I’ve noticed question2answer (https://alternativeto.net/software/stackoverflow/?license=opensource) as a first alternative, but I don’t know how to find instance of it focused on programming. There’s a list on their webiste, but very few instances are listed there.
Does anybody know about some libre alternative to Stackoverflow?


Codidact is very much a clone of stackoverflow with some tweaks.

Made by some of the moderators and users who left stackoverflow after the whole Monica Cellio incident in 2019




There is, questions2answer (although its in php), is a really good one. The really unfortunate thing tho is that the creator refuses not only to add a docker install method, but refuses to accept PRs for already made ones. And their current install method is… not good.

There are some unofficial docker images at least.


Thank you. However I am looking for some instance of q2a, some website that already runs and is about programming. Do you know one?


I don’t.


This area seems like search, very winner-takes-all. I’m gonna lean my armchair back a couple more degrees and say questions2answer needs federation badly

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