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Leans more left-wing. More welcoming community. Similar layout.

That’d be an interesting job. Sounds similar to a therapist, though. “Why do you think that way?” “What shaped your views on so and so?”

I told them that a certain word was hate speech against a marginalized group of people. They called me a bunch of names. One guy said his hate speech was directed at me, and not at a group of so it couldn’t be bad or something like that. These people are quite backasswards in their thinking. They make illogic out of the logical.

Exactly! I feel bad for these sad, fearful creatures. They are only enabling each other’s hate and fear more and more. I closed my accounts, so I won’t be countering any of their rhetoric. But if anyone else wants to take up the endeavor, by all means. Like I said, these sad, fearful creatures need help to learn that life isn’t that bad.

I wasn’t aware satanism advocated for empathy and compassion towards all creatures. I would love to pick the brain of any members if they are interested.

I mean, from what I’m seeing, they are scared, weak, and fragile people. You just wanna give them a weighted blanket a cup of hot cocoa and tell them it’s gonna be alright. So fragile egos.

You mean like borat does? He’ll bring out people’s biases, and expose them.

I’m not saying to tolerate their views. Definitely call out their bullshit.

I’ve been doing yoga more, and trying to be kind to my anxiety. I’m not saying yoga is helping, but it does make me more relaxed.

I see your smash mouth, and I raise you Bobby McFerrin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-diB65scQU

I think the problem is, people aren’t willing to understand a different viewpoint from their own, but if we understood what the other person’s been through, we’d be more open to understanding their viewpoint.

Should we be kind?

Hi lemmy! So this is kind of controversial, but hear me out. Let me start off by saying I’ve been on a few reddit alternatives, as I’ve mentioned in different posts, and I’ve seen language that is very hateful. I was disgusted by the language, but after seeing it over and over again, I just got sad…

I am. I’m reading books on anti-racism, and books by trans authors, black authors, etc.

I copied what I could from his message. “then I’m using the term liberally, that makes it liberal. And if more people are exposed the to the term, then it is making progress”

I’d copy the message word for word, but there are profanities, and racial slurs in the message. I will try to copy/paste, though.

I’m doing my damnedest to be anti-racist, because the world is hurting and needs positivity and kindness right now. We can’t all be yelling profanities, or slurs at people, when we should be building each other up, not tearing each other down. It breaks my fucking heart that the world is in the state it’s in.

The guy messaged me back, and said I hate african americans and gays, that’s why I am intolerant of his hate speech. Said I will never be as “liberal, progressive and inclusive as he is”, told me to get my “biases and prejudice in check” and also told me to “check my privilege”. Guy’s off the deep end.

My apologies. I’ll try to change my post.

I think he was trying to justify himself using hate speech as contributing to a liberal or progressive cause. Making himself seem like a good person, I guess?

Explain logic to me

Hi. So the weirdest, most annoying argument I’ve had just happened. Some alt-righter’s logic was “Well, if I use this obscene word a lot, then i’m using it liberally, and if enough people hear it, then thAt’s PRoGREssive” Dafuq crack are you smoking bro? Using hate speech/profanities/obscenities is…

Video/news sites recommendations

Hi Lemmy. I’m looking for video recommendations, by leftist/anarchist/socialist, etc content creators. Either debunking alt-right propaganda or deradicalizing alt-right. …

Advice on parents?

Hi. My parents were talking about a news story and the topic of race came up and my parents views on race are sketchy, at best. My mom said something disgusting as did my dad, and it made me very upset. Is there anything I can say to them to educate them? Does your family have sketchy views on race?..

Eating healthy

Hi Lemmy. I’m wondering if eating healthy or at least getting enough nutrients, would change a person’s outlook on certain things. Like I’m trying out keto and certain foods like avocadoes calm my mind down. I guess I’m asking if someone followed a keto diet or vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, would that…

Dear, Lemmy...

Hi, Lemmy! So I made two mistakes. But I’d like to inform Lemmy, that there is a free speech version of the Lemmy code being used to throw racial slurs around. That instance is called goatpen.co I advise you not to go there, as you will come across racial slurs on the front page. …

What browser do you use?

Hi Lemmy! I’m curious which browser everyone uses? I’m currently on Librewolf, but I try out a variety of different browsers. What browser(s) do you prefer? Do you think blockchain or web3 browsers are the future of browsers?..

Free speech, and alternatives

Hello Lemmy! So, let’s talk free speech, and social media networks. I’m quite curious why Lemmy and Raddle seem to be the only two (as far as I can tell) alternatives to reddit that are not as toxic compared to other alternatives, like Communities.Win, or ruqqus. I’m aware that Lemmy has a no bigot/…

Community for social networks?

Hi Lemmy! Forgive me if this has been asked before, but is there a community to discuss social networks/alternatives to reddit? …