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thank you for the information. I will fix this.

There is also a JavaScript trick if you do not have full access to the configuration of the Web server:


Nice! I also recently created a small site in the Gemini space: gemini://gemspace.cedricbonhomme.org

If you are interested I found a nice way to publish/update the site:


it uses gssg as static stire generator.

Cybersecurity Weather Forecast

A Cybersecurity Weather Forecast generated with the software Stats Service which is part of the MONARC project. Charts are based on data gathered from several MONARC instances. Stats Service is totally distributed and can share stats wit several oth…

He is a quite important contributor to the open-source and p-boot. In a following post he provided some (two) solutions for this problem. But it must be fixed properly and in upstream.

The battery itself is not protected again heat issues.

MOSP is a platform for creating, editing and sharing validated JSON objects of any type. …

MOSP is a platform for creating, editing and sharing validated JSON objects of any type. …

Oops, I made a mistake. You found the good URL. Thank you for your comment. I just edited the original post to fix the link.

I tested the service with up to 400 users. On my own account I am following 122 feeds (with 285622 articles). But the goal is not necessary to have thousands of users on one instance. (it cost me a bit f money and registration are still free).

I uses it since like 12 years and still happy with it. One year ago I enrolled for the “Early Reviewers” in order to read more books from authors I do not know.

It is written in Python (Flask) with a simple interface. …