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Mullvad supports Wireguard and works for me - I recommend setting up NetworkManger with a Wireguard config which is a bit involved, but afterwards it’s well integrated into Phosh.

Hi, great work - it seems to work for me on my Librem 5 (same display resolution as PinePhone, so it should not matter). Here’s a screenshot: https://linmob.uber.space/lemmur.png

Nice! I hope the issues are solvable, so that we can add Lemmur to LinuxPhoneApps.org 🙂

New apps of LINMOBapps, Q1/2022 🎉
This post lists the apps we added to the app list/LinuxPhoneApps.org in the first three months. If you want to follow along as apps are being added and use a feed reader, https://linuxphoneapps.org/apps/atom.xml is your friend.

With all these great FOSDEM talks and more great news I felt it was time to share this once again. I do these updates weekly, and you can subscribe by ATOM feed easily. Feedback welcome!

I recently bought an old Atom-powered Windows tablet, the Lenovo Thinkpad 10 Tablet 2nd. In general, most x86/x64 powered Windows Tablets should work okay, but make sure to watch out that they use Intel graphics and aren’t haunted by PowerVR technology. Another option are Chromebook Tablets – maybe this blog post I wrote a while back can help you decide on a device.

I totally get that – I only ordered after Lukasz Erecinski confirmed that the PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition is CE and FCC certified.

I believe that this list from the Linux Sunxi WIki applies. If you want to test it, maybe my flatpak’ing up what Brian Daniels did can help.

I don’t think so. This is just video playback using the Cedrus Video Processing Unit (VPU) of the PinePhone’s Allwinner A64 chipset. That said, there’s still hope for overall better speed with GTK4 which can be GPU accelerated and all the little kernel tweaks people like Megi thankfully spend their time on to make PinePhone better.

LINMOBapps: Additions in March and April 2021 and future plans
Sorry for this shameless self-promotion, but please read the plans and chime in!

It definitely does not work as of now.

With regard to Matrix clients: We will be getting there. Currently the best options are Nheko 0.8.2 (older releases don’t work well, and scale-to-fit nheko on is still recommended), Mirage or Fluffychat. Fractal is in progress of being rewritten, Chatty is in progress of getting Matrix support with end2end-encryption enabled; and NeoChat continues to be actively developed, too.

It’s worth reporting because previously the camera usually would just work in a few camera apps like Megapixels, but not in other apps, e.g. in the web browser for Jitsi. I agree that you can most likely just use https://app.element.io and the important part are the env variables in the Firefox launcher + the recent Megi kernel.

If you want to know how all the Manjaros are developing currently, this video will hopefully be helpful! You can also watch it on [Odysee](https://odysee.com/@linmob:3/manjaro-daily-dev-builds-for-pinephone-a:1) or [PeerTube](https://devtube.dev-wiki.de/videos/watch/95834c0c-7416-46cf-ac7f-46677a92acc2).

Das PinePhone ist derzeit definitiv benutzbarer, verfügbarer und billiger. Von daher stimme ich dir da voll zu. (Disclosure: Ich bin Co-Host beim PineTalk-Podcast, einem Podcast von und für die Pine64-Community)

Ich weiß nicht, das Review von Golem ist ein bisschen unter-recherchiert (wie es auch das PinePhone-Review war). Ich habe beide Geräte und das Librem 5 ist definitiv nicht da, wo man es gerne hätte.

Aber: Am 20. Oktober 2017 vorbestellte Geräte werden erst im Mai ausgeliefert (siehe https://puri.sm/posts/librem-5-news-summary-january-2021/, fehlt im Artikel), und woran es fehlt ist vor allem weiteres Hardware-Enablement, welches die Akku-Laufzeit verbessert (ist mit Linux 5.11 schon etwas besser) oder Hardwarefeatures zum funktionieren bewegt (Kameras). Mehr Software existiert schon (https://linmobapps.frama.io), und wird wohl auch paketiert, sobald Purism auf Byzantium (=Debian 11) wechselt.

An sich ist das Gerät ok. Telefongespräche funktionieren (auch wenn sie noch besser klingen könnten) und es ruckelt deutlich weniger als das PinePhone.

With regard to alternative apps, I hope that my https://linmobapps.frama.io project can be helpful. Contributions welcome!