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yep as much as I dislike Elon’s politics, this is actually a good business move.

Though I doubt this will impact the ads/analytics side of things.

So cool i kind of want to get one but maybe i’ll wait for the next generation :D

Liberation store looks like a cool website :D

Hope they vote to start a union and the rest of the industry follows.

They should put the games in the public domain and let the world modify it :D

Yeah they can’t keep raising the prices. Especially when they now have competition. Altho the newcomers are pricing their services competitively to steal marketshare. If they were in the same position netflix is in now, they’d likely do the same.

This is a good question I also have. I think we do need to explore some monetization options. As an example, ads on youtube allowed for independent media to thrive. It was good.

But youtube, or alphabet as a publicly traded company, wants more money than just to pay the creators. They gotta increase profit to please the shareholders so we are seeing more ads.

I think we should normalize paying a subscription fee for content so that we don’t pay with it with our data. But it becomes a chicken and egg problem. Unless a creator or website is huge, not many ppl will subscribe for it initially. So what do creators or small websites do? Maybe there is room for ethical ads if we cant get enough users to pay or donate.

I’ve been thinking about this recently too and Revolt does look nice, and would be better than discord, but I would like to see matrix clients/clones that also cater more to discord users.

It’s kind of like the signal app. It’s the best one that is easy to use for now.

Cool! What are the benefits of having a PC port vs playing via an emulator?

Ubuntu touch is indeed very stable compared to the other linux distros.

Have you tried using the teleports app?

I think having payment in the messaging app will be expected as it is becoming the norm. But I don’t like that signal is partnering up with a private crypto coin corporation.

Is the answer necessarily cryptocurrencies? Maybe a stablecoin version or just some different intermediate way to send payments privately that doesnt involve cryptos?

Happy to hear this news too.

Do you think there will be any downsides to having an alternative payment system?

Element is good but the encryption aspect of it needs to be simplified especially for casual users.

I wish it were ARM based. What other SoC will they use? A custom AMD?

Same! my total mailbox size is 179 mb out of 18GB with protonmail :D

Haha that was good! I am all for mac os style distros. It is good eye candy to attract mac fans :D

Good points, I think the matrix/element relationship does deserve scrutiny but people blow this out of proportion when they say matrix itself is for profit or bought out.

Thanks for the mention! I used to post videos on but now post on TILvids as I like their curation.

i gotta give apple credit. their software may be closed source but their privacy policy seems to be decent and is exposing all these data mining companies. Glad you posted this! I’ve been getting a lot of comments on my video about Lemmy regarding the political views of the Lemmy devs.

I’ve think I’ve handled them like a champ but they seem to be so afraid that Lemmy will be used to “convert” people to communist ideology which is absurd.

As for the slur filter, while I personally don’t think it’s a good way to deal with abuse on Lemmy instances (e.g words can be used in different contexts). I understand the reasoning behind it.

I will have a gaming related video on the channel soon. But I also launched Geoproton, a twitch stream account to show off linux gaming :D

I should clarify, I don’t mind seeing ads on youtube compared to twitter.

But in general I prefer not to have ads and instead be entirely community funded/donations.

The problem is, a lot of people don’t have money to spare especially these days.

And, to be fair, this advertising model on youtube gave rise to new media which overall has been a good thing and an answer to cable news propaganda.

I don’t think people should be paying to see tweets. It should belong to the commons. I don’t mind seeing ads or paying for video content because that takes a lot of work.

But, I would imagine that twitter will try to be more like youtube/tik tok/instagram so maybe it would make more sense then.

I would describe it as predominantly a plutocracy, with some elements of democracy.

I think most countries have a plutocracy and democracy in varying degrees.

I’m typing this on the app, it works great! Very clean look and feel.

The real question is: When will there be an ios version? 😉

I think mastodon and peertube are doing well.

I remember when Diaspora first launched but it just never caught on and it seems its development stagnated.

I think what mastodon has done right is having a flagship instance, with well a “branded” domain that is simple and easy to recognize. I think it’s important to have an instance users can trust and rely on initially, for it to then take off until other high quality and well managed instances pop up.

Just recently they announced an official app which I also think is good and they probably should have done that initially as well.

As for getting other users to join and participate, it depends on which platform.

For peertube to grow, it will need to have some built in monetization to attract larger creators.

I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. It can still be community funded in some sense that it is optional to pay a recommended subscription fee. For example, the instance can recommend $5 a month, use the money to pay the hosting fees etc. And then distribute the rest to creators based on views or some other criteria.

As for mastodon, reaching out to users that are more likely to try it out like popular leftists might be a good idea.

I think I will adopt this mindset when sharing my videos :)

I like Jacobin. I would think their articles are in favor of socialist countries. Are they biased somehow?

I just made this video about why Lemmy is an awesome alternative: