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Tell him to pave the way and put his back into it. I’d then wait until he tells us why; shows us how; looks at where he comes from and looks at himself now.

@snek_boitoasklemmyExplain logic to me

Using hate speech/profanities/obscenities is neither liberal or progressive. Am I wrong?

You’re not wrong. As to why, there are a couple of things going on, but at the very least he’s confusing different meanings of “liberally”.

“Liberally” can mean ‘accepting others, even if they’re very different to me’ and ‘a form of government in which there’s a democratic republic that coexists with capitalism’. It also is an adverb similar to ‘plentifully’ or ‘abundantly’.

Explain this dumbfuck’s logic to me?

So when he uses an “obscene word a lot”, he’s indeed “using it liberally”, but in the sense of ‘plenty’. He’s not magically jumping from ‘plenty’ to ‘accepting others’ or ‘a particular form of government’. Notice that ‘accepting others’ and the democratic bit in liberalism are many times what progressives strive for (although there are some progressives who would defend the capitalist part as well).

So his logic is straight up not valid.

Dafuq crack are you smoking bro?

Either he’s trolling you or he’s functionally illiterate. It’s also possible he’s literate (and IQ smart), but is so indoctrinated that invalid logic becomes magically valid from his perspective. Lastly, it’s possible he messed up (as humans so often do!). But based on my interpretation of what you two were up to, and my own experience on the internet, I think he’s trolling.

This is cool.

Tiny little nitpicky thing (sorry!): it’s “Serval” and not “Several”.

But still, cool!

@snek_boitoMemesLemmy be like


edit: oh, hadn’t seen @pinknoise@lemmy.ml had commented already

As to intensive stuff, he might edit videos here and there, something he’s done sporadically throughout his life.

I wouldn’t say he’s a gamer, because we’ve never had good enough computers for that (a console aside). But now that we’re looking into computers, and we’ve been talking about the possibilities, he’s getting excited about it! He would like a computer with a dedicated GPU…

He’s still choosing a major, but so far it could be computer science or economics, most likely. So in the most demanding case, AI-training and big-data analysis? But this is a scenario that may not become true?

Lemmy be like

Buy what you really need now and what is available now for a price you can pay now.

Yeah, I guess my future-proofing can paralyze my analysis…

AMD Ryzen 4000/5000 mobile versions are pretty damn awesome and fast. Maybe they’re not better in terms of performance per Watt, but in raw performance there are countless better chips.

And indeed, I talked about the M1 as if it was the best processor. That’s not what I meant. You rightly pointed out the qualities of the M1 are specifically around power consumption (and transistor size! The AMD Ryzen uses 7nm while the next generation M2s will have 4nm).

Don’t buy non-x86_64 computers when you have to use them at Uni. You don’t want to run into any incompatibilities which can cause you to fail a paper or something like that.

Such a critical consideration that we had overlooked!!! Thanks to your and @linkert@lemmy.ml’s we are now considering either a full-blown Windows laptop or a laptop with a large hard drive, large enough to dual-boot Windows and Linux :)

Cool. Some validation for the Framework there! Hahah Thanks!

But also, I see what you mean regarding pushing my convictions onto him. Luckily, with the comments on this thread, we just talked about a possibly simple solution: getting a large hard drive to be able to dual boot with Linux/Windows. This will cover him in case he has to install software that doesn’t play nice with Linux. But in general, yeah… I’m quite aware that people need to solve their immediate problems, and being dogmatic about particular solutions doesn’t help. So yeah, good thing you pointed that out!

Thanks! This is so enlightening. Every single one of those companies and their laptops look amazing!!! It just sucks that many of those aren’t available because of the chip shortage…

The Social Dilemma. It’s not focused on state-sponsored surveillance. Rather, on how a business model (surveillance capitalism) pushes for effective surveillance and, even worse, behavior changes towards the goals of the highest-bidding advertisers.

Shoshana Zuboff perhaps is who you mean? :)

@snek_boitoasklemmyBuying a domain name

I’ve used https://njal.la/. They ‘buy it for you’ so that you don’t leak any personal information. You can pay with crypto. You can claim the domain whenever you want to, so that it properly becomes yours and not theirs.

Thanks for the detailed response! This does satisfy plenty of the things I’m looking for, which is great! The only thing is that ranked choice means you, as a voter, say “I’ll put ketchup in 3rd place, mustard in 2nd, and mayo in 1st”. Then there’s a ballot-counting procedure that eventually gets winners out of ranks like that. But apart from that, thanks for letting me know how I can use Framasoft to better fit my situation!

