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Our timesystem has it’s oddities for sure but at least it’s pretty much the same all around the globe. There are no silly imperial units of time etc.

Fair point. Selfish as it may be, it’s in our advantage for these tools to be unpopular.

I can understand feeling sympathy towards the content creators but the service ehh? I would be glad if my favorite creators decided to ditch addtube.

You weren’t wrong about the slowness :D But yeah, top seems to mostly packages for different programming languages.

Nice. What does it say?

I expect these relics to drop out sooner or later, just as Barbados did a while back.

Then again, many of these countries probably have more pressing problems to deal with so the question of a harmless monarch may be reasonably postponed. Outdated as they are.

Good question. The idea sounds fun, if it were only my friends who would get my uploads.

Yeah, search engine optimization drives bloggers into writing time consuming articles. The first couple paragraphs are often just keyword farming.

This doesn’t solve your present problem but maybe it helps to avoid it in the future.

Instead of physical volumes, you could use thin provisioned logical volumes. LVM is the word here. These would allow you to maintain volume division without fixing the sizes rigidly.

Another way to do this would be to use a BTRFS filesystem, and it’s subvolumes as ‘real volumes’. The semantics would be the same.

Space junk is probably going to be a greater problem with starlink.

Yeah, for example, it’s nice not having to manually fiddle with PHP dependencies etc. when it comes to web servers, but desktop apps are rarely like this. They just have their executable, and seldom require any serious configuration.

It’s interesting to compare these package managers to service containerization, I.e docker, podman etc. There it works pretty well, but many of these benefits don’t seem to be present in desktop use.

The post formalizes some of the mathematical problems that arise, when we project complex opinions down to simple spaces. Most notably, tagging ideas naively on a one dimensional left-right scale. Lower dimensional projections will always lose some information, though that doesn’t mean that they cannot be useful in some cases.

One question that arises is: how many dimensions is enough to meaningfully grasp an idea?

An interesting bit of mathematical modelling on elecitons. I wasn't aware of the [Condorcet paradox](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Condorcet_paradox).

Having some plants around schools wouldn’t be such a bad idea even of this study was nonsense.

TIL Calibre can do that (too)! How’re the results?

That’s the name of the mascot?

This. Cars in cities are annoying for pedestrians and for the drivers themselves alike. Private cars shouldbe banned from centers.

Hyviä Matrix kotiservuja?
Onko kenties jotain Sopulia vastaavaa?

Open dictionaries
For the first time ever I had to manually download dictionary files (to my e-reader). So I headed online expecting to find a clear king-of-the-hill free & open English-English dictionary, but it turned out that this was easier said than done. With my brief search I found the *StarDict* dictionaries, available [here](https://sites.google.com/site/gtonguedict/home/stardict-dictionaries). So, this is thread about open dictionaries! - Share you're favourite dictionaries - Is StarDict the go-to? - General thoughts on the matter