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I deleted it but nothing has changed

It is already done, that’s why I don’t understand the problem :/

[SOLVED]Tmux always starts with sh

I want to use zsh but everytime I launch tmux it starts with sh so I need to type zsh to have the right shell. Is there something to do in the configuration of tmux about that? …

Wow it’s pretty neat!

I really like to read those as It can be used to get other points of view on a topic without having to follow people you don’t agree with, thus breaking the circle jerk system that is the nature of traditional social media. Also I can discover some pretty cool things/accounts there.

Honestly I don’t really like any private motorized vehicle. (even if I think the world is never going to quit these.)

Thanks :)

Most of my friends want to learn more about how to quit GAFAMs, how to try to protect their privacy, etc… But they don’t really know where to find simple explanations. So I’ve decided to make a website which has many guides about how to do so.

Indeed, this not related to the Pirate party in any sort.

Here’s a logo I’ve made for my new website.
I’ve made it using Inkscape, the svg file is available here. …

I’ll try anyway, I have nothing to lose after all. :) Great idea for chess, I love watching livestreams of it so perfect haha.

I thought about it but last time I used it, it made me more think of a live dictionnary where you learn some sentences/words but not really learn how to speak the language.
I might be wrong and just need to practice more with it to see the real benefits tho.

What is a good start to learn Russian?

I really want to learn Russian but I’m not really sure how to start. Should I start by learning to read Cyrillic alphabet? or something else? …


StupidSam is a french tattoo artist really skilled. She has a lovely dark style…


Oh ok, I see, thanks a lot. :)

Also why is there a free(str) after your return? Typo maybe?

Yeah, I guess I put it there at the beginning and forgot to remove it when I changed things in my code. •͡˘㇁•͡˘

Not over 9000? Then it’s not a problem. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

It looks a lot like the French for loop : une boucle

Python is the real Lego: simple but you can do great things with it :-)

XFCE is my go-to when I need to choose a DE (but tbh I’m always on a tiling WM so I don’t really know if another DE would suits my needs better).

[C] [Question] What's the best way ?

Hi, …

I’ve already explain my views in my others comments in this thread.

Edit: And I’m from EU btw.

This article will explain better than me.


If names used by these were out in the open, for example, if they defined a queue class globally, you’d never be able to use the same name again without conflicts. So they created a namespace, std to contain this change

Thanks! ٩(^‿^)۶


I thought about making this when I was watching My Neighbor Totoro. I kept the design simple as I used as a base TuxFlat. …

[OC] My Neighbor Tuxtoro

This looks so cool!

Geminids - My Gemini capsule

When I first discovered Gemini I was freaking lost. I didn’t even know how to view a capsule. …

[Solved] [Noob Question] How to use "match"

Hi, first of all sorry if it’s not the place to ask (I’ll delete the post if it’s the case). …


The first one has just an aesthetic meaning. The second one is an eye of Buddha. Both tattooed by Mickey (instagram link) in Bordeaux, France…

New community - Tattoos

Hello, there! …

How can I find all the website accounts that are associated with my email address?

I recently wanted to delete one of my account on a website. And it turned out that it was associated to my gmail account (which I don’t use anymore). Is there a way to find all the website accounts that are associated with this mail address? (So I can delete my google account after that). … wrote a text adventure game in BASIC and you should definitely take a look! It has multiple endings and it’s really well written… wrote a text adventure game in BASIC and you should definitely take a look! It has multiple endings and it’s really well written…

Two years ago I bought this Ducky Channel keyboard:

Fear not


  • OS: ArcoLinux
  • WM: I3-gaps…

  • OS: ArcoLinux
  • WM: I3-gaps…

Is there a good alternative to imgur ?

I don’t really like imgur but it’s cool to upload your picture just at one place so I’m wondering if there’s any nice replacement to it…