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ActivityPub high level overview
Here is a decent document on the AP protocol for anyone interested in learning.

Interest is waning because there is no work being done on federation. Federation is the defining feature of this project, and no tangible progress has been made.

There was massive interest in the project when it first picked up some steam and for a while after. I think that most people are viewing it as a dead project. There are multiple FOSS link aggregator servers out there, and while Lemmy is i believe technically superior to them all, the interest is in federation, not another alternative link aggregator. I personally think that all feature requests need to be put on the backburner until there is at least minimal federated functionality. Of course I am not the maintainer or project manager so that is not up to me, it is just my opinion.

Also bear in mind, this instance is not for production, it is for testing. So that will play a role in people being skittish of signing up here.

I love SearX. I particularly like the server at search.privacytools.io, it seems to provide more relevant results than the default server at searx.me.

I do plan on running my own so that i can customize the results a bit better.

What i would love to see is some type of add on or plugin that allows searching torrent sites. /u/dessalines has been working on a good torrent search engine, i wonder what the difficulty would be to implement it as a plugin for searx.

The Do-Everything System: An in-depth review of Hubzilla 3.0.
thoughts: Would a system such as this serve the needs of individuals on the web? Would it enable people to free themselves from corporate cartels? Should a person be able to operate online with full autonomy?

Universal Access to Basic Finance by Andreas Antonopolous
Thoughts: can cryptocurrencies enable sovereign interaction between individuals? What traits must a currency system, network, or communications system have to serve this purpose? How does broader cryptography play a role in truly freeing the individual?

Now you can’t sell them when you’re done having your wallet raped! How exciting!

I have been very impressed with the level of competency and organization of the protests. We could all learn something from them, whether it is for protest or anything else.