A place to share your artwork, be it drawing, music, or something else!
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Danileonis - Neo RMX techno, industrial, electronic, dark, cyberpunk, synthwave, prog

simple collage on The Great Reset 'mood', made from internet archive images

If someone needs any visual work!
A sort of r/starvingartist post! Going through a rough patch right now in life with difficulty finding work (for several reasons) - so I am keen on doing illustrations (any style), graphics, image retouch, slide presentations, book covers, small animations, caricature of yourself for your avatar, etc. on the side while I look for a more stable position! If any of you need just get in touch! See some of the -scattered- work [here](https://www.instagram.com/jaodelo/), [here ](https://jonunol.wordpress.com/doodles/)and [here](https://www.instagram.com/jonunol/) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/2n9iJa9NV3.jpg) Cheers o/

Thing I did as a test for a possible webcomic I may start.

Survivor’s 9-Step Guide To Conquering The Multiverse
I've been working on this thing for a while, and yesterday it reached 100 pages. I copy the format that MSPA uses, since MSPA format is, to me, iconic of extremely convoluted plots that don't make sense at first and escalate a lot I try to keep the text on each panel short. That way the story doesn't become hard to read. It's got a RSS feed too, to make it easier to follow updates Updates are usually 6-12 pages, but there have been cases with more or less than that

[](https://assets.bigcartel.com/product_images/299470791/9D5C7F4E-D801-482D-A027-28015F7C74AF.jpeg?auto=format&fit=max&w=1300) I made this piece after a crazy person knocked at my door trying to lure their scapegoat back to them with the wrong sized clothes and shitty food.

Track from the upcoming album Promised Land, the title track. Give it a lil listen. Cheers

Hi there, I made this image of my cute [OC](https://www.wikihow.com/Roleplay): ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/Okw4PCdctT.png) Then chibi-fied her: ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/gFnTSU7LXi.png) (In case anyone wants to know, the first was made with [Krita](https://krita.org/en/) while the second was with [Inkscape](https://inkscape.org/).) And figure I could post them here as well. Both are vector-art, do you like them?

ASCII art for the Lemmy mascot
Edit: the nose looks nicer with quotation marks instead of the underscores on top ``` .--. ..**''**.. .--. : .` `. : `./ _ _ \.' ( (_) (_) ) _.-`. .'-._ / `-./""\.-' \ `--' ``` Here's how it looks in KWrite: ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/EgzuQTkSC5.png)


You may recognize this because I posted the still a couple weeks ago, but I spent the past week making some tools for pixel-art animation and this is the result.

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Sorry I've been spamming c/art. PS. In my opinion, the picture is best appreciated at a larger scale, or zoomed in. I recommend opening the image in a [new tab](https://dev.lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/cZY0RRsZDX.png).

Test your art skills. Make something out of plastic bottles that are absolutely stunning. Go for it!

A place to share your artwork, be it drawing, music, or something else!
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