Now that you’re both saying it, I’ll check Framasoft again to see if they don’t have an ranked choice option. But as to cryptpad, it does have a ranked choice option! Also, I can optionally make the responses public! Amazing!!!

I agree that this perhaps would be the simplest method… Unfortunately, the situation described above with the emails keeps me from jumping to try it out… I think I’d do it only if my ‘PR campaign’ gives clear signs of success…

Ah! This would be amazing! Indeed it isn’t turnkey and they explicitly say encryption for ranked-choice is still not implemented, but this is just great to know it exists! Thanks!

I also like that we can use the very technologies that made products with features we dislike, to create features we like. If such a feature is an algorithmic feed, it doesn’t necessarily have to be created with the goal of maximizing engagement. It could, for example, be trained to maximize happiness or a broader sense of well-being, or connection, or purpose, or any/all of the good stuff that positive psychology has been showing again and again in study after study that makes humans flourish. Omg… what a dream…

Obligatory response to the impending “but happiness is subjective, and how do you measure it anyway”: Indeed, happiness is subjective, but so is, to an extent, the content that ‘engages’ people. And yet the algorithms that maximize engagement are out there, being deployed again and again in social network after social network. Not only that, but we as humans have developed sturdy enough models that reliable predict and affect peoples’ experience.

To name a few of the relevant people in the literature, there’s Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Sonya Lyubomirski, and Martin Seligman. They show that psychology can be used to understand how humans feel purpose and happiness, and that it can also be used to guide people into those directions. They use all kinds of methodologies, including my favorite, real time sampling through the experience sampling method. This is basically asking you at random moments throughout your day what you’re doing and how you feel (along with many other questions). This is asked to hundreds if not tens of thousands of people, and the resulting absurd amount of data can be used to create robust models.

Anyway, that’s not the point of my comment, but I figured it was better to be safe than sorry. My point was that it’d be amazing to have algorithmic feeds trained to make us flourish.

Seeing this post again made me think, apart from my previous reply, about something else.

I think your “popularity of software” argument is great because it probably holds true, in that an investment in finding an exploit has larger returns if the exploitable software is widely used. But rather than thinking in terms of apps, we could think in terms of operating systems. What if the vector of infection is not an app and rather is an OS? This is perfectly possible and there are massive incentives to find such exploits since this is not app-dependent.

This means that merely using iOS or Android in any capacity (either through Lineage OS or perhaps even Replicant) could be enough for infection. And so far, not knowing what the vectors of infection are for Pegasus, this is perfectly possible.

Perhaps using Linux OS is a good idea, given it’s not as popular.

Great suggestions to avoid installing stuff with drive-by downloads! This surely helps with exploits that work that way.

What’s worrying about Pegasus is that it now uses zero-click attacks. These attacks will hopefullly be prevented for non-savvy users with software updates, but beyond that there’s “nothing” to be done beyond that that can prevent an infection. That was what “Claudio Guarnieri, who runs Amnesty International’s Berlin-based Security Lab”, said (https://www.theguardian.com/news/2021/jul/18/what-is-pegasus-spyware-and-how-does-it-hack-phones).

I hope that quick updates and your recommendations are enough to avoid infection.

I largely agree with you that TikTok is a platform that’s amazing in many ways: creating highly specific content that could reach its most engaged audience possible (as in, mushroom posts for those who like mushrooms, Arch Linux for those who like Arch Linux, etc.), and making editing, referencing, and remixing incredibly easy.

And I also agree with you that the fact that it’s centralized is not optimal.

But what I fear the most is the usage of algorithms that maximize engagement. It’s no secret that those algorithms are excellent ways of showing polemic and divisive content, part of what leads to YouTube and Facebook being constantly put under public scrutiny for not only enabling, but bolstering mass disinformation. I’m talking anti-vax, flat earth, qanon.

This doesn’t affect every user. In a given user’s personal experience, they may never see these posts. This is part of the design: feeds are personalized. So while there are these radicalization and misinformation trends, some users may never experience them given their particular likes. But by now it’s clear that these platforms bolster algorithmic disinformation.

Having that in mind, and in particular making content democratically chosen and not algorithmically chosen, we can come to commend and perhaps use the positive characteristics of TikTok that you rightly pointed out.

@Gwynne@lemmy.ml, and while TikTok is a joke and a nightmare, it nailed the simplicity of referencing and remixing meme/template videos. That’s how not only dances but also amazing videos come about! So being able to easily remix and reference voice notes would make it amazing!