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Should I use prosody or ejabberd (or other) for the xmpp server?

Context: I’m using a 1GB server to run all my apps; Email server, Peertube, Pleroma. I feel like a psychopath but it’s all running well with a swap file to keep things from killing itself with OOM. Basically it has to be lightweight. It doesn’t have to be easy to set up, just the software has to be …

deleted by creator

So basically I’m sat here with a server that has been running for almost a month. an html website, pleroma, and peertube. basically everything I need for content creation, but I haven’t done nothing, not a post (that has any value). I don’t really know how to make videos, I kinda have some ideas, I …

Does peertube need an algorithm?

If it were up to my opinion. the short answer is yes. if the topics/genres that I were interested in, i.e. I searched for, I clicked, gets recommended more. …

you could start your own peertube instance, jus sayin’. I don’t think an instance for vtubers exists just yet.

saying this while having the imperialist drip

They don’t accept instance follows for some weird reason, despite this hurting discoverability

Should I make a lemmy instance, but only for learning skills and at that a somewhat serious one?

I’ve thought about it, something about managing my time between having fun and doing work. If i did create an social environment with a set of rules that strictly focuses on developing skills, and, that is, it could be any skills as long as the community is focused. …

I like linux, I like coding, I like music, I like gaming, I like essays, I like writing, I like art…

if you introduce me something that is cool I will probably find it cool.

You can say I like everything that is interesting. but with a few preferences.

We don’t have a sub like that, unfortunately

oh wait, I thought this sub is for posting the worst idea ever

I think we should add a feature where I can delete other people’s comments

Ask yourself this first, what is your objective using these tools?; Do you want to socialize, or do you have some other objective? Or even do you think using this will help you or will it be a problem that may hinder you instead of helping you do the thing you want to do?

The dilemma you are asking for an answer is meaningless without the context of the question. Possibly one is best for one thing or the other. But I know for a fact if you tried both and understood what you want to do, you can decide it for yourself. After all it’s just a matter of personal preference and the usage case.

who do you follow on peertube? & which instances should I follow?

I have a instance, with one person, which is I alone. I also don’t follow any instances. Thought it might be a good idea to ask people who they follow for a suggestion…

I'm taking a break.

I’m pretty happy with the theme I have now. It’s personal and “proprietary software”, I won’t be sharing this one cool thing I have :> but, I’m sure you all can theme stuff yourself and tweak it to your liking. …







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I’d like to sit around and discuss politics with like as such

Best PeerTube hosting provider?

asking for a friend…

how about the lite version

you should try fedilab, but i never used friendica with it though

/c/lemmyui - Lemmy Theming Community.

I didn’t have anywhere to post my themes. so here it is. my personal dumpster fire…


feel free to use the themes I made…


Lemmy markdown headings are really big and ugly

I don’t know about you guys

But as an everyday markdown user…

[Writing Prompt] You transferred into a highschool today. when you came into the class you noticed something in disbelief.

Dead people came back alive and were sitting in rows. The rows were younger variant of Jesus Christ, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and many, many more. …

group video calls in xmpp?

I heard in dino you could do that https://fosstodon.org/@dino/107787204408646020

is selfhosting public stuff like XMPP, Email, ActivityPub, on a homeserver good for privacy?

if I have communications with someone through the internet with a homeserver. I would inevitably give out my IP address. Is that a bad thing? In my country they don’t have services like that, RTCing would be a bit sluggish using available euro servers…

How do I get my own domain for free? [QUESTION]

Don’t really want to spend much on a domain name. Criteria; free, Doesn’t show personal info on whois lookups. …