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Are there any light projects I can run on a Raspberry Pi Zero?

I have a Raspberry Pi Zero W that is serving as my Pihole server, but that only uses about 10% of its very underpowered CPU, and I feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth. Anyone have any lightweight project ideas I can run on it to use up more of its resources? …

How do you deal with the non-static IP when hosting something from home?

I have a few single board computers at home that I want to try hosting some public facing stuff with, but what’s the best way to deal with the fact that my home internet is not on a static IP? Would I have to host my site from a DynDNS domain and hope that when the IP changes, the DNS caches of user…

Moving photos from iCloud to Nextcloud

Currently all my photos/videos are all stored in iCloud. I want to move these to my Nextcloud instance…

Hosting Recommendations

There seems to be a lot of options when it comes to companies to host with. Anyone have a favorite they’d rec to someone or companies to avoid? …

Hoppy: Static IP service through Wireguard!

Hoppy Network is a service that provides a unique static /32 IPv4 and /56 IPv6 block to each of your devices, over WireGuard. Your device operates as if this public IPv4 and IPv6 address is a native system interface - as if it weren’t behind a NAT, dynamic IP, or whatever inconvenient networking sit…

Very nice. I use OPNsense on an PC-Engines APU4 and are super happy with it. But I never quite managed to get Wireguard to work with it. Maybe this will help :)…

Help with Jellyfin server

So I was able to install everything correctly, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do in order for people that don’t have my same IP to see my files. I’d like to share my Jellyfin server with some friends so they can see movies there. I’ve already open the ports, but they can’t still access them, …

M.2 on a Raspberry Pi - TOFU CM4 Carrier Board review

Seems pretty cool, but the price ($100) is a bit steep…


Dynamic Website on a Pi

Hi! So I’m using an open source RSS aggregator self hosted alongside my pi-hole. …

Anyone has some good suggestions for OS & self-hosted meme generators? …

First release candidate for Funkwhale 1.1

The ActivityPub based music server bounces back! …

N O D E: a RasberryPI4 based mini server

Pretty neat casing and adapters…

Run It Yourself

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