Free (libre) software replacements for proprietary software

Alternativeto for finding FOSS alternatives
Alternativeto is not itself FOSS or anything, but it's nonetheless a handy tool for finding open alternatives for proprietary software & services. There's an _Open Source_ filter under _Licenses_. I've found a lot of good stuff there.

List of Bibliogram/Nitter/Invidious/Piped instances I discovered
Intrigued by the fact that many Bibliogram/Nitter/Invidious/Piped instances are from sites that also offer other services, I set out with good will to sift through them one by one, and here are the results (and I must say I discovered many instances that are not indexed on the "official" directories). Obviously if I missed any I will point them out and add them.

cross-posted from: > ### Open Webinar, 19 January 2022 at 10.00 UTC+1 > > What if you could **easily collaborate with any free software project**, no matter where it is hosted? Use the Github UI to discuss issues on a remote Gitea code forge project. Send a Merge Request from Gitlab to Github. Have you and your team members, all your project contributors, everyone working from their own favourite environment. Use your code forge of choice to collaborate. **Just like you also freely choose your email provider to communicate with others**. > > This is the objective and vision that the [forgefriends community]( is working hard to realize. Its members, all forge friends, strive to allow seamless interoperability between code forges by adding federation support. Using the Fediverse and open standards such as ActivityPub and DVCS they will enable free software development to liberate itself from centralized platforms that lock projects in with their network effects and FOMO. > > In this webinar you will learn about the importance of forge federation, and what it means to be "a friend of code forges". The various community projects are introduced, with brief explanation how they work and what is on the roadmap. Anyone is highly **encouraged to contribute and become a forge friend** too. Each presentation is followed by a Q&A session where you can ask the presenter how you can jump in. > > ### Agenda > > - [**Forge federation:** An overview from 10,000 feet](#a-10000-feet-view-of-problems-with-forge-silos-and-their-solutions-4) by Loïc Dachary > - [**Go-Fed:** ActivityPub and ForgeFed foundations in Golang](#activitypub-and-forgefed-implementation-in-go-the-go-fed-library-5) by cjslep > - [**ForgeFlux:** Using forge API's and adapters to interoperate](#forgefluxhttpsforgefluxorg-experimental-federation-for-software-forges-6) by Aravinth Manivannan > - [**Gitea:** Update and plans for adding federation support](#gitea-and-federation-update-7) by techknowlogick > - [**Forgefriends:** Contributing an incremental import/export to Gitea](#contributing-an-incremental-importexport-to-gitea-8) by Loïc Dachary > - [**Funding** Free Software projects in a transparent way](#funding-free-software-projects-in-a-transparent-way-9)

Any FOSS Subscription manager. Alternatives to Zuora and Chargebee.
Is there any FOSS to manage subscriptions? My particular need is to trigger an API call upon subscription to start the service, and then bill subscribers based on their usage. The service would report the usage to the subscription manager. It would be awesome if the manager also provides a user area for subscribers to manage their subscription, pay bills and change a few settings, create support tickets, etc.

Any FLOSS ICS (Internet Chess Server) ?
From time I have been wondering if there is even such thing. The only one to not being even commercial is FICS which is only free of charge, not as in freedom. To be exact, I know that ICS protocol is not standard but just wanted to use XBoard and similar clients in places and platforms where Lichess cannot be used.

FOSS alternative to MS Paint?
Any FOSS alternatives to MS Paint? Krita and Glimpse are quite sophisticated, so maybe something simple to just use in a pinch.

I just made this video about why Lemmy is an awesome alternative:

FLOSS or just OSS Stackoverflow alternative?
I've noticed question2answer ( as a first alternative, but I don't know how to find instance of it focused on programming. There's a list on their webiste, but very few instances are listed there. Does anybody know about some libre alternative to Stackoverflow?

Website that presents free replacements for popular proprietary software?
I am looking for a website similar to [Privacytools](, [Prism Break](, []( or []( but more focused on freedom than privacy, presenting the best replacements for proprietary programs in the desktop and mobile. Is there anything like that?

FOSS Alternative to unsplash?
Does anyone know a foss alternative to unsplash?

Looking for an alternative to Toggl
I've used [Toggl]( in past and I'm finding myself in need of a time-tracking software again for managing time with multiple clients effectively and easily. Is there a viable FLOSS alternative or will I need to go back to using spread-sheets? **Edit 0:** The nearest alternative I've found so far is [Hamster]( I will be sampling it today and I'll update this post with my findings. Still would love to hear of other alternatives. **Edit 1:** Back again already, found another alternative using [ and filtering by license]( This one is called [Super Productivity]( and it seems a little more maintained. I was originally looking for something more minimal but I think this will work for me, at least for now. Again, would love to hear from the community if better alternatives exist. **Edit 2:** Super Productivity didn't quite fill that Toggl void, now I'm looking at [Kimai]( now which seems to really be a direct answer to Toggl, complete with invoice generation and other similar features. They offer a wide range of installation options, including a yunohost package (which I'm about to take advantage of).

Is there such a thing as a floss or privacy based domain registration site?
Not sure if this is the right place for this but I want to buy a domain and I would like to support floss if that is even a thing for domains.

Free (libre) software replacements for proprietary software
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