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I guess people are downvoting this post just because they do not like Brave.

I don’t really like the relation between Qwant and Microsoft. (I personally use SearX)

I guess it’s better to keep seperate mk to keyboards.
e.g. Someone crazy about switches and all mechanical stuff but who don’t really care about membrane keyboards would not appreciate to see stuff they didn’t subscribe for.

Wouldn't it be more interesting to change the name of this community to a shorter one?

I find this one a bit long and too descriptive when there is a description for that. I think that a name like “Mechanical Keyboards” could be better…

I wasn’t very inspire tonight so it’s pretty simple but I kinda like it. :)
(Made with inkscape)

It may be happening right now, but you can’t think like that and pretend to want everyone’s privacy. Not everyone is as technologically savvy as you are, moving from their own actual use of the Internet to what we (technologically savvy people/privacy advocates) would prefer (in a perfect world) is almost impossible. You can’t blame people for not being educated in this field. We need to help them understand why it’s not as crazy as it sounds (because it sometimes sounds crazy) bit by bit.

You can only customize your desktop wallpaper on Windows, am I right ?

There is some webhosts at the same price or less like kimsufi, you can have your email but also a website (and you can set up a ssl certificate).

That’s interesting, thx for the sharing. (The link is working for me btw)

This is so beautiful!

When you are on the community page you have a little trash icon on the right, I guess it deletes the community.

It’s bad, but I feel no shame…


I use Arch Mark IV btw.

I get that it can seems a bit useless, but I find it very exciting since :
1- I’m a bit of a fanboy of every space stuff.
2- It will surely attract more young people to scientific fields.
So yeah it’s more about PR than science but still! (and people interested in a deeper knowledge of Mars can consult many less “attractive” resources on the Internet).

How the hell did I miss that? Anyway, thank you, it’s really awesome.

I saw that nheko has an experimental E2EE so I don’t know if it’s worth right now. But yeah I really hate electron apps.

NASA captures FIRST SOUNDS on the surface of Mars

Here we are. We can hear the wind of another planet. This is so exciting!..

I just created !
Feel free to share anything related to 3D there!..


What IDE (or text-editor) are you using ?

I’m kinda a Vimhead so I’m just using Vim and hand-compiling but I’m interested to see with which tools you people are working with…

What made you start programming (and when) ?

Personally, it started when I was a kiddo. I guess I took that interest from my dad since he was a programmer at the time. not that original. I imagine that some of you have more interesting stories about this subject. ^^…

Hugo Mechiche's Site

Hi guys, here is my personal website where I post articles on subjects that interest me and also my artistic achievements. This is the first time I’m making a site without a CMS and I need to progress so don’t hesitate to give your opinion. :)…

How to make people who are not tech-savvy understand the importance of data privacy?

I try to make my relatives understand that this is something important, to put forward rational arguments, but they refuse me, saying that it would only complicate their lives, so it’s useless. I’m seen as the paranoid of the gang. So how would you convince your friends?..