Fediverse Futures

Hi there fellow fedizen, it is great to see you in this community 😊 …

We have tons of IoT gadgets that stream their data to proprietary platforms. Fitness trackers and other devices send our health data to shady services who will sell it further. We want control of this data, and Fediverse can help. …

Why should sport clubs and their fans interact with each other in toxic traditional social media? What if they started their own Fediverse instances and form tight-knit communities? Participate in the brainstorm of how this may be shaped in ways that foster the best of fedi and sportive cultures…

This SocialHub topic was inspired by FedeProxy and constitutes a wild brainstorm for envisioning what could be an entirely new paradigm to softwrare development: United Software Development. …

Federation for Preprint Servers

I’ve been thinking lately about what federation might look like in academic publishing. Publishing of academic research is currently a rather archaic system that serves to exploit the labor of researchers and academics, primarily for the financial gain of a few very large publishers. There have been…

Bundled federated services offering

I am interested in people’s view on the value of “bundled” federated services offerings. I have seen that most new fediverse offerings, like Lemmy or Mastodon, usually start with the first instance being the most popular, and then a scattering of self hosted instances. …

Social media should embrace creative commons

To get our heads around how good decentralized social media can get, lets just look at creative commons. Let me explain how powerful creative commons can be. …

This idea will need a lot of brainstorming, but it was discussed earlier on SocialHub. One of our members, Andrew Mackie, has spent a long time analysing the problem with aggregators and came up with different, unique view of the problems they pose to society. …

An alternate sorting algorithm to rank comments

So I used a social media plaform called cent.co for a little while. It had some very different ideas. You pay to incentivice good replies. …

Social Media Reimagined

This is a companion to Fediverse Futures on SocialHub to elaborate the Fediverse from high-level, non-technical perspectives, brainstorming our visions and dreams.

We need a more holistic approach to fedi development and evolution. We need product designers, graphics artists, UX / UI / Interaction designers, futurists and visionaries to join the dev folks. Everyone is encouraged to join here and enrich our views on what Fediverse can be with diverse and different viewpoints, and to stimulate brainstorming, creativity, thinking out-of-the-box and crazy, wild ideas.

Some guidelines

  • Choose a descriptive title that speaks for itself.
  • Be substantive in your comments and stay on-topic.
  • Treat others as you want to be treated, respectful.
  • Don’t be overly critical, we are just brainstorming.

Our fedi hashtags

#FediverseFutures #SocialNetworkingReimagined #UnitedInDiversity #YearOfTheFediverse #SocialHub #ActivityPub

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