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  • Emotions aren’t inherently logical. It’s not so simple as “this shouldn’t make me upset, therefore I won’t be upset.” It could very well be that OOP’s partner did something like refuse to apologize because they “did nothing wrong.” Acknowledging your partner’s feelings and accommodating them is more important than being right.

  • I wouldn’t be offended by this, but other phrases about my body might offend me. As an example, the term “man boob” really disgusts me and makes me feel ashamed of my body. My wife knows this. If she said that during an intimate moment it could very well make me upset. It’s hard to know how I’d react in the moment. It could be that he accidentally said “boy pussy” then didn’t apologize or acted like it wasn’t anything wrong. It could be that OOP was already very self conscious about their vagina and having it compared to an asshole (what “boy pussy” usually refers to in cis males) was upsetting.

    Emotions are weird and often don’t make logical sense. It’s less important exactly why something was upsetting and more important to acknowledge that it was upsetting and apologize.