[SOLVED]Eclipse disappeared from the official repos / Applications

Mmm. A lot of legacy plugins works with Eclipse components. 😥 …

Grub 2.06 Update changes : archlinux

Not sure if now grub finally supports decrypting luks2 encrypted boot partitions. Hopefully it does… One of the commenters mentioned it…

Octopi - how to make it display only packages waiting for update?

Hi. I wanna make octopi behave as close as possible to what pamac was, meaning that I want it to display only the packages with available updates. Atm it displays all installed packages and on top of that it ignores the pacman.conf feature “ignorepkg” and displays waiting updates for packages that I…

Arch Linux - News: Sorting out old password hashes

2021-06-08 - Christian Hesse …

Limit the download speed from within the OS?

Hi, guys. I’m wondering if there’s any way to limit the download speed from within Arch? I have made settings for that in the router CP but they don’t seem to work bc Arch is completely ignoring them and keeps downloading with the full bandwidth it can get. …

Which AUR helper would you recommend to use ?

It’s been a while since I wanted to use something from AUR. Not being able to install an AUR helper from pacman is the first crossroad. (edit : I see that Manjaro has octopi, yay, trizen in community packages, but Arch does not have them ?)…

The beloved lightweight distro

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