Free (libre) software replacements for proprietary software

Any FLOSS ICS (Internet Chess Server) ?

From time I have been wondering if there is even such thing. …

FOSS alternative to MS Paint?

Any FOSS alternatives to MS Paint? Krita and Glimpse are quite sophisticated, so maybe something simple to just use in a pinch…


I just made this video about why Lemmy is an awesome alternative:

FLOSS or just OSS Stackoverflow alternative?

I’ve noticed question2answer ( as a first alternative, but I don’t know how to find instance of it focused on programming. There’s a list on their webiste, but very few instances are listed there.
Does anybody know about some lib…

Website that presents free replacements for popular proprietary software?

I am looking for a website similar to Privacytools, Prism Break, or but more focused on freedom than privacy, presenting the best replacements for proprie…

FOSS Alternative to unsplash?

Does anyone know a foss alternative to unsplash?..

Looking for an alternative to Toggl

I’ve used Toggl in past and I’m finding myself in need of a time-tracking software again for managing time with multiple clients effectively and easily. Is there a viable FLOSS alternative or will I need to go back to using spread-sheets? …

Is there such a thing as a floss or privacy based domain registration site?

Not sure if this is the right place for this but I want to buy a domain and I would like to support floss if that is even a thing for domains…

Free (libre) software replacements for proprietary software

    Use cases of this community:

    1. Ask for a free replacement for a particular proprietary software
    2. Ask for a free software that solves a particular problem
    3. Share lesser-known free software that you think deserves recognition
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