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Do you know any FLOSS news aggregators that don’t use downvote button?
What I know are - Lobsters, but it’s invite-only.
From other types of websites there’s Diaspora. And Mastodon, which I’ve tried recently, however I feel that microblogging is not for me, too much noise.

You understood me perfectly.

They also were not aware of the Reddiquette.

Very surprising.

Wouldn’t you like to know the reason? Wouldn’t this knowledge make discussion worth more?

Yeah, but what does it mean? What meaning has this downvote?

On Lemmy’s main page there’s written


    No bigotry - including racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, or xenophobia. Code of Conduct.
    Be respectful. Everyone should feel welcome here.
    No porn.
    No Ads / Spamming.

Who do you think will guard those rules to be respected when a big group of people starts to add “wrong” content? I am not so sure that this website will always have only good, well-balanced, polite and wise users. Also people’s minds change, as we can see e.g. in politics nowadays, where more and more conservative views are rising and only people from govt/politicians/judges can stop the madness.
What if people who like Linux memes will start upvoting Linux memes on Linux subreddit. Almost everybody likes memes, right? But, is it a place for memes? I doubt so. However you will see memes upvoted so often, that it will reduce usefulness of reading c/Linux.
Moderators, admins, they are to intervene when something wrong starts to happen. From my personal experience I can tell that lots of people just read&click and don’t really care for quality. The more users will be here, the more often they will upvote offtopic content. When 10/100 users will flag some content as improper or offtopic, then mod can look at it and decide if those users are right and the post should be suspended/deleted. Active users (those who flag content) are usually the first line of taking care of tidiness. Mods are the second line. When there are 500k users, then there should be more mods. I wouldn’t trust so much in users downvoting, cause more and more of them will treat it like nonagreement button. Also - what is the reason of downvoting if you can upvote? If content is relevant, you upvote, thus bring it to the top. If not, you just read next one, and maybe upvote this second content so it goes above the previously seen content you didn’t upvote. That’s unnecessary doubling of same responsibility in two different tools.
I see it like that. That’s why I’m confused by the downvote button.

Excatly. “Hide”, not hide. Why cloning same responsibilities in different tools?

I think it’s no commentary at all, since there’s no content in your "comment’.

Sorry, I don’t use any of them, so I have not idea. However yes, I remember on Facebook it was only “like” button, you couldn’t “dislike”. I only use Reddit and Lobsters and since recently, Lemmy. And I’ve seen some subreddits removed downvote button, also Lobsters did it recently.

So having in my that Lemmy will also grow, we should have this fact in mind.

If posts don’t belong to the sub, they probably should be reported to moderators. I don’t think it is a responsibility of downvote button. I agree with the rest.

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You may be right. I wonder what are exact percentages of ppl using it for those two purposes.

I may be wrong, but I think you’re one of the few ppl who don’t use it for disagreement. I see downvote button as a weapon for killing discussion instead of filtering out meaningful comments. Because if someone doesn’t contribute, noone will upvote him, right? So what is the purpose of downvote? I think it is unnecessary addition, whose role is already carried out by upvote button (in case of comments) and hide button (in case of content).

We should probably have a “hide” button for things that we don’t want to see, I think it’s better solution cause it simply removes the article from your sight of view. If something breaks the rules, on the other hand, it should be reported to mods.

I will direct you to my comment in this post - https://lemmy.ml/post/39710/comment/16690 which may be treated as a response to your comment.

This is why I ask about it. Because I don’t see any good use for this button. If I don’t agree, I write a comment saying why I don’t agree. If I think a comment is some bullshit - I write. If it’s purely trolling or abusive comment - I report it to the mods. Additionally, people who get downvoted develop some extent of anger, which does not help anybody, neither downvoter nor downvoted person.
I’ve seen some platforms not having this button and I totally agree with their reasoning. It does not contribute to anything meaningful.

What is the 'downvote' button?

What should I use it for?
In case of posts - should I downvote things that I don’t agree with? Or things that I don’t want to see in my feed (posts with low amount of votes fell more to the bottom)? Or things that I consider harmful/stupid/younameit?..

I like Xfce, use it everywhere actually. Pretty customisable.