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  • Hopefully it’s better than the NYC store. That place was just sad when I was there last month. Sure, the little display of all their past consoles/handhelds was neat, but all the larger figurines had massive signs saying do not touch. Meanwhile, the Lego store just a few blocks away allowed you to take pictures right next to Lego creations like the hulk, and even let you get in a Lego taxi cab.

  • I think that mitigation requires two things for it to work.

    1. You need to use a a Type 2 hypervisor (like Virtualbox, VMware Workstation/Fusion).
    2. That VM needs to be configured in NAT mode.

    The two primary ways you can configure a network for a local virtual machine are NAT and Bridged.

    Bridged mode places your VM effectively on the same network as your host OS, meaning that any DHCP server that exists on your network (rogue or otherwise) will give your virtual machine and IP.

    In NAT mode, the virtualization platform itself includes a DHCP server to dole out IPs, and handle the routing between your virtual machine and your host OS’s network.

    The thought process is that if you trust your laptop, the DHCP address handed out for NAT mode will not have the VPN breaking DHCP option and your VPN inside the VM will not have it’s route table screwed with.

  • After beating Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, I decided to revisit the previous game, Yakuza: Like A Dragon. I first tried playing YLAD a few years ago on my gaming PC, but the incredibly long, unskippable cut scenes were super frustrating. Infinite Wealth had some of that same problem, but the story clicked with me a bit more and I’ve fallen in love with the mix of heartfelt quirky gameplay.

    Plus, the Steam Deck makes the long cut scenes way easier to deal with when you can just pause and sleep your console if you need a break.

  • I think that’s the point of lab grown meat. If you can harvest the stem cells of a living animal and use those to grow full sides of beef (I’m vastly oversimplifying the process), then no animals have been killed.

    Bonus, emissions may be lower depending when comparing typical animal emissions vs the facility that produces the LGM.