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I get it and it’s a totally valid argument. They say want to open the source code soon but it’s been a while since they said that and nothing has changed… I really hope they will respect what they said…

btw I don’t mind getting downvoted, I was just wondering why it was the case everytime Olvid was mentioned

As anticipated, a downvote. Each time I mention Olvid I get a downvote. I’d love to know why you dislike Olvid as I’m not a “fanboy” I’ll be glad to hear your opinion!

I know some of you are not going to like it but Olvid has been certified as a secure communication app by ANSSI. However, you must subscribe to initiate secure calls (you can still receive them without subscribing tho).

EDIT: I’m not saying it’s the best option, I’m just giving out one option.

I saw that in France, however every non-tech-savvy person will pay extra to get their Window$ Windows installed (There is also a big chance they only know Windows and MacOS)

Yup Dan is working on a official app!

I have the Mi 11 Lite 5g, I don’t think it has the same codename as the 4g version since they have different SoC. I tried to look on XDA but couldn’t find anything. It’s not a big deal, I can still wait :]

Oh I didn’t know that! :o
Well tbh I don’t usually use Gnome apps.

The only GUI software written in Rust I’ve seen so far is Fractal but I’m not sure we could say it’s a complex GUI tho :/
They are actually working on rewriting the software from scratch with GTK4

We are working on rewriting Fractal from scratch using GTK4 and the matrix-rust-sdk. This effort is called fractal-next.

Didn’t know about these so thx! However I can’t find my phone on those too :/

Family gave me a new phone but LineageOS isn’t avalaible for this model right now :/ So I’m staying (sadly) with MIUI without using any google shitty apps…


Didn’t know about Trace, I’ll check about it thx :)

The official website of the public transports in my town is full of craps so it could be better to have something better. But that’s what I’m doing for now :/

Is there a transport assistant website?

On my phone I use transportr but I’d like to be able to have a website that does the same thing to be able to check transport schedules without ads or any tracking bullshit on a computer. so is there a transport assistant website?..

We, the programmers, may be bitter but we have the right to appreciate something, right? And this one thing is Rust

It’s weird if I say I want to type on it? It’s seems so damn cool, I love it!

@ReatontoLinuxManjaro vs Arch

I’d say neither. Arch is super cool, it makes you understand a lot of things about your system, however it’s not really user-friendly (or at least not new-user-friendly) and that’s where Manjaro comes into play. It’s based on Arch so you still have access to AUR for example but it is really user-friendly and really easy to install. So we should not compare them, we should see them as two sister distributions.

Oh they are really cheap indeed! Thanks!!

No kidding but surely lying

What are your favorite switches?

Right now I’ve only tested Cherry MX switches, I wanna build a new keyboard and I’m wondering what are your fav switches :)…

AnthoDraw is a French artist from Marseille. He has a really cool fine style. …

Artist: AnthoDraw

First time trying to do art in the gorillaz’s style :)…

[SOLVED]Tmux always starts with sh

I want to use zsh but everytime I launch tmux it starts with sh so I need to type zsh to have the right shell. Is there something to do in the configuration of tmux about that? …

Here’s a logo I’ve made for my new website.
I’ve made it using Inkscape, the svg file is available here. …

What is a good start to learn Russian?

I really want to learn Russian but I’m not really sure how to start. Should I start by learning to read Cyrillic alphabet? or something else? …

StupidSam is a french tattoo artist really skilled. She has a lovely dark style…


[C] [Question] What's the best way ?

Hi, …

I thought about making this when I was watching My Neighbor Totoro. I kept the design simple as I used as a base TuxFlat. …

[OC] My Neighbor Tuxtoro

Geminids - My Gemini capsule

When I first discovered Gemini I was freaking lost. I didn’t even know how to view a capsule. …

[Solved] [Noob Question] How to use "match"

Hi, first of all sorry if it’s not the place to ask (I’ll delete the post if it’s the case). …

The first one has just an aesthetic meaning. The second one is an eye of Buddha. Both tattooed by Mickey (instagram link) in Bordeaux, France…

New community - Tattoos

Hello, there! …

How can I find all the website accounts that are associated with my email address?

I recently wanted to delete one of my account on a website. And it turned out that it was associated to my gmail account (which I don’t use anymore). Is there a way to find all the website accounts that are associated with this mail address? (So I can delete my google account after that). … wrote a text adventure game in BASIC and you should definitely take a look! It has multiple endings and it’s really well written… wrote a text adventure game in BASIC and you should definitely take a look! It has multiple endings and it’s really well written…