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There’s a Lemmy community dedicated to promoting fedi. It’s !fedivangelism@lemmy.ml. Might wanna cross-post there @ericbuijs@lemmy.ml.

I did not know about these bots. A ‘problem’ I often see is that an issue after it is closed (or even while still open) is enormously long, filled with good discussion. Lot of that discussion is not on the mark for that issue, but still potentially relevant to the project. Also if a project is under-documented, you have many people explainging aspects of it to others. In that case you also might want the option as maintainer to mark the text and send it to a documentation queue for review and inclusion.

@poVoq@lemmy.ml and @bashrc@lemmy.ml, I’d like to bring attention to an early Lemmy topic I posted in this community. It concerns a really wild idea, that is not easily grasped (nor realized, for that matter) but IMHO very intriguing: OfferBots. Note that regardless of what you think about OfferBots it is worthwhile to read the Problem analysis on the offerbots website, as it is a refreshing take on the harms of aggregators on the web.

As of now this project is underway. There’s a grant application (long thread) and some open issues / PR’s in the works already. Details are on the FedeProxy forum.

This idea is in the category of United Software Development I posted earlier on Lemmy and possible (far?) future roadmap item for the FedeProxy project, that aims to decentralize code forges (they are driving force behind the initiative to [Fede…

Just a FYI… we had a humongous fedi logo discussion early this year. See: https://mastodon.social/@humanetech/105485124372180453

I like the logo design, but getting it to be ‘the’ standard will be hard. The outcome of the other discussion was that most people wanted to stick with current pentagram design. Your design would be good as a ‘share to fediverse’ toolbar icon, as it does well on low resolution.

I don’t remember the details right now but you can do email verification without the need to store the email address in your db, with a hash in the activation link.

Note that in the Pixelfed Groups discussion I followed up with a lot of elaboration of the above.

First of all I am delighted to hear the announcement for this project, @marnanel. As soon as you have a repo link I’d like to add the project to the ActivityPub Application Watchlist.

Also great to see that it will explore different kind of UX for discussions. It is the reason I cross-posted to FediverseFutures. To me the functionality is not really clear. Is it very similar to e.g. Discourse forums in that:

  • You see a list of subject titles
  • Selecting a title shows a list of entries
  • The number of entries is limited
  • If the list is full a new subject is created
  • The new ‘continuation’ subject has a cross-ref to the prior subject

PS. Implementation-wise I would use the “subject” property and not something else just because Mastodon uses it for CW’s.

It seems that this is not an AP project, but focusses on Matrix protocol. Maybe for social features that do use AP, the project might be inspired with what Owncast is implementing right now. I created an issue to ask for their plans wrt AP:


But importantly: The project is has licensing issues that need to be figured out first. There’s 2 open issues in the tracker:

Wow, what a lovely idea! I will add this project to the ActivityPub Application Watchlist. If someone of the community reads this, I can recommend joining technical discussions on SocialHub and to brainstorm ideas in the companion space at lemmy in FediverseFutures.

I agree that the post is rather pessimistic about the future of the Fediverse.

That is intentional. I am on the whole a tireless advocate for all-things-fedi and encouraging thinking out-of-the-box about all that is possible and how fedi can lead us towards a refreshing and positive vision of “Social Networking Reimagined”. The potential for Fediverse to bring us so much more in terms of delight and usefulness exists, but it’d require stronger collaboration and (inter)community interaction.

At this front I find many people too individualistic, not sufficiently aware or interested in the larger picture, and the future threats that exist.

At the end of the day there are only so many ways to do social media interactions, and over the years we’ve seen these distilled into a few commercial platforms

I do not agree. We have only touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of translating real-world “social” concepts to the digital realms. Our software abstractions are merely shallow interpretations, and arguably - where it the traditional social media platforms concerns - they have lotsa anti-social aspects to them. This among others stemming from the fact they were built with the wrong incentives. Commercial, as you rightfully say, being one of them, and - related - built for immense scale. Quantity above quality, move fast and break things, etc.

In scale I am not so very interested. I fully agree that current couple million fedizens are a great achievement, and may well be more than enough. But if we as developers and any other interested people would set our minds to it, and bring a collective effort we can co-create so much more beyond what we currently have.

That’s the plea I make in the article and other ones I have written. A more positive story you may like is the Spiral Island analogy.

That is wonderful. I think [@dessalines and @nutomic are the ones to best approach for specific guidance here.

Maybe furthering Federation features interest you? Lemmy project is working on big-time extension of federation capabilities that will help make Lemmy a 1st-class well-integrated citizen of the wider fediverse. Nutomic recently asked feedback on SocialHub, see Activities for Federation Application?. I created a non-technical brainstorm post on the subject myself: Ideas for federating Lemmy to the Fediverse. Any knowledge thus gained regarding fedi standards will be quite useful in a broader context too (your own fedi apps?).

Indeed. I already spoke to some Iranians in my neighborhood in the context of the FedeProxy project, who specifically want to allow oppressed groups the opportunity to participate in any FOSS project unhindered by censorship and exclusion.

@nutomic@lemmy.ml posted a thread to SocialHub that highlights functionality in the Delegated Moderation domain: Activities for Federation Application? dealing with an instance sending a request to another instance to federate together, in an allowlist-based federation setup.

Note: There has been fedi discussion about the anti-capitalist license of the project making it not open-source. This is the reason that the FedeProxy project will not reuse ActivityPub code from the project.

I had to look up parasocial relationship, but I strongly agree with your points. Though in some cases the follower / following relationships may be needed, it presents a very poor basis for rich social interaction online.

For some time I am advocating for an ActivityPub extension that allows for social networks that are more representative to the complex social interactions we have in the real world. I call it the “Community has no Boundary” paradigm, and it basically allows application designers the ability to define Groups with arbitrary relationships to other Actors.

It is just a vocabulary extension, and optional. Can be part of a growing pattern library of building blocks for federated apps. With a Community concept in place one can model additional functionality on top, e.g. Moderation or Governance, etc.

Here’s a draft model that depicts the idea:

Conceptual model of Community: Group actor has a Collection of Relationship objects to other Actors

Might be. But the actual words that are on the list are up to the maintainers, I leave that to them to decide. Just reporting that legit words which happen to contain a substring that is listed shouldn’t be censored.

I forgot the reason, but think it can be found in the issue trackers if the projects somewhere. Gitea is the more actively developed branch, AFAIK.

See the linked Lemmy comment. The site name “bit-chute”, but written without the dash is substituted with “removedute”…

I think a great use case for this Community would be to ask other people to interact with projects on Github/Gitlab on their behalf, and report back the link to new issues or issue comments to the Community. …

Do you jump in on the 5k Euro grant and bring your expertise on Diversity and Software Development, FLOSS Community Building to bear?..

Add some OpenGraph meta to join-lemmy.org

Just shared some Ideas for federating Lemmy to the Fediverse and noticed that the site at https://join-lemmy.org does not contain any OpenGraph metadata, so a link preview wasn’t generated. Should be easy to add something that depicts the nice Lemmy logo for shared lin…

Ideas for federating Lemmy to the Fediverse

In reaction to Can you follow a PixelFed with a Lemmy account? I thought it might be interesting to brainstorm how Lemmy could integrate and federate with the broader Fediverse in cool ways 😎 …