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Run by the same people, but it’s a separate instance. It might even be somewhat separate infrastructure. I don’t know enough. But I think EMS hosting is on AWS using ansible. And matrix.org predates all that.

That’s the worst choice in several ways because of it being the largest

Yeah, it’s an unfortunate expression, but not mine, so I didn’t edit when quoting.

Dendrite is still trying to reach spec compliance. IIUC they haven’t spent much effort on optimizing resource use.

amdocs was an early founder and funder for matrix development, now they may remain as a shareholder

the matrix foundation isn’t majority element employees, I’d say the situation is better than with most open source projects developed by commercial entities

Synapse has been very much optimized lately. Dendrite won’t save space on media. Probably not on database, and it hasn’t been optimized for small memory use yet.

“for instance Synapse uses 5-10x less RAM than it used to (my personal federated server is only using 145MB of RAM atm!” - https://matrix.org/blog/2022/08/15/the-matrix-summer-special

sliding sync should help when it is finished

mjolnir which you subscribe to whatever blocklists you want?