Contribute to Fediverse curated lists of the Delightful Club
cross-posted from: > The Fediverse going mainstream is ablaze with new developer activities. Many new projects are starting. I am co-maintaining 3 lists, part of the [delightful project]( (this is similar to Github Awesome lists, but only for FOSS, Open Data and Open Science, and without sponsored ads) and can need your help to keep the lists up-to-date. > > Find a new project or an entry that needs updating? Please PR to one of the following repositories: > > - > - > - > > The apps and ActivityPub resources from these lists will be hand-picked for inclusion in [Fediverse Party]( website. And the lists are auto-compiled into the [Delightful Club]( website. > > If you want to become part of the Delightful Club and maintain a sub-list on a subject of your choice, then [file an issue]( to the top-level ist.

Seppo awarded NLnet NGI0 grant
Seppo is a social web (Fediverse/ActivityPub) implementation in OCaml. Grant: (NGI0 Entrust) Project site: Code: ( Mailing list: (~mro/ More info about NGI's support of ActivityPub implementations: via

Social Web Incubator Community Group mailing list enabled
W3C Social Web Incubator Community Group (SWICG, aka SocialCG)'s re-opened its public mailing list, "for discussion of standards or implementation experience/ideas for a decentralised [distributed / federated] social web". SWICG "continues the work of the W3C Social Web Working Group" - which standardized ActivityPub. More info: Discussion on the list has begun, e.g. "Thoughts on directions for a rebooted SWICG" Posting to the list requires joining the group:

cross-posted from: > [Eternal September]( is when influx from some other (often shittier and collapsing) platform overwhelms the unique culture that existed before, and in time fully replaces it. Destroying what existed before. > > 🧠 💭 **Figure out strategies & actions in comments below .. participate!** > > For example, I introduced 2 hashtags for awareness: > > - **#AvoidEternalSeptember** Raise attention to the culture clash. > - **#DonateToFediInstances** Help admins and moderators withstand the influx and give them your support. > > We want to be gentle, welcoming to newcomers. Show them around. But also keep having the nice chattering and culture we had before, and maybe give those some extra boosts to exemplify and spread the vibes. > > Here's [a poll]( to make newcomers aware that taking Twitter culture with you on the Fediverse is just weird. > > ### Fedizens... Be strategical in how you toot to help avoid that from happening

cross-posted from: > The activity of the SocialHub community, like all other 'fediverse-substrate' bodies, has waned. From an active community to just a forum. Now a decision has to be made for the future of SocialHub. The options are stopping, be just a forum, or revitalize a vibrant community. The last option needs people willing and committed to do so. To step up for the sake of Fediverse Futures.

cross-posted from: > The EU via their Horizons Europe program, the [Next Generation Internet]( (where e.g. NLnet are associated) (NGI Initiative) are the biggest funders of the [free software projects]( that comprise the fedi. Without their support fedi wouldn't be what it is now. > > The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) recently [launched a pilot]( to have both a Peertube and Mastodon instance on the Fediverse, hashtagged #EUVideo and #EUVoice respectively. On these servers official European Commission related institutions as well as individuals working at the EC can have their accounts. > > This recognition of the Fediverse and the interest that exists in entering our decentralized social networking environment is an important development. With success of the pilot there will undoubtedly be a follow-up and more initiatives to come. First results until now is that the parties that 'test the waters' are very happy on the kinds of interactions and quality of discussions they encounter on the Fediverse. > > That is no wonder, of course. Fediverse offers **social networking** that is more personal and friendly, than corporate social media which is about 'broadcasting' and influencing. > > Current pilot can be a ramp up to something much bigger: > > #### Fediverse: United in Diversity > > A social networking technology where _everyone_ can find their place and participate, that is not controlled by Big Tech and commercial corporate interests. For the European Commission there is the opportunity to passionately put their support behind fostering **"The European Take On Social Networking"**. Fediverse aligns to the NGI Initiative who envision an [Internet for Humans]( > > ##### How you can help > > To progress towards this vision it is important for the EU/EC pilot to be a success. As fedizen you can help with this. Here are a couple of ways to offer your support: > > → **Follow, boost, favourite the [EUVoice accounts]( on Mastodon and [EUVideo]( Peertube videos.** > > - These early adopter accounts are _still learning_ how the Fediverse works, what the culture is and e.g. how we value accessibility and image captions. You can help them discover. > - Many accounts are still Twitter bridges and broadcast only. Some others respond and interact with fedizens, notably [@EC_OSPO](, [@EDPS]( and [@EC_NGI]( The operators of the Twitter bridges don't know what the value of Fediverse is to them, and if they should spend time with us. All reactions by us are monitored, so we can help them here. > - There are people giving highly toxic reactions to almost any EC-related toot. There are many things to be critical about. Politics is about the discussion of these issues, and good arguments help more than toxicity. Here we have opportunity to show we are different than the cesspit that Twitter is. > - Do not expect too much, too soon. There is a complex organization structure at the EC, and given the politically sensitive nature all communications are weighed carefully and undergo multiple levels of approval. Plans move slowly, but they are in motion. > > → **Let's give the fedi accounts more followers than they have on Twitter, if possible.** > > - For instance the [Director General of Informatics at DG DIGIT](, Veronica Gaffey, has 191 fedi followers in short time, while [on Twitter]( she has 279 followers. > > → **If you are on Twitter, then help encourage EC institutions to also have an account on EUVoice.** > > - A notable example is the [European Parliament]( Respond to their tweets and name-drop the fedi as THE place to be. > > → **We are gathering a group of volunteers on [SocialHub]( that can [help train EC representatives]( in how to use the Fediverse effectively and understand its culture.** > > - The activities we do here, starting later this year, stand to benefit any administration or institution interested to join the Fediverse, not just EU representatives. > > --- > > This post is also [cross-posted]( to the [Social Coding Movement]( that is dedicated among others to establish a Peopleverse on top of the fedi. Social Coding is not yet officially launched.

