Linux Phones

Anyone interested in taking over the maintenance of this app?..

postmarketOS // v21.03 service pack 1 release

Still getting my feed wet with lemmy… am I cross-posting right? :)…

LINMOBapps: Additions in March and April 2021 and future plans

Sorry for this shameless self-promotion, but please read the plans and chime in!..

Anbox on Ubuntu Touch can now access the camera (experimental)

Super exciting news about the current efforts to modernize the Android compatibility layer for Ubuntu Touch. …

Will Linux Phones stay around this time?

Some thoughts on the history of GNU/Linux phones…

Librem product delays, but for the relevant one: Librem 5 delays and price increases of $100 on June 30th 2021. …

PinePhone Keyboard update [April 24/04]

Some photos in the linked post, and a video too! …

Community about running GNU/Linux on phones. Projects like Ubuntu Touch, Plasma Mobile, PostmarketOS, Mobian etc. Either on former Android phones or hardware like the PinePhone.

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