Mechanical Keyboards

Think6.5 V2 Sound Test
My first post on Lemmy. A sound test of my Think6.5 V2. Specs: Think6.5 V2 Valentine 2U Mauve Linear switches lubed and filmed Durock V2 stabs, tuned ePBT Sushi

Specs: Drop MT3 WOB keycaps Kailh box crystal navys Teensy++ 2.0 And custom layout / plate Also sorry for using imgur, but idk what else to use and you can only post one image here.

GMMK Compact thoughts/alternatives.
There aren't many DIY keyboard parts/shops in my european country (at least I couldn't find one), but I found GMMK keyboard in a local (mostly online tho) shop. Is it a good pick? Will it allow me to freely rebuild it with other parts (even pcb)? How is it with software and features? Does it lack any featuers I may not know I may need (I never have used so small keyboard, my current one is TKL)?

Some juicy TKC Kiwi & Dragonfruit switches fresh out of the press. Really looking forward to build something with them.

Mechanical Keyboards

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