Mechanical Keyboards
Think6.5 V2 Sound Test

My first post on Lemmy. A sound test of my Think6.5 V2. …

GMMK Compact thoughts/alternatives.

There aren’t many DIY keyboard parts/shops in my european country (at least I couldn’t find one), but I found GMMK keyboard in a local (mostly online tho) shop. Is it a good pick? Will it allow me to freely rebuild it with other parts (even pcb)? How is it with software and features? Does it lack an…

Two years ago I bought this Ducky Channel keyboard:


Some juicy TKC Kiwi & Dragonfruit switches fresh out of the press. Really looking forward to build something with them…


Wouldn't it be more interesting to change the name of this community to a shorter one?

I find this one a bit long and too descriptive when there is a description for that. I think that a name like “Mechanical Keyboards” could be better…


Mechanical Keyboards

    Are you addicted to the clicking sounds of your beautiful and impressive mechanical keyboard?
    If so, this community is for you!

    Here you can discuss everything about mechanical keyboards (and only mechanical keyboards).

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