Run It Yourself

Previously I used Dehydrated to request certs, but I had to change the setup and found it surprisingly hard to use certbot without it messing up my lovingly handcrafted Nginx configs. This seems to be a sane setup :)…

Sadly Gitea isn’t included in the official Debian repositories, but this guide is easy to follow…

How much will it cost (per month) to maintain a NextCloud server?

and is there any detailed video about how to host it using windows 10?..

I have been learning a lot thanks to Lemmy and the people behind it, so I wanted to contribute a bit back by making some easy-to-follow video tutorials. …

TinyList – Note-Taking PWA

Source code is available on GitHub

What's a fun project to work on with the Raspberry Pi?

I thought about using my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ as a NextCloud server, but research told me it would be too slow to be useful. Any cool useful projects I can do, without any extra purchases? I’m extremely low on money currently…

Run It Yourself

    Overlaps somewhat with /c/floss_replacement and /c/privacy; crossposts welcome

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