Arch Linux 2022.04.05 I already contacted 2 maintainers that we maybe finally get a proper changelog page.

Arch Linux 2022.04.01 Lemmy blocks the URL for whatever reasons ^ so I had to put it into the body.

At least someone heard me and wrote an article, finally, thanks. It is a big thing that deserves some attention.

Arch Linux turned 20 years old today. It was released on 11/March/2002
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Arch Linux Update On The Status Of Its Toolchain
> "For the future, we are trying to bring more people to work with the whole toolchain, so it is not too much of a bus factor. We should have at least two toolchain maintainers, not just one." - [Background](

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Arch Linux 2022.02.01 ISO is out
[Arch Linux 2022.02.01 ISO]( No clue about the changelog, never found a specific website or repo for that otherwise I would just link the changelog and add the ISO. If someone knows, lemme know.

Arch Linux 2022.01.01

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[SOLVED]Eclipse disappeared from the official repos / Applications
Mmm. A lot of legacy plugins works with Eclipse components. 😥

Want to help Arch Linux? Install pkgstats! It gives basic telemetry on which packages you use!
Related: [How to enable telemetry on KDE]( pkgstats is a great way to help the Arch Linux packagers figure out which packages are being used by ((people who enable telemetry)). You can see some cool results of it here: Similarly if you use the AUR a lot, check out [aur-auto-vote](

The beloved lightweight distro

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