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Oooh of course! It’s not exactly Open-Source, but it’s free and really good. Cheers.

oh, but is there a Windows version or something similar?

YES. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Thanks so much!

There is nothing wrong with audiobooks if you’re a slow reader. I am dyslexic and a podcast fan, so most of my reading is in audiobook form or using TTS on ebooks. Or if you can still retain the info visually, you can read ebooks on night mode or using different background colours/fonts/etc according to your needs.

Also, read things on subjects you like, rather than trying to follow a bucketlist or “1001 classics you must read BEFORE YOU DIE”. Life if simultaneously too short and too long to be spent on expectations. Not even academics read that much (mostly just skimming through abstracts, introductions and conclusions).

Al parecer, no puedes comentar en cuentas de otras instancias? Yo estoy en nogafam.es y sí puedo seguirte, pero no ver tus imágenes dentro de mi cuenta ni comentar.

FOSS alternative to MS Paint?
Any FOSS alternatives to MS Paint? Krita and Glimpse are quite sophisticated, so maybe something simple to just use in a pinch.

Joplin is amazing. I used to use OneNote when doing my Masters degree since our library’s AT specialist recommended it. Now I am switching to the FOSS way, Joplin became not just a great substitute, but even better.