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And Lemmy also has one community for support !

The only comment I needed. Omw to buy one :D

Oh very cool, thx for sharing this! (Nice music btw :D )

Is an hardware key really useful ? Or is it more like a good “gadget” ?

I get and hear what you’re saying, however I do not agree with everything as I still believe in my previous statements.

Also I’m really not hostile, I gave my arguments respectfully. As for assuming “everything” we are both doing it, just not in the same way.

Yeah I definitely agree. I wasn’t there at the beginning of the web but I remember how exciting it was to discover it back when I was younger. And I kinda feel the same way about Gemini right now.

Wow it looks so cool! Is using an ergonomic type of layout feel really better ? I must test one.

(There are some alternatives to imgur here but don’t worry about using it ☺ )

Geminids - My Gemini capsule

When I first discovered Gemini I was freaking lost. I didn’t even know how to view a capsule. …

Because You find it unethicall does mean that everyone thinks that? Or it is that? And why necesarly adult would meet with minor?

See my answer to your other comment.

Here You see an quite unicorn project aiming to do good, and you find one detail that for you isn’t right, that shouldn’t concern you if you aren’t interested in it.

Are you implying that the reason I am concerned about the potential risk of allowing adults to meet minors is because I myself am interested in minors? If so, I do not appreciate this fallacious insinuation at all.

I think this project is amazing, considering all of the toxic and human exploiting apps that exists.

See my answer to your other comment.

I don’t say nor think that being 18 makes you automatically an entirely developed person, However it gives you the status of an adult. Of course younger people should be able to find a love/sexual partner but the role of the society is to protect these younger people from possible danger. Yes, people lies online and we can’t really prevent that. Does that mean we should authorize anything to avoid getting people lying ? No. Probably that most of adult users would set the minimum age for research over 18. The thing is that we should not take a case-by-case approach to the protection of minors facing potential risk.

The problem is more than just a problem of sex, it is a problem of relationship with unequal status of people. The fact that it is a website for meeting people and not a dating website doesn’t change the issue.

I think it’s great to see an open-source and privacy minded project that tries to address the problem of loneliness (even more so in this time of covid). However, I can’t support a project that doesn’t try to prevent minors from being in a dangerous situation.

As I said before, sex (and therefore also sexual assaults) is a part of but not the whole of what is problematic here. Then trying to protect minors from potential danger does not mean taking away their free will or their ability to make their own choices.

Even if the age of consent is 16 in some places, I don’t think that an adult having a relation with a minor is ethical. Therefore, I don’t want to be related to a service that doesn’t see this as an issue.

The minimum age is also what made me delete my account on the spot. It’s inappropriate to allow adults to “meet” minors on this kind of project imo.

here you go:

EDIT: Yeah I gave the wrong link lmao

I guess that when some OP solved their problem on their own, they just add SOLVED without sharing the damn solution.

After checking more closely, I found that it was Arkenfox that was enabling this (it was also disabling keyword.enable).

I found the cause of this problem. I had somehow enabled privacy.resistFingerprinting.letterboxing which… puts the browser in letterbox format lol.

Nice Guide, I just added Arkenfox and tweak some parameters in about:config but now webpages don’t take the whole place and I don’t get which parameter would do that. Any idea ?

[Solved] [Noob Question] How to use "match"

Hi, first of all sorry if it’s not the place to ask (I’ll delete the post if it’s the case). …


The first one has just an aesthetic meaning. The second one is an eye of Buddha. Both tattooed by Mickey (instagram link) in Bordeaux, France…

New community - Tattoos

Hello, there! …

How can I find all the website accounts that are associated with my email address?

I recently wanted to delete one of my account on a website. And it turned out that it was associated to my gmail account (which I don’t use anymore). Is there a way to find all the website accounts that are associated with this mail address? (So I can delete my google account after that). … wrote a text adventure game in BASIC and you should definitely take a look! It has multiple endings and it’s really well written… wrote a text adventure game in BASIC and you should definitely take a look! It has multiple endings and it’s really well written…

Two years ago I bought this Ducky Channel keyboard:

Fear not


  • OS: ArcoLinux
  • WM: I3-gaps…

  • OS: ArcoLinux
  • WM: I3-gaps…

Is there a good alternative to imgur ?

I don’t really like imgur but it’s cool to upload your picture just at one place so I’m wondering if there’s any nice replacement to it…

Wouldn't it be more interesting to change the name of this community to a shorter one?

I find this one a bit long and too descriptive when there is a description for that. I think that a name like “Mechanical Keyboards” could be better…

It’s bad, but I feel no shame…

Here is my worst meme ever

NASA captures FIRST SOUNDS on the surface of Mars

Here we are. We can hear the wind of another planet. This is so exciting!..