cross-posted from: > Note: Responses on cross-posted threads may be missed. The best way to indicate your interest is to reply to the SocialHub forum topic, or alternatively on the [Fediverse announcement here](

cross-posted from: > Elementary my dear Watson, namely ...

cross-posted from: > ### Open Webinar, 19 January 2022 at 10.00 UTC+1 > > What if you could **easily collaborate with any free software project**, no matter where it is hosted? Use the Github UI to discuss issues on a remote Gitea code forge project. Send a Merge Request from Gitlab to Github. Have you and your team members, all your project contributors, everyone working from their own favourite environment. Use your code forge of choice to collaborate. **Just like you also freely choose your email provider to communicate with others**. > > This is the objective and vision that the [forgefriends community]( is working hard to realize. Its members, all forge friends, strive to allow seamless interoperability between code forges by adding federation support. Using the Fediverse and open standards such as ActivityPub and DVCS they will enable free software development to liberate itself from centralized platforms that lock projects in with their network effects and FOMO. > > In this webinar you will learn about the importance of forge federation, and what it means to be "a friend of code forges". The various community projects are introduced, with brief explanation how they work and what is on the roadmap. Anyone is highly **encouraged to contribute and become a forge friend** too. Each presentation is followed by a Q&A session where you can ask the presenter how you can jump in. > > ### Agenda > > - [**Forge federation:** An overview from 10,000 feet](#a-10000-feet-view-of-problems-with-forge-silos-and-their-solutions-4) by Loïc Dachary > - [**Go-Fed:** ActivityPub and ForgeFed foundations in Golang](#activitypub-and-forgefed-implementation-in-go-the-go-fed-library-5) by cjslep > - [**ForgeFlux:** Using forge API's and adapters to interoperate](#forgefluxhttpsforgefluxorg-experimental-federation-for-software-forges-6) by Aravinth Manivannan > - [**Gitea:** Update and plans for adding federation support](#gitea-and-federation-update-7) by techknowlogick > - [**Forgefriends:** Contributing an incremental import/export to Gitea](#contributing-an-incremental-importexport-to-gitea-8) by Loïc Dachary > - [**Funding** Free Software projects in a transparent way](#funding-free-software-projects-in-a-transparent-way-9)

cross-posted from: > So I spend little more than half an hour and just [tooted an image]( I created with some of the hashtags we brainstormed at [Fediverse Town]( This version is higher-res, licensed CC0. > > <small>_(Created in [Inkscape]( using [this CC0 vector image]( **#FediVolution** hashtag credit [@PaulaToThePeople](, **#FediverseRising** by me.)_</small> > > ![#FediverseRising2022, Join the #Fedivolution, Be You, Be Free, Be Alive]( > >![#FediverseRising2022, Join the #Fedivolution, Be You, Be Free, Be Alive (Rainbow version)](

Mastodon community is moving from Discourse forum to GithHub Discussions
cross-posted from: > Found this news via [Michael Downey's toot]( (admin of []( > > > Cool cool, @Gargron moving all @Mastodon project discussion behind a proprietary walled garden that requires agreement with Microsoft terms of service (and their analytics tracking). Now THAT makes a ton of sense. 🤦‍♂️ > > > >#MastoAdmin #Mastodon #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #FLOSS #privacy > > I suggest the most useful place to provide feedback is the Discourse thread, if you are a member of the Mastodon community forum. > > It is a pity because there's interesting stuff going on that goes the fedi direction. I [replied to Michael]( > > >What is interesting is that both for #Discourse and for #Gitea there are plans to add federation support. In Gitea the first commits are already made after [@forgefriends]( graciously made some money available from their own project budget. AFAIU they did not get @NGIZero grant, but will continue nonetheless. > > > >And as for Discourse. The Pavilion plugin builders have shown interest to start in 2022 their #Fediverse entry. See [Discourse will be joining the Fediverse]( > > > >I hope both these projects do commence, as I consider them both very important for the #Fediverse as a whole. In any case they should get any encouragement and help we can give if only spreading the word on these intentions, like I do now. > > Consider joining the [Forgefriends community]( if you are passionate to help break code forge walled gardens, specifically Github.

How can I serve a static file in response to a Webfinger query?
I am trying to follow [this ActivityPub tutorial]( I would like to get my server to respond with a static file when it gets a query for Since it is not explained in the tutorial I suppose that this is a very basic thing to do, but I have never dealt with this type of query before. What is the simplest way achieve this? My server is using nginx to serve a basic static html at

Drupal CMS now has an ActivityPub Protocol module for its websites - It’s like a ‘Facebook Follow’ for the Fediverse
This module Implements the ActivityPub protocol for your site. Readers will be able to follow content on Mastodon and other federated platforms that support ActivityPub. Responses are possible too (Reply, Like, Announce) with more to come. It is a bit like a Facebook Follow, but for the Fediverse of different social networks. The module has been tested with the following federated platforms: * Mastodon * Pixelfed * Pleroma * See #technology #opensource #drupal #fediverse #activitypub

Is Lemmy working toward using the ActivityPub Fediverse?
I'm not sure if the protocol supports downvotes. I think nested comments could work with creative UI uses of username mentions. I'm sure this has been covered, links are appreciated

cross-posted from: > You 💖 love Fediverse, right? It's vibrant unique culture and the lovely people you meet. You want to protect it, increase its beauty, see more applications interoperate seamlessly. You know that you are part of a 'reimagining of social networking' that is much needed, as traditional social media are destroying the fabric of society. > > What you may not know is that: > > - The Fediverse is still incredibly weak. That it has a tiny community of technologists that evolve it, and that this process is stalling as people are absorbed in their own projects. ("The Tragedy of the Grassroots Movement?") > > - That what Fediverse currently offers is just the tiny tip of the iceberg. That humongous potential still lies dormant, waiting to be explored. That we can go _way_ beyond microblogging features that dominate the fedi now. > > - That YOU are instrumental in tapping this potential, and that you don't have to be a techie to help with that. > > At [SocialHub community]( we come together to improve the Fediverse, evolve its standards and the ecosystem. And regardless of your skills and expertise we need all the help we can get to move forwards, to progress this thing we love. > > Throw off your individualism and become a fedi builder. It's a win-win for all. We are 'United in Diversity' and should build together. Join SocialHub as member and interact. And also join [Fediverse Futures on Lemmy]( to brainstorm on exciting ideas. > > We are [Spiral Island]( still, and can become a sprawling archipelago.

How is “federalization” going?
Hi! I am a beginner programmer, but I would like to understand the general process to go from a non-activitypub to an activity software (ie. Lemmy)

Git is already federated & decentralized
> In particular, this blog post is a direct response to ~~forge-net~~ ForgeFed (formerly known as GitPub). They want to federate and decentralize git using ActivityPub, the same technology leveraged by Mastodon and PeerTube. But get this: git is already federated and decentralized!

ForgeFed, federated VCS collaboration
**ForgeFed** is an upcomming ActivityPub extension for federated VCS collaboration. It aims to provide standard vocabulary and federated behaivour to typical project management activities like *commits*, *issues*, *merge requests*, and be VCS agnostic (git, darcs, subversion...). The goal is to enable users to host repositories & projects and collaborate seemlessly with each other across distributed, seperately hosted *forges*, ForgeFed-compliant services, and break centralisation.

Great guide for ActivityPub implementers which includes non-ActivityPub stuffs such as Webfinger for discovery, HTTP signatures for verification, NodeInfo for discovery and so on.

How do you get started with activitypub?
After using Mastodon and Lemmy I got an idea for a web app that I want to make federated. I'm curious at what would be a good design path. Looking at Lemmy, it seams like you make a solid web app then make it federated. That's the path that I'm thinking about now. I'm just wondering about design considerations to be aware of ahead of time.

Brutaldon is a brutalist, Web 1.0 web interface for Mastodon and Pleroma.
Brutaldon is a brutalist, Web 1.0 web interface for Mastodon and Pleroma. It is not a Mastodon-compatible social networking server; rather, it is just a client, like the Android or iOS client for Mastodon you may already be using, but it runs in a web server, and is accessed through a web browser. It works great in text-mode browsers such as Lynx, w3m, or elinks, and also in more heavy-weight graphical browsers, such as Firefox. It works completely without JavaScript, but if JavaScript is available and enabled, it will be used to unobtrusively enhance the user experience.

(The only javascript is used for the emoji picker, so it can be used HTML only) github:

twtxt is a decentralised, minimalist microblogging service for hackers:

I think it might be useful for the devs to have a look.

What are some resources for learning ActivityPub development?
I really want to contribute the federation aspect of Lemmy but have no idea how ActivityPub works. Are there some resources and tutorials out there that other people have found helpful?

ActivityPub high level overview
Here is a decent document on the AP protocol for anyone interested in learning.

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    This is a community dedicated to discussing technical details related to ActivityPub. It is not for discussing the Fediverse, although discussion on that topic is fine if it somehow relates to the AP protocol itself.

    We welcome developers familiar with the protocol!

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