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Mass import from StackOverflow to HeapOverflow.ml

I’d be down for mass import as long as it’s done well. …

Do you use different emails and how do you organize them?

Also, do you use disposable emails? What for? …

Tig: Git Interface That Actually Does Everything??

I used to look through the commit history using the web interface, but I discovered this tool yesterday, and it makes it so much more pleasant. I wish I knew about it before, so I leave it here for you to take a look at it. …

Do you use extensions on Tor browser?

I like to use Tor for everything except streaming videos. But I have it setup with a few add-ons to make it a more pleasant browsing experience. I know it increases fingerprintability, so I wanted to know in case you use Tor browser on a regular basis, do you use any extensions? Do you feel the trad…

Actually, you were right, I hadn’t reloaded the configuration, and now that I have, the variables are not expanding in the single quotes.

You can actually setup any plugin that shows the vimdiff in the sign column like that, you only need to change the symbols. For example, I use vim signify, but I’ve also used other plugins with the same symbols, because I like them more than the plus and minus sings that are more common.

I really like how the vim diff looks in that image. It’s not from my dotfiles. If there are some dotfiles that you know about that implement it, let us know…

Can anyone see what those books are?

It seems to be expanding correctly for me:

which et
et: aliased to VIM= VIMRUNTIME= nvim /home/ajr/cloud/config/dotfiles/tmux/tmux.conf

I’ve leaved it at this:

# Quick access to the configuration files
alias ez='${EDITOR} ${ZSHRC}'
alias eenv='${EDITOR} ${ZSHENV}'
alias ev='${EDITOR} ${MYVIMRC}'
alias et='${EDITOR} ${TMUXRC}'

[zsh] What is the proper way to define this aliases?

I have several ways of defining aliases mixed together and I want to make them all the same. But I don’t even know why I’ve written them in different ways and now I don’t know which to choose. I think ${ZDOTDIR:-$HOME}/.zshrc is a bad idea. I should just define $ZSHRC somewhere and call it here,…

Nice, I’m going to make a python script to import the content, probably with selenium. What delay do I use between requests.

Should we move StackOverflow content to Lemmy.ml?

It would be nice to have the content from StackOverflow in here. Since the content has a creative commons license, it’s enough to copy and paste the license in each post. What do the admins think? Should we wait until there are tags or flags or some other way of sorting the questions or could we sta…

How is Qubes as a VM?

I think Qubes also uses Whonix in virtual machine so I don’t think nesting those virtual machines is a good idea. Has anyone used it and what is your opinion?..

When something like this gets turned into a Firefox extension I’ll finally be able to browse the web with the Tor browser without trouble. I use Startpage, Invidious and other front-ends but the number of pages asking for captcha is greater every time.

They are the ones that came to mind, but you can respond to the “Other” option and give your opinion of Elon.

If you use mostly FOSS software what non-FOSS software are you still using?

Put all games under the “Games” top-level comment…

Is Elon Musk one of the greatest creative minds of our time or a narcissistic conman?

Use the given options. You can give your opinion in lower level comments…

Do you care about your privacy?

Use only the given options. …

What resources are there to learn TDD through practice?

Is there an awesome list of resources on github? If not just contribute any resources you can think of and we’ll make our own…

What FOSS software do you wish that existed or was better than it is?

Maybe there is a developer somewhere that wants to contribute to open source. This could be a good list of which software needs his contributions the most. …

What are the FOSS front-ends to popular websites that you know about?

Since I discovered lemmy, I’ve discovered multiple front ends like invidious, but I’m sure you know many more than I do. So vote every one you know about, to see also which ones are the most popular…

Which Android apps are safe to use over Tor?

I decided to route all network traffic through the Tor network with Invizible Pro, but I was told that malicious exit nodes can see my data. So are there any apps that you know that are safe to use over Tor? I have most apps’ access to the internet bloc…

What social apps do you use in Android?

I was expecting to see more social apps between the FOSS favorites but it seems as if those are the hardest to leave behind…

How to route all android network traffic through the TOR network?

I know I can install orbot and select app by app to use socksv5 in the port 9050. But is there a way to have system wide onion routing in android without having to change the configuration for every app?..

Next generation Transformer-based NLP model is being trained with your data.

I read this somewhere and wanted to know your opinions. Also if someone can please link the source. I cannot find it now. …

How do you feel about Germany's idea for a new Europe?


  • I like the idea (European)…