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All the dictionary definitions for the word dozen say “a group of 12”, which isn’t decimal-centric at all. Like I said, being able to express a definition with decimal digits doesn’t make it a decimal definition. I could just as easily say that it’s “a group of 20”. The definition doesn’t change, it’s just that I’m using base 6 now. Does this mean that it’s a base 6 definition? No, it just means that I can use base six to express it

Anyhow, doesn’t seem like this is going anywhere lol. I guess it’s just a matter of which words you prefer

  • you can also say that a dozen is a group of 1100, does that mean that a dozen is a reference to binary? of course not, that doesn’t make any sense. just because you can use decimal digits to write a definition doesn’t make it a decimal-centric definition. duodecimal is decimal-centric not because of its definition, but because it’s literally “two(duo) ten(decimal)”

  • there are a lot of ways to count to 12 with only two hands. some with only one hand

The problem with “duodecimal” is that it’s in base ten, which makes it unfitting for a community centered around replacing base ten

Not just technology, I can’t remember anything I learnt on school besides like basic mathematical operations. Everything else they tried to explain I had to learn on internet

This. This so fucking much. It looks so weird to see so many different programs named basically the same

I have a thing for magical realism and surrealism. When I write, I try to build on top of ideas that already exist, like a common metaphor for the topics I want to deal with, usually twisting it and making it feel like experiencing a dream

I don’t know where this approach is on the “based on existing work” to “make it up” spectrum, tho

Not gonna lie, I generally hate music that doesn’t have this kind of repetition, but music that overuses repetition also sucks. To me, there is something like “too creative”, and music without this tends to have it

Yeah. I think it comes from different experiences and different associations with those experiences

Here’s what I think The Funny here actually is: It subverts the expectation of the reader up front (as long as they are familiar with «facts and easter eggs» images that use this similar format) by showing them this format, and then presenting them with something beyond blatantly obvious

Here’s what my brain associated this meme with: Yknow that time when everyone and their mother used facebook? There were pages that kept posting fun facts about marvel and they looked exactly like this. I think this image is making fun of them running out of actual facts


Oh this is interesting. I may submit something. But first I’ll read more about them to be sure what I’m getting into

What is this? I know what they’re seeking but idk what this is

A Hexagonal Slab Of Wood is a book written by fictional Baishu player Raokji Cîang, in which he talks about how he came to know the game of Baishu after escaping from his town in Hrastaiqua, and how he came to see the magic in it while learning strategies to make the game interesting, and then to wi…

Intel Core, but it’s the core of a star

I clicked on this with a “this really shouldn’t use that word” mindset, and was very pleasantly surprised

Ah, mycelium fungus, like my favorite plant, the trunk tree

Does peertube not have a way to play videos in bucle?

If it does, how can I find it? Right clicking only shows this …

Is there a way to input dozenal numbers? It can output them but i cant seem to input them

Ten is also divisible by 2

In base ten, you can tell when a number is divisible by 2, 5 and ten by looking only at the last number (if it ends on 2, 4, 6, 8, 0 its divisible by 2; if it ends on 5 or 0 its divisible by 5, if it ends on 0 its divisible by ten)

In dozenal, you can do this with 2,3,4,6 and twelve

To do numbers like 10 and up, I use the other hand for the dozens place…

A community for people who enjoy using base twelve and prefer it over base ten…

To start this, I feel like pointing out that Zhanbun gender is not native to the Zhanbun (which I tend to call zhan so I’ll do that here). The zhan originally didn’t have a concept of gender inscribed in their society, it came to them when some people got obsessed with media from other cultures and …


I’ve only used it to contact people who I have had to find when I fall into whatever rabbit hole, but not really to communicate with friends. Like, just a few days ago I fell into a Z-SAMPA rabbithole and I used email to talk to the person who was my only source of information

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The shadows at the bottom are from the blocks on top, I still don’t know how to get rid of those

I’m experimenting with Godot shaders. This runs pretty smoothly even on my shitty computer that can’t even run Minecraft. What do you think?..


Took me a few hours to finish this…

Upvoting so people can discuss this, but it certainly looks like the kind of post that picks random stuff, puts it together without context and creates a weird conspiracy

chewsday innit

Official Laiqbun Matrix Space

We have made a space for the Laiqbun community, with a room for the language itself, a room for off-topic conversation and a room for discussion about the fictional culture…



It tries to explain most of Laiqbun basic grammar quickly, and I think it’s best used when people can explain you what things are supposed to mean (which are what the discord server and matrix room are there for). I’m pretty proud of it…


I tried out the Searx search engine and searched for laiqbun and found this. I have no idea who made it nor how does it work, but it’s pretty cool…