sentences!


    • At most two sentences. The recommended (but not mandatory) format is one sentence in the post title and the second one in the post body.
    • Make an attempt to tell a story. Your sentences should connect to each other in a narrative.
    • Make an attempt to make the story a scary or creepy one. No jokes or memes.
    • No sexualization of minors in any way.
    • Follow general rules
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