Using IceWM and a Raspberry Pi as my main PC, sharing my theme, config and some tips and tricks. - Raymii.org

(Note from Lemmy poster /me : Many years ago icewm was my favorite window manager - Somewhere deep down I still have a weak spot for it and I thought this article was cool to read also for the pi case part) …

I decided to try OmniROM on Raspberry pi4 ; liked it a lot…

I am about to start putting together the DreamDeck – modular deck, which core module will be built around Raspi CM4. Thus, I am looking for a way to connect essential peripherals (a touchscreen and a camera) directly to CM4, not through I/O board. …


Omnirom for pi4 unofficial - MicroG included

Available since last year but I only noticed now…

Are there any light projects I can run on a Raspberry Pi Zero?

I have a Raspberry Pi Zero W that is serving as my Pihole server, but that only uses about 10% of its very underpowered CPU, and I feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth. Anyone have any lightweight project ideas I can run on it to use up more of its resources? …

Feel free to join a test instance hosted on a rpi

BTW I’ve managed to setup a node on my raspberry pi, want to stress test it to understand if it is possible to host any community with it. So feel free to join my test instance …

New opportunities with a new release (v0.9.0) - Lemmy instance on a raspberry pi. Have you succeed?

With a new release 0.9.0, arm build is finally available. It is not a big deal to properly install it following instructions, but problem is with exposing your instance to the internet, bc of 2 open ports requirement (1235 for ui and 8536 for a server). I have tried to use tunneling services like ng…

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