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Alovoa looking for contributors! Can you help us implement decentralization for open source dating app?


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3un anno

Copying Github comment in response to @naturzukunft who asked:

“What are the features, that should be supported by activityPub?”

I have no idea @naturzukunft just came upon this issue. But there are interesting opportunities.

One would be where anyone could spin up their own Instance and become part of the larger federated Dating network. They might give their own instance an unique twist making it interesting for specific groups to join a particular instance. Dating Profiles might federate across whitelisted instances and only be visible to its member. Privacy should be quite important and personal exchanges should be private, maybe even to admins (though that may facilitate abuse, it’s a tricky thing, but interesting to consider).

There’s a lot of commonality to some of the issues that the Federated Hospitality Exchange movement has to solve, i.e. Guest + Host exchanges are private, PII (addresses) are too, and Guests and Hosts need to find each other based on certain criteria (Metadata search?).

The TrustRoots platform has the concept of ‘Circles’ and their theme (e.g. ‘cooking’) might span multiple instances, which is interesting, as an actor (e.g. as:Group) is tied to a domain name via its ID. Alovoa may have a similar concept, where e.g. LGBTQ+ are separate groups. Maybe “Community has no Boundary” offers solution here. There may be nested groups, e.g. people flocking together within the larger umbrella ‘Queer’ or XYZ-topic groups.

What may be cool, besides ‘mindlessly swiping profiles’ is to offer safe social spaces where groups of people discuss together and get to know each other in other than 1-on-1 context. Might be done with local-only posting, such as implemented in Hometown.

In FediHospEx we create these simple models of how current platforms work to find likely candidate concepts for federation. See the summary wiki post for that and this website page.

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Gave a shout to fedi with a link to this post:

that’s not how you link to a toot, you should press dot menu -> copy link to this toot

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Ah thx, the error was called Haste 😅

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