Run It Yourself

Chad's Guide to Starting Your Own Website

I suspect the people running this site would get banned from quite quickly, but the tutorials seem good from a technical perspective, so I guess it is worth sharing…


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Pretty nice tutorial I came across. OPNSense in general is really great, highly recommended as a firewall. I run it on a PC-Engines APU4…

Anybody Knows of Any Competent Self Operating Options for Game Servers Aside from Pterodactyl 1.x (Deaf and Blind, cannot see clearly default interface)?

I am felt up with my Game Service shared provider’s billing policies and I seriously trying to consider all options/help i might be able to get. Including trying to just rent a suitable VPS instead… …

This looks really excellent and should be much more perfomant than Tinc etc…


Run It Yourself

    Overlaps somewhat with /c/floss_replacement and /c/privacy; crossposts welcome

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