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Thank you so much!

Yeah, actually there is. (: Konsole doesn’t snap the window size to the character grid like most terminals do.

…yes, I’m willing to switch terminals for this.

I’m a wolf! That’s, mostly all there is to it. (:

Thank you so much! =.=

Not the most inspired of themes, but it is pretty!..

Iosevka! It’s insanely customizable, I tweaked some things from the default.


Thank you so much! =.=

If you happen to want to play around with the color scheme, I put the file up at https://cloud.disroot.org/s/ZWMcmMTWsH43jXS. Or the main colors are #4e4b42 and #dad4ba. :3

I made a NieR Automata-themed color scheme after playing the game, and it’s surprisingly nice to use! It’s light, but not eye-searingly bright to use in a dark